Chess is King of Games

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Chess is the king of all indoor and outdoor games and we do have an explanation for that too. You see, outdoor games are great for some physical activity but what about the activity of your brain? Don’t you think that there should be something that can help you with your cognitive development? Something that can help you in putting your brain to work without actually putting it under stress? Well, definitely, this is the need of the hour for every other person and this is exactly where chess can come in handy. Believe it or not, chess can do wonders for your brain and most importantly, it can become your favourite past time if you just learn how to play with the chess pieces properly.


We always say this that chess is an easy to learn game but it’s difficult to master. The basic rules of chess are quite straightforward and the best part is that chess is still played the way it was played decades ago. A very few changes have been made to this game over the past few years. Now, if you search the internet at the moment, you’ll get to know that the most important thing you need to win a chess game is concentration. Yes, you read that right! You need to put your brain into action and while you are playing the game with your opponent, make sure that nothing distracts you because a little distraction can give the time to your opponent to play a move that can literally destroy your game. The worst part here would be that you won’t even know what just happened with you. So, all you require is concentration and just observe your opponent as much as you can because each one of their moves matter a lot.


To make the game more fun. We would suggest you to first buy chess pieces that go well with your chess board because believe it or not, if you end up with a quality chess board or in other words a wooden chess board with luxury chess pieces, you will be in awe of how the game starts to fascinate you. All of this is because no matter what you say, aesthetics always matter when you are playing such an intense game such as chess. Speaking of, you can easily buy wooden chess boards from a quality place like the Official Stanton Chess Company.

The Big Benefits Of Chess

There are numerous benefits of chess and the internet right now is full of them. Most importantly, even the science has now confirmed that yes, chess is a one productive game and parents should

encourage their children to learn chess and play it quite often because again, this is the one game that can do wonders to a child’s cognitive development.

In fact, if you have kids at your place, then we’d suggest you to start looking for some great chess boards right now. The one thing to be admired about chess is that it helps a lot in improving one’s learning levels. This is due to the fact that chess requires some real time logical thinking and well, you do have to come up with different strategies too, to take over your opponent. So, the more you practice, the more you will learn and the more your knowledge will increase. There’s just so much to chess that we might not be able to sum it all up in this article alone. Take our word for it and get some great chess boards and luxury chess pieces like ebony chess pieces and get started with the game right away. We assure you that you will see the benefits on your own.


All You Need To Know About The Ugly Castle

As a beginner, you need to know that it’s quite important to move your king away from the centre to a place where he can stay comfortable and that of course is the home created by the three pawns and the rooks. Now, this is something you need to do in the opening strategy and castling is what you need to focus on while working on that strategy. Now, the problem here can arise is when the king’s house won’t be comfortable enough for him because there is a huge hole in the house that is created by the pawns and the rooks.

Now, here’s a pro tip for you about castling. You are supposed to perform the ugly castling only when the kings of both White and Black are on the king-side. This way at least you will know that your king is safe and protected and on top of that, you can even use the open g-file to make an attack on your opponent. This is all you need to know about castling and believe it or not, once you buy some great chess pieces and do the ugly castling, you are just going to love your move because it’s one of the smartest moves that we can vouch for.

Overall Verdict

We hope you now understand a little bit of what the ugly castle is. Hence, don’t waste any time and get your hands on a quality chess board, learn how to play chess properly, practice it as much as you can and then start competing with the pros. We promise you that once you master the art of playing chess, you are going to have the best time of your life!