What Woods are used in the production of our chess sets?

Most of the chess sets that we sell are made of wood. We've explained each of the wood used in our sets below to help you better understand the various wood.


Sheesham, also called gold rosewood, is a popular wood to make chess sets. The wood has a warm, medium brown hue and is of a medium density that develops a lovely grain pattern when it is waxed or polished. Sheesham is also broadly accessible and a very stable wood, so it does not add the cost of the chess set and a lot.


With its red yellowish and purple hues, walnut is an ideal wood to utilize on chess boards for alternating squares and borders. This wood that was popular is easily recognised for its distinctive tight grain pattern. Walnut is a wood of medium density and very durable for chess boards. American walnut is the most frequently used for chess boards although there are more than a dozen varieties of walnut.


One of the most commonly-employed, light-coloured woods for boards and chess pieces is boxwood. This is obtainable in a variety of colours at many different price points and wood ages nicely.

Ebonised boxwood is a variation of boxwood that is stained black. Because boxwood is appreciably more affordable than real ebony wood, this is done. Ebony boxwood is used to produce switching, dark squares on the board along with black chess pieces that are dark.


One of the most prized woods in the world's is a fine, dark wood that when handled takes on a totally black colour. Ebony is an incredibly durable, hard wood and its dark hue causes it to be a natural for chess boards and pieces.


Less well known than ebony, wenge is another dark wood, with a somewhat purple colour. This wood is used almost exclusively in chess boards and makes a more affordable alternative to natural ebony. Wenge comes with an uncommon, really tight grain pattern which has an almost geometric appearance, and its colour works well with sandalwood and rosewood pieces.


Another luxurious wood is well-known with high-end makers of musical instruments and is frequently used to make fingerboards. This vibrant, dark wood h-AS a slightly reddish tint to it and is a favourite option for medium to high end chess sets.

Bud Rosewood

Bud Rosewood -(sandalwood)- is just another high-end wood that comes from your base of the rosewood tree. Because it's more rare, this wood is ordinarily found only in high end chess sets.