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    Artistic Parker Chess Pieces - Official Staunton™
    Artistic Parker Chess Pieces - Official Staunton™
    Artistic Parker Chess Pieces
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    Chess sets are truly a chess player’s delight as they are an essential display of their intricate taste and personality. These can be either classic, traditional, antique or arguably quirky for some chess players. Blending in varieties of chess pieces, chess boards and chess sets represent the player’s personality, taste, and understanding of each piece. These can often consist of heirlooms, historical pieces, and pieces that boast cultural and intellectual pizzazz.

    Chess sets are unique to the player, regardless of how standardised they may be across the masses. Their use, upkeep, and value are often unmeasurable due to the emotional relevance each one has. As chess players gear up for tournaments it is imperative that they know which chess set, they are willing to use against their opponents. As many tournaments ask chess players to bring, their own chess sets due to a shortage of chess sets, it is necessary to know which one a chess player should take forward.

    When buying chess sets it is necessary to realise that the bestselling one, doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. This is specifically for the case for Staunton chess sets, which are cost-effective, visually appealing and durable. Various aspects can be looked into chess sets that aren’t for tournaments such as chessboards and pieces with varying dimensions and personally customised chess pieces and boxes. As chess collectors like to have a variety of numerous vendors, some prefer playing chess on very few designs due to their ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

    Historic Relevance

    It is often discussed as to why chess sets hold significance in terms of design and play. As a game that can be dated back almost 1500 years, it was originated in the Far East through Persia and then gained popularity in Europe. It is due to this geographical variant that the significance and change in the chess pieces arose. This included various reasons, such as chess pieces depicting historic and traditional relevance.

    It was due to this that the rise of the Staunton chess set design was introduced in 1849, which was based on popular designs, minus the decorative elements, with chess pieces having wider bases and more weightage due to lead. This was a simplified and inexpensive way to attract a majority of chess players. It soon took to an increased liking and became famous among the masses, to become a world standard. It is due to this that the Staunton chess manufacturers are known to make the world’s finest chess sets due to their clean and simple design.

    How Many Kinds of Chess Sets are there?

    As chess is known for its strategic display, it is also known for its intricate pieces and overall aesthetics. Regardless of whether or not an individual is a chess player, it is often common to find classic wooden chess sets at home for display. However, if one is an astute follower and player of chess, then he or she may have more common chess sets for tournaments and competitions, such as the Staunton chess sets. These come in varying sizes, colours, and weights but are standard during games.

    The Staunton chess pieces are known to be smooth and easy to hold, with a wide base and a narrowing stature, and a motif on top to represent each piece. However, various other chess sets are known for their material, design, colour, and historic relevance. These include the Zagreb and Dubrovnik, which are mid-20th century Eastern European variations of the Staunton chess sets and are more rounded than edgy overall. Other chess sets and chess pieces include the Edinburgh Upright chess sets, English Barleycorn chess sets and Selenius chess sets, French Regence Pieces, Isle of Lewis chess sets and the Lund Pattern chess sets.

    Bestselling Tournament Chess Sets

    The Staunton chess sets are standard and known to chess players across the world as the best for playing tournaments due to the simplicity and uniformity in design. Having a standard brings forward various pros, such as using the pattern to memorize and practice strategies to trick the opponent, and developing the ability to focus better. These chess sets are by far the best and have gained a lot of popularity over the last few decades. The bestselling chess sets worldwide include an analysis chess set which is the most basic and affordable chess set. A regulation tournament chess set is similar to an analysis chess set but has a bigger board, heavier pieces and variations in colour, also widely popular in tournaments. Tournament No 5 Staunton chess set is high in quality, cost-effective, and often used for travelling. It is highly durable for chess tournaments and is often used globally. The House of Staunton Grandmaster chess set is high-quality chess set for those who are unable to afford luxurious chess sets. It is very appealing to the eye and a great keep for a beginner’s collection during high-end tournaments. The British Staunton chess set has very high quality and appeal due to its deep and glossy feel and look. It is slightly on the higher side of cost but used at tournaments by mid-level to high-level players.

    The QuadPro Magnetic chess set is by far the cheapest and best when it comes to travelling for tournaments abroad. However, various chess players prefer quality due to which the Wooden Magnetic travel chess set is far better than the QuadPro magnetic set. Nevertheless, the bestselling chess sets often used in clubs and tournaments for entry-level chess players is the standard 3.75 plastic Staunton chess set, with a roll-up vinyl board. It is essential that the chess pieces used for these vinyl boards are weighted accordingly so that they do not tip over. However, as some chess players want durability, they use lightly wooden boards such as fold-ups, if they don’t want to use vinyl boards. This is because vinyl boards can often tear apart due to wear and tear or roll up during a tournament match. Even though some of the bestselling chess sets include highly extensive Staunton wooden chess sets consisting of wooden chess pieces, and wooden chessboards, they are often at the risk of being lost or damaged during play at tournaments. Hence, must be avoided unless it is a high-end chess tournament.

    Consequently, chess players often look to invest in chess sets that offer more value for money and gradually increase their collection as they go higher up in ranks. Therefore, the Official Staunton Chess Company has some absolute favourites for all chess enthusiasts. These include the tournament’s classics such as the Sheesham and Walnut chess set, the Chessmen and chess box, the Classic Chessmen and chess box, Mahogany chess set, Ebonised Deluxe Walnut and Wood Box chess set, and the entry-level cardboard-folding Chess and Draughts set. These will definitely add value to any chess players collection and speak volumes of their taste and understanding of chess.