The Maestro, Mr Frank Camaratta of the House of Staunton

We owe an immense debt of gratitude to the remarkable individual who has been instrumental in shaping the chess retail industry as we know it today - Frank Camaratta, affectionately known as "The Maestro." With over six decades of dedicated involvement in the World of Chess, Frank's journey began as a skilled player, rising to the esteemed rank of International Master. However, Frank's passion for chess extended far beyond the board, leading him to explore various facets of the chess world.

He delved into chess promotion and governance, understanding the intricacies of how the game could thrive and grow. His fascination with chess collecting and design research was another facet of his journey that added depth to his expertise.

frank camaratta house of staunton

In the course of his journey, Frank accomplished several ground breaking chess-related patents, among which the Time Delay patent stands as the most significant. This innovation has had a profound impact on the game, enhancing the experience for players worldwide.

In 1990, Frank's pioneering spirit led him to establish "The House of Staunton." Initially focused on collecting and dealing in antique chess equipment, the House of Staunton became a symbol of excellence in craftsmanship and pride. During this period, Frank was struck by an inspiring idea - to blend the old-world charm of craftsmanship with modern-day chessmen.

Driven by this vision, Frank made a bold decision to retire from his prestigious position as an Engineering Director. He devoted himself entirely to transform his dream into reality. This transformational journey involved extensive research and study into Staunton and pre-Staunton designs, culminating in the creation of exceptional chess sets that resonate with artistry, precision, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The House of Staunton stands as a testament to Frank Camaratta's dedication and expertise. Under his guidance, it has emerged as the world's leading producer of Pre-Staunton and Staunton chessmen. Additionally, it has introduced numerous artistically-inspired sets, setting new benchmarks in design excellence.

Frank Camaratta's impact on the chess retail industry cannot be overstated. His profound knowledge of Jaques and other Staunton and pre-Staunton chessmen has been shared through numerous articles, solidifying his reputation as the foremost authority on these iconic pieces.

As the owner of Official Staunton Chess Company in the UK, I am proud to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of Frank Camaratta to the world of chess. His legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of chess enthusiasts and professionals alike, as he continues to inspire generations of chess players and collectors with his passion and dedication. We are indebted to the Maestro for his vision and unwavering commitment to the timeless game of chess.