Handy Tips to Help Keep Your Chess Set in Prime Condition

Handy Tips to Help Keep Your Chess Set in Prime Condition

When playing chess, your chess set up, your mind and your chess pieces are the elements that make up your chess tool kit, as, without them, you simply couldn’t play. There are lots of blogs out there about how to play the game better, but not so many about how to keep your chess set in mint condition, whether talking about a top-of-the-range marble chess set or a themed Star Wars chess set.

That’s precisely what we look at here, as some chess equipment can be really valuable and be passed down through the family as a treasured heirloom if it’s looked after correctly. The steps you take today will ensure that your grandchildren will have the same aesthetically pleasing chess experience you did the first time you played.

That said, taking proper care of your chess set isn’t only for really expensive equipment, as even relatively inexpensive sets need to be maintained so that all the pieces and the board are in good condition the next time you go to play with them. So, without further hyperbole, why not sit back and relax while we explain how to keep your chess set looking great.

Proper Cleaning of Your Chess Set Really Matters

Now, as we play chess, it’s unavoidable that over time, the pieces and the board become dirty. Many factors like the natural oils on our hands and dust can contribute to a dulling of your chess set’s aesthetic feel and appearance. Many standard varieties of chess set will come with their own manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. If this is the case, then it’s recommended that you follow them to the letter.

Wooden Chess Set Cleaning

Often though, chess sets get passed down through the family, so they don’t come with cleaning instructions. The correct way to clean your set will depend very much on what it’s made of and by far the most common type is the wooden chess set. Some people choose to use standard furniture polish, but that’s not really advisable, as some products can leave behind a mark on a wooden chessboard.

The problem is that once those marks are there, they’re very difficult to remove. What we’d recommend instead is using a cotton cloth that’s been lightly dipped in a weak white vinegar and water solution. This not only eliminates germs but also kills odours and allows your chess equipment to be buffed up to a shine. It’s something that also works well for vinyl and plastic chess pieces.

Stone & Marble Chess Set Cleaning

If you’re lucky enough to have a chess set made of marble or stone, you’re going to need to take a slightly different approach to your cleaning. That’s because damage can be caused when natural stone is exposed to acid, meaning that using vinegar may very well have an adverse effect.

All you need to do is wipe your stone or marble chess pieces with a dry cloth or a damp cloth if a more thorough clean is needed. This works well for both marble chess pieces and marble boards.

Chess Set Storage is Also Vital for Maintenance

Whether you’ve got a standard chess set or a novelty Game of Thrones chess set, how you store it will play a big part in how well kept it is. Whether your chess equipment is just used in the comfort of your own home or you like to take it with you to your local chess club, it’s important to use proper storage to keep it in tip-top condition.

What you should never do - especially when talking about a wooden chess set - is leave it exposed to humidity, high temperatures or direct sunlight. Also, if you’re keeping your chess pieces in the same place as your board, you should make sure to place a soft cloth in between the board and the pieces to prevent scratching.

The Protection Provided by Chess Boxes

You’ll find an entire myriad of chess piece storage boxes and they’re very popular with chess players as they are the ideal way to keep your chess pieces protected and well organised. They come in as many shapes, sizes and materials as the chess sets that go inside, so it’s easy enough to get a chess box that matches the style and finish of your set.

The important thing in this scenario is a storage method that keeps each piece of your chess set apart. Some people choose to keep their pieces in a bag with a drawstring, however, this can lead wear and tear resulting from the pieces rubbing against each other. It might seem like a minor point, but small factors like these can result in real damage over time.

The Good News is...Chess Sets Can Be Repaired

If you have a chess set and it has seen better days, the good news is that not all is lost, as scratches can be removed. If you’ve got a chess set that has a lacquer coating, you can buy scratch removal cream that will have your pieces and board looking brand new again with a little elbow grease.

We’d certainly recommend staying away from ammonia or petroleum-based compounds to remove scratches though, as it can lead to damage. Metal chess sets that feature a lacquered coating can also be helped in this way.

Look After Your Chess Equipment & It Will Look After You

Whether you’ve got an ornate glass chess set or a standard wooden chess set, the principle is the same - look after it and it will provide you with hours and hours of stimulating fun. Maintaining your chess set doesn’t take long, as it only takes a bit of forethought and the will to clean and store your chess set correctly every time you use it.

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Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that it shows that with just a little care and attention, your chess set - whatever it’s made from - can stay looking brand new for years to come.
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