A Guide to Buying a Chess Set

This guide will assist you in finding the right chess set for you or someone you care about. When you are looking to buy a new set of chess pieces, there are many factors you should consider.

It is important to consider where and how you will use your money.

Do you want to take it on a road?

Are you looking to buy a set of chess pieces for club play or game analysis?

Are there any pets or children that might bump the board, even if it is in the house?

Where and how will you store your chess sets? Or will they be displayed on display?

Cost is one of the most important aspects when buying a chess set. Sets can be purchased for as little as £15 or as much as £500.

Find a balance between function and cost.

It's not fun to struggle to play because the pieces seem too small. You should ensure that you can move the pieces and recognize them if you plan to purchase a chess set.

A good size is one in which the king stands at least 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) high. Use the space you have available to make it as large as possible.

A good set of chess pieces will also include an additional queen in each colour. It is worth considering whether replacement pieces are available. It's not worth spending a lot of money to purchase a new set just because one pawn was lost. Online resources make it easier to replace lost pieces. 

For Travel - Vinyl Chess Set

A guide on buying a set of chess pieces would not be complete without mentioning travel sets . If you intend to take your set on a trip by bus, train, or plane, choose a set that has magnetic pieces. Many magnetic sets include storage space built into the folding chess board.

Size and weight are important factors in a travel set. Your luggage's size will impact the amount of space you have available and how much space you have to carry.

It is tempting to believe that the smaller the piece, the better. You still need pieces that are large enough to be easy to recognize and move.

It is essential to consider the weight of your bag when packing for a trip. This can add up quickly. This is especially important if you only have a carry-on.

A vinyl board and other plastic pieces might be more beneficial than a wooden folding set. You can save space by folding the vinyl board and using it as a liner for your bag.

It can be folded tightly and placed against your suitcase. You will be able to save more space and weight by using a small bag for the pieces as well as a vinyl chessboard instead of a wooden folding set.

A wooden set of medium size can weigh anywhere from two-and a quarter to two-and a half pounds. Some wooden travel sets of chess are the same weight as a Chromebook.

When you're thinking about buying a chess set for your next trip, consider the type of travel you'll be taking and how much you plan to travel. A road trip has enough space to fit almost any travel chess set.

A set of silicone pieces is a good idea for a weekend hike. They are less likely to be broken or damaged by the elements. You can get them in bright colours that make them easier to locate outdoors.

You have more options if you're confident that the set won’t do any travelling.

Your main concern should be the safety of children and pets in your home. This is why plastic or wood chess pieces are better than glass.

Remember that chess pieces made of a soft stone may chip or break if dropped on the table or bumped.

Vinyl boards can be easily transported and are lightweight. These boards offer a wider playing area than traditional wooden chess sets.

Vinyl chess boards allow for larger pieces, which can be beneficial for those with impaired vision. You can store these sets in a case that you can hang behind a door or in your closet.

There are many affordable options, but you can still spend a few hundred dollars on a chess set. A chess table is also an option if you're looking to buy a set of chess pieces for your home.

They are usually covered with a chessboard and have ample space to hold drinks and clocks. You will likely find a drawer that can store your chess pieces. This keeps everything handy for the next game.

There are many options for chess sets for your home. Wood and plastic are the most popular materials.

A vinyl or folding wooden board is a great option if you have limited storage space. To ensure that they take up as little space as possible, the chess pieces can be stored in a small cloth bag or box. 

Isle of Lewis Chess pieces

A chess set can be a great way to show your taste in design and appreciate the finer things of life. We can help you choose the right chess set from such a wide selection of options.

You can choose from a variety of themed sets that will fit into your home's décor. If you're familiar with the Staunton chess pieces, it may be difficult to identify pieces from some themed sets.

Most chess players are familiar with the Medieval and Isle of Lewis themed sets.

You can share your story about these iconic pieces by choosing the Isle of Lewis pieces of chess.

They were found in a chest buried on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland in 1831 after a sandbank collapsed. They were made of Walrus ivory from Norway, hundreds of years ago.

These chess pieces can be viewed at the British Museum in London or the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Many companies will create custom chess set for you. You can also find a ready-made chess set that is truly a work of art.

If you value more than your playing style, this is a great choice. Combine both, if possible.

To promote your company's brand, you can also use custom chess sets.

Where to Buy Your Next Chess Set

You have now learned everything you need to know about buying a chess set. It's time for you to pamper yourself. There are many online shops that you can choose from, however we stock all you'd ever need in a chess set