The game of chess is one that has certainly stood the test of time, as it is estimated to have been in existence since 6th century AD. It’s a game that tests the very fibre of a person’s mental agility and one that has been played by Kings and common folk alike across the ages.

So, when you’re enjoying a pastime that’s so steeped in history, it makes sense that it’s given the reverence it deserves and played with equipment that does the experience justice. At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we supply the very finest, hand carved luxury chess pieces  for our customers all around the world.

Painstaking Precision

In order to be given the Official Staunton seal of approval, chess pieces  need to meet a very exacting set of standards and be completely handcrafted from start to finish. This is something we like to call sheer quality and its craftsmanship that heralds all the way from Amritsar in India - home of not just the world famous Golden Temple, but also a team of expert artisan craftsmen who produce some of the most amazing staunton chess pieces  available on the market.

We stand behind the build quality of our hand carved chess piece sets  and back that up with a 2 year guarantee. We believe that when you make an investment of this kind, you should have the kind of assurance that a guarantee like this provides.

Aesthetic Excellence

One of the most attractive characteristics of high quality chess pieces is the way they feel in the hand and how they look to the eye. The hours of work and dedication that go into creating each hand carved chess piece really shines through, allowing the beholder to almost sense the love and passion that has been infused into the wood they’re made from.

Whether you’re talking about rosewood, boxwood or ebony chess pieces , you’re guaranteed that the hand carved chess piece sets we supply carry that unmistakable quality that only the craftsmen of Amritsar can produce. The association we have with these amazing Indian artisans is something that we’re very proud and it’s one we’ve had for more than 2 decades.

Padauk & Ebony

A great example of what we mean are Empire Series Padauk and ebony chess pieces , which are beautifully carved and finished with a rich and sumptuous dark wood finish. Place these chess pieces  on a natural wooden chess board in your living room and you have both a platform on which to play the beautiful game and a awesome looking decoration that will be the envy of your friends.

Whilst these pieces conform to the staunton design, the craftsman who made them has created his own take on the standard, offering a unique set full of character.

Antique Chess Pieces

Or what about chess pieces  named after Wilhelm Steinitz, the world renowned Austrian chess grandmaster? These pieces are pleasingly weighty and have been created to have the perfect balance within the hand. With a base diameter of 1.75 inches, these gorgeous pieces are worthy of the illustrious name they’ve been given and are fashioned from a rich ebonised boxwood.

These luxury chess pieces weigh around 80 grams and are the ideal choice for chess aficionados with a real appreciation for the game.

Why Invest in Luxury Chess Pieces?

Deciding whether or not to invest your hard earned money in luxury chess pieces  can come down to a question of what sort of chess experience you want to have. Of course, there are different levels on which to approach playing chess, but if you want your chess equipment to inspire you to play, then purchasing yourself some high quality, luxury chess pieces are a great way to start.

Another reason for splashing out on an exquisite set of hand carved chess pieces  is to inspire the young people in your life to take up the game. There is something quite magical about a well displayed chess set that makes makes you want to sit down and partake in the game of Kings and what better way to get you and your family motivated to learn the game than having an finely crafted set of luxury chess pieces  to do it with?

A Fine Legacy

Whilst we’re on the subject of children, yet another reason to part with your money in exchange for a set of luxury chess pieces - if indeed more were needed - is that they represent a wonderful legacy to pass down to your children and grandchildren. Our chess pieces and chess boards are built to last a lifetime, which means that your grandchildren’s children will be enjoying playing with them for years and years into the future. It’s hard to think of anything more elegant and wonderful for them to remember you by.


The UK’s Number One Chess Piece Retailer

At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we are on a mission to keep the magic of chess alive in this digital age we live in today. Key to this mission is supplying the most finely crafted chess pieces in the world to our customers. There’s often no explaining why the game of chess gets into one’s blood in the way it does, but the catalyst is invariably being able to play with balanced, sublimely created set of chess equipment.

If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, keep reading through our website. We have a dazzling array of chess boards, chess sets, chess boxes and backgammon sets for you to browse through. Also, we value customer service very highly, which is why we offer free delivery in mainland UK and a no quibble 60 day return policy. We want you to be as delighted with your Luxury chess pieces as we think you’ll be when you see them, but if for any reason they are not to your liking, we’ll return them - no questions asked.