Answering the Most Searched Queries On Chess Boards & Pieces

If you’re someone who’s relatively new to the timeless game of chess, you’re likely to have quite a few questions that you need answering. Questions from which is the best chess board? , to what are the pieces of chess called ?, there’s much you can learn about the pastime to enhance your enjoyment of it.


Whilst we can’t cover absolutely everything in this blog about the interesting facts surrounding chess boards  and chess sets , what we can do is answer some of the questions that people ask the most about the subject online. By reading to the end, you won’t be a chess set expert, but you will have a better understanding of what you need to play one of the oldest games in history.


So, if you’re ready to get your chess learning under way, let’s begin!


Question 1 - What is Standard Chess Board Size ?


Most people believe that all chess boards  are created equally, however, that’s not the case, as there are a few different sizes that will typically be used in different situations. For instance, if you bought a tournament chess board , you might be surprised about how big it is. That’s because a tournament board can be as big as 20 inches x 20 inches - which you might find difficult fitting on your coffee table!


Generally speaking, chess boards  for home use will be around 15-18 inches square. The right size for your own particular use will depend largely on the size of your chess pieces . The last thing you want is to get a board that’s too small, so that each piece won’t actually fit in its allotted square, as it will be pretty much useless to you!


Question 2 - What are the pieces of chess called ?


Well, as you will see when you look at a fully set up game of chess, there are two opposing sets of pieces - usually coloured black and white (although not always). Each side has 16 chess pieces, with 8 pawns lined at up the front. These pieces are the ones that move first and are able to move two spaces for their initial move and then one space at a time after that.


Behind this formidable line, you’ll find two bishops, two knights (a.k.a. horses), two rooks (a.k.a castles), one Queen and one King. For the uninitiated, the name of the game is to protect the King whilst capturing the King of your opponent.


Question 3 - Which is the best chess board? 


Now, this is quite a difficult one to answer 100% accurately, as it all depends on what you mean by the best chess board . If you’re talking about the best chess board  for your own particular needs, that really does depend on what it is you want from your chess set. For instance, the best chess boards  for beginners tend to be basic and easy to set up and clear away.


For example, you might want to play chess on the go - in which case, your ideal chess board could be of the travel variety so that it can fold away and fit easily into your travel bag. The word ‘best’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean the highest quality, as it could also mean the best for your needs.


That said, if you want your set to be able to double up as an attractive decoration for your home or office, you could opt for a stylish sandalwood or mahogany chess board  that’s about aesthetically pleasing as it gets. Chess boards like these are extremely popular as a gift that can last a lifetime when they’re properly looked after.


Question 4 - What are chess boards made of? 


This is another question with more than a single answer, as chess boards  come in all types and sizes. Chess as a game has been around for centuries, which means that craftsmen have been inspired to create many different types of board over the years, made from a range of different materials.


They include:


  • Laminated cardboard - This material tends to be used for beginner boards or those at the economy or functional end of the market.
  • Wood - There are many beautiful types of wood that have been fashioned into fine chess boards and there are so many wonderful varieties to choose from. There’s walnut, maple, mahogany and rare types like anegre and padauk.
  • Marble - Another luxurious material that’s used for chess boards is marble. This sturdy material is as stunning as it is durable and they come in some fantastically eye-catching designs.
  • Metal - There are even chess boards that are created from metal. These boards tend to be the more modern or contemporary types that are more about the aesthetics than the gameplay.


Again, identifying the best types of board for your own particular needs will depend a lot on where and how it will be used. That said, it can depend on taste too!


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As you can see, there’s much more to chess than be a mere game and when buying your chess equipment, you can really express your own individuality and style. Sure, you can buy a basic board to get you started, but once you get more advanced, there are some simply amazing options available.


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