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    Chess pieces come in a range of different sizes, styles, and materials. Buying chess pieces on their own without a chessboard gives you more control over the look and feel of your set. You will typically buy all 32 chess pieces at once.

    At Official Staunton UK, we have a wide range of chess pieces for sale. We have a variety of styles and materials, from the Isle Of Lewis to Staunton chess pieces, and plastic to wooden chess pieces. If you aren’t sure which style of pieces will suit your board, speak to our expert team for some advice.   

    What Are The Pieces In Chess Called?

    The chess pieces that make up traditional chess set come in six types. These chess pieces are called:





    Rook (or Castle)


    How Many Chess Pieces Are There?

    A complete chess set contains 32 chess pieces, which is 16 pieces per player, made up of:

    1 King per player

    1 Queen per player 

    2 Bishops per player

    2 Knights per player

    2 Rooks (or Castles) per player

    8 Pawns per player

    Some full sets of chess pieces actually contain 34 pieces as they are supplied with two extra Queens.


    Different Styles Of Chess Pieces

    Chess pieces come in different styles and materials, from the traditional to the contemporary. 

    While they are usually made of wood – including cherry, oak, mahogany, ebony, and pine – there are many other materials available. 

    The most popular styles and types of chess pieces are:

    Wooden Chess Pieces

    Wood chess pieces are highly recommended for both their beauty and durability of the pieces. Some chess enthusiasts claim that wood has a natural feel to it when playing chess compared to plastic chess pieces. 

    Wooden chess pieces are usually more luxurious, with intricate details in the pieces hand-carved by craftsmen. This usually means that wooden chess pieces are more expensive, but they are of higher quality.

    At Official Staunton, our range includes a variety of wooden chess pieces, including antique mahogany, ebony, rosewood, and more. 

    Metal Chess Pieces

    Metal Chess pieces are often made of brass and can be glossy, which complements various wooden boards be it glossy or matte and are available as well. They are extremely durable and hard-wearing, meaning they will last a lifetime. However, metal chess pieces can be slightly more expensive than other materials like wood and plastic. 

    Resin or Plastic Chess Pieces

    Resin chess pieces often cost only a fraction of what a wood chess piece costs. However, resin chess pieces are made of a higher quality than other types of plastic chess pieces, meaning resin is more expensive to buy than plastic pieces. Plastic chess pieces don’t tend to be as hard-wearing as wooden and metal either. 

    Weighted Chess Pieces

    Weighted chess pieces are weighted with metal to improve their feel while playing. A slug or plug of iron is inserted into each piece during the manufacturing process. The weight of the slug installed determines whether the chess pieces are single, double, triple, or quadruple weighted. What weight you choose comes down to personal preference. 

    You can buy weighted chess pieces from our range at Official Staunton. Speak to our experts to find more information on our weighted pieces. 

    Staunton Chess Pieces

    The most popular chess piece style is the classic Staunton. Staunton Chess Pieces are widely recognised for their design which has been in existence since 1849. It is the only style of the chess piece that is approved for official chess tournaments across the world.

    The design of the Staunton chess pieces promotes the king as the highest piece on the table (due to its importance, probably) with heights varying from 3.5” to 4.5”. The King is carved with a crown and a cross sign on the top of it, the Queen is smaller, wearing a coronet and a small ball on the top, while the Knight has the shape of a horse head. The Rook looks like a tower with crenellated battlements, the Bishops are determined by a mitre, while the Pawns have only a ball on the top. Each one of the pieces has its base covered in felt (or even leather in most recent, luxury sets).

    Our range of Staunton pattern chess pieces is by far the most popular and is handcrafted by the most talented artisans in the world. You will find a variety of Staunton chess pieces in different materials in our range, including rosewood and ebony

    The second most popular style is the Isle Of Lewis chess pieces. At Official Staunton, we have a range of Isle Of Lewis chess sets in multiple sizes. 

    Travel Chess Pieces

    Travel chess pieces are light, economical, and playable on the move. If you’re travelling, you need a chess set that isn’t heavy but is small and portable. That’s why travel chess pieces are less about design and beauty than there are about practicality. 

    At Official Staunton, our travel chess pieces include a diverse collection of magnetic, wooden, and cardboard sets, like Anegre Eco Classic Sets, Morphy Anegre, Morphy Rosewood, Mahogany and Black Walnut sets. 

    Tournament Chess Pieces

    While many of the grand chess clubs in the world still practice the old-fashioned, large chess boards and pieces, now a smaller group of chess enthusiasts are embracing hand-carved wooden chess pieces. While most people prefer to play on a larger board with heavier boards, you can certainly enjoy your own personal chess game while playing with your own hand-carved chess pieces.

    How to Choose The Best Chess Pieces

    Choosing the right chess piece comes down to your style and playing habits. A tournament chess player will need different chess pieces to be a recreational chess player. But whatever you need to buy chess pieces for, you should consider: size, appearance, and style.

    Chess Piece Sizes

    Traditionally, size does matter when it comes to chess pieces. The base diameter of a King, placed over the diameter of a square on the board should be 75 per cent, giving it enough space around the edges. It should not be overly crowded or give a sense of isolation on the board, as it weakens the chessmen’s appreciation for the exquisiteness of each piece. The same goes for the height, width and general outlook of the Bishop, Queen, Rook, Pawns and Knights. The heads of each should vary and the bishop and pawn should be identifiable without causing exhilarating confusion during the game. 

    Style & Colour 

    While size is a factor that should be calculated correctly and can play a large role in the aesthetic appearance of the entire chess set, other factors such as colour and style are left to the discretion of the buyer’s tastes and imagination. That’s the beauty of putting together your own chess sets with separate boards and chess pieces. But you should still consider material, sizing, colouring, aesthetics, and whether these are collectable pieces or for either travel or home.

    Although most chess pieces on sale come in a wide range of colours and designs, there are differences to take into consideration when it comes to materials. For example, wood pieces work best with antique chess sets that have a matte finish, although some people also like to use them on glossy chess boards. Most wooden chess sets for sale also apply the use of contrast, making use of light rosewood chess pieces with dark chess boards, while an ivory chess set often uses black and white pieces on a lightly coloured board. Similarly, metal chess pieces are often made of brass, which can complement any wooden chess board or more vibrant colours such as red and blue. A metal chess set usually has a glossy finish to it overall even if the accompanying board is made of wood.

    Matching Your Chess Pieces With Your Board

    The chess pieces also reflect the quality and colour of the board and should be selected accordingly. If for instance, the chessboard is Mahogany, then the chess pieces should be a Crimson or a Honey Rosewood to complement its beauty. There are various wooden chess pieces from Rosewood, Boxwood, Hornbeam, Acacia, Ebony, and Red and Ivory gloss finished pieces that can grace your chessboard in the finest of ways. Ebony chess pieces are the purest with very little grain and are black in colour inside and outside. Also, Ebony is one of the rarest and hardest woods to find, its chess pieces are a collector’s item and are often paired with traditional boxwood sets. 

    Official Staunton Chess Pieces

    If you want to buy chess pieces either individually or in full 32 or 34 piece sets, our team at Official Staunton can help. Our specialists know a thing or two about chess and can help you to pick the perfect chess pieces for you, whether you are in the UK or abroad.

    Whatever your preference may be, we are absolutely certain we have the chess pieces for you, take a look around our website and fall in love with our beautiful catalogue of the finest chess pieces in the World.



    Norway has been a nation that has been well-known for its winter sports prowess, but it has not had much success in competitive chess. Magnus Carlsen's win at the World Chess Championship last month has seen the game grow in popularity in Norway. The 23-year old chess prodigy is now poised to take the title and lead the sport for many years.

    Carlsen was 13 years old when he became a chess grandmaster. This made him the second-youngest grandmaster in history. While the sport was still relatively quiet in Norway, Carlsen was able to make chess a very popular game in a game that didn't even have snow.

    Magnus Carlsen's story began to blossom as he won more tournaments and saw his rank steadily rise. He was the highest-ranked chess player with a rating of 2810 by 2010. At just 19 years old, he was already beating the best players in the world like Vladimir Kramnik or Veselin Topalov. He also won various tournaments such as the Corus Chess Tournament and the London Chess Classic.

    However, his FIDE chess ranking of number one would not hold up throughout the year. His celebrity status and his experience at the top of the world of chess influenced his mind clearly. G-Star Raw was his first modelling company. Many felt that his activities away from the chessboard distracted him. In the fall of that year, he would lose unexpectedly at the Grand Slam Masters Final. This resulted in him falling to rank 2 and in this world.

    Carlsen would not lose his belief. However, he would continue to work throughout 2011 to restore his dominance at top of the chess game. He would regain the number one ranking by the end of the summer. He was only 20 years old at the time.

    Carlsen was praised for his natural ability to play while in training. He rarely uses his mind to computer-driven statistics strategies and instead relies on his intuition. Carlsen is a gifted player with a sharp mind. However, he is known for his aggressive play and ability to keep his mind open during long tournaments and matches. Carlsen is a calm and reserved chess player who can withstand the fatigue at the end of tournaments. He plays the game with brilliance, ease, and brilliance even under pressure. It's no surprise that Carlsen, a young man, has achieved such great success in the sport.

    The youngster was ready to record his progress and development in the game. In January, he set a new world record with a FIDE rating of 2861. Carlsen was able to compete with Viswanathan, the former Chess Champion of India after he won the Candidates tournament by beating Kramnik in a tiebreak. Carlsen had lost many tournaments before this monumental match, but he was confident and building his confidence.

    Carlsen was held last month in Chennai (India) and would need to take the title from Anand, his opponent far away from home. Anand held the title since 2007, but it was clear that his game was falling apart. His FIDE rating was now 8, the eighth globally. He had also stopped participating in chess tournaments to prepare for this match.

    It was obvious that Carlsen was here to play from the beginning. After four consecutive draws, Carlsen made a breakthrough and won game 5. From then on, he would be in complete control. The action was closely followed in Norway. A large audience watched the matches live on TV, which attracted a lot of viewers. Online broadcasts with detailed analysis and discussion of the games were also very popular during the competition.

    As the nation watched their rising chess star, it seemed like everyone stopped! The nation was buzzing as university students were riveted to every move on their computer screens. Even those with no interest in the sport were captivated when they saw the first Norwegian player become the World Chess Champion! Carlsen would become the first Western European player in 76 years to be a champion! In those days, chess was dominated mainly by players from India, Russia, and China. But times are changing.

    Magnus Carlsen, who had not lost one game to the reigning champion, was declared the World Chess Champion at the end of game 10. His popularity in Norway and the popularity of chess have simply exploded.

    Official Staunton has witnessed a significant rise in the national interest in the sport, and chess set orders are up tremendously, especially for the holiday season. We are now able to offer discounted shipping. This will allow many new chess enthusiasts to enjoy this mind-bending game on a stunning new chess piece board.

    Norwegians will be interested in the remarkable replica of the Lewis Chessmen. The unique replica of the historic Lewis Chessmen was discovered on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. It is one of very few surviving chess sets from medieval times, and most likely came from Norway. The Lewis Chess Set Replicas are the ideal item for anyone from Norway who is interested in the game.

    Magnus Carlsen is the new celebrity of Norwegian chess. The sport is experiencing a huge revival in Norway. Youngsters and players alike want to emulate their heroes. Perhaps Norway will soon be a major player in the game, just like Russia and China. In the near term, Carlsen will continue to lead the way for both the country and the sport for many years. The young adult, who just turned 23 years old, will now be focusing on the preservation of his position as the most intellectual sport in the world. He seems certain to hold this title for many more years, thanks to his extraordinary poise and brilliance. He will now need to be defeated by his challengers. Although it is possible that Carlsen will one day be dethroned, his dominance in the sport will not be matched and he will soon be a household name around the globe. 

    The entire Norwegian population seems to be thrilled by their celebrity and is showing their love for chess. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy a new Official Chess Company chess set. It's also a great chance to celebrate the sport of Chess and the amazing rise to fame of Magnus Carlsen, the latest chess champion in the world.

    Finest Quality Chess Pieces 

    Since the invention of chess, wooden chess pieces are a common addition to chess sets. Wood was a popular choice because of its beauty and affordability. There are many styles and colours to choose from, as well as a variety of wood types available. These are some of the most common wood types used to make chess pieces.

    Maple Hardwood

    Maple wood can be obtained from over 128 species of trees. They can be found in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. It is widely available and is, therefore, a popular choice for wooden chess boards and wooden pieces. Its unique light colour makes it ideal for representing the White army.

    Ebony Hardwood

    Ebony can be described as the antithesis of Maple. It is very rare and is found in the southern regions of India and Sri Lanka. This densely coloured wood is able to sink in water. It is highly prized by chess players for its dark colour, which makes it ideal for representing the black army. Ebony can be very expensive and is highly valued as an ornamental luxury wood.

    Luxury wooden chess pieces; that are as luxurious as the Collector Series. This set is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Each set is meticulously inspected by artisans to ensure that it has every detail, including the finishing touches and smoothing, as well as the right weight.

    This set of wooden chess pieces was made with the highest quality materials. The base pads of each piece's bottom are made of green felt. 

    Some of our sets are unique and only available at our store or our distributors. You can trace the production line back to the beginning of the launch and be certain that you are getting a genuine set, not a reproduction or cheap imitations. This protects your set's prestige and the resale price should you decide to sell it.

    Although this set of wooden chess pieces looks amazing on their own, it won't be complete without a chessboard. If you wish, you can purchase a complimentary board along with the pieces on our chess boards page. 

    Proper storage and care are essential for wood chess pieces. Your pieces should be stored in a padded box that has a slot for each piece. You can get one of these boxes along with the wooden chess pieces. You will not only get a great deal on this box but you will also be able to check the measurements to ensure the 4.4 inch King pieces fit. The pieces will fit perfectly when you purchase a set!

    It's no surprise that the Collectors Chess Pieces are a top-selling product in the entire Collection. These chessmen are stunning, with their beautiful shapes and intricately carved detail work. The Knight pieces are alone worthy of a place in an art museum. It is almost unbelievable that such a beautiful piece of art is on sale.

    Let's talk a little bit about the wood chess pieces. They are hand-carved using the best materials. For White's army, you can choose from Natural Boxwood or Blood Rosewood. Blood Rosewood is a striking red, and the Ebony offers a contrast to the creamy Boxwood.

    Unique Chess Piece Designs

    The designs of Dutch and German artists were beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but they lack the stability and presence that are necessary for a fun game. British artisans saw this challenge and began to create wooden chess pieces that were equally intricate, but also had greater stability and presence. The Official Staunton's artisans have improved their designs and are making them available again for sale.

    This set is sure to make a statement in any room and will get many compliments and questions. This set is for those who are looking for luxurious, well-made wooden chess pieces that break the mould

    The Ferrari Chess Set design also includes a Knight piece that shows the horse's full body, not just the stylized head. The rest of the pieces follow the Staunton pattern, with a small variation. The pieces are easily identifiable, but there is just enough uniqueness to make each wooden chess set stand out.

    The White army is made from premium Boxwood, which has been sanded and polished to a shiny shine. This set is also made from genuine Ebony wood. The King pieces measure 4 inches high and have 1 3/4 inch bases. They are complete with green felt pads. This beautiful set is simple elegance at its best and would be a great addition to any home. It is highly recommended.


    How to Choose Your Wooden Chess Pieces

    Wooden chess pieces have been popular for hundreds of centuries and will continue to be so for many more. Wood chess pieces will not be going out of fashion anytime soon. Wood is warm and beautiful, making it an excellent match for any type of chessboard or home décor.

    There are many wooden chess pieces on sale, but not all of them are equal. This list will help you select a high-quality set of wooden chess pieces and steer clear of sets that aren't worth the price. We use a variety of criteria to determine which wooden chess pieces make good investments.

    Wood quality

    The most important factor that determines the overall quality of set carved wooden chess pieces is wood quality. Our list doesn't include any wood-veneered players. If you are looking for high-quality chess pieces which will last a lifetime and still look great, solid wood is your best option.

    It is possible to get high-quality wooden chess pieces for a fraction of the price. High-quality maple wood can provide the same beauty and longevity as premium ebony at a lower cost. You don't have to spend a lot of money to purchase quality wooden chess pieces

    Our wooden chess pieces for sale are always listed at a fair price. While the cost of a set of wooden chess pieces will depend on the materials used and the craftsmanship involved, we always ensure that the price is fair to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. It can be difficult to find the right set of carved wooden pieces for chess, especially with so many available. You don't have to make a blind choice and hope for the best. 

    There are many chess piece styles on the market. There are dozens of options and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available offers. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right chess set that suits you best.

    We want to help you choose the right pieces, and to advise you on the equipment that is best suited for the environment where you will use it.

    To help you make the best choice for your needs, we will focus on these criteria:

    1. Material
    2. Durability
    3. Take a look at the weight and size
    4. Pricing 
    5.  Overall Aesthetic Appearance

    1. Chess Pieces

    You can find pieces made from any material you want, including plastic, metals and glass. Wood and plastic are the most common materials today.

    There are also wooden pieces made from different types of wood, including ivory and rosewood, maple, Sheesham or maple. You will be able to recognize the most beautiful ones made of ivory, redwood, and ebony if you buy them. Luxury chess pieces are handcrafted from wood and with great care.

    Wooden chess boards are highly valuable and often used by true connoisseurs who enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee while they play chess. Wooden chess boards can be used to decorate a living space, library, or museum.

    For frequent and more severe use, plastic pieces are easier to work with. They are commonly used in chess tournaments that have many players or for chess training with many students.

    2. Durability 

    The material used and the purpose of the chess pieces will determine their durability.

    • The Material:

    Wooden pieces can be quite fragile. Scratches can be visible quickly. You should not treat them harshly as they could cause small pieces to break. You should be especially careful when handling luxury wooden chess pieces.

    Plastic pieces, on the other hand, are strong and don't break as easily. They are much more durable than wooden pieces because they are less visible.

    • The Purpose:

    How To Find The Right Chess PiecesExclusive, high-quality chess pieces are extremely durable and can even be a piece of family heirloom when used as decoration. There are many antiquary pieces that can be used to decorate beautiful places.

    Plastic pieces are a good choice for training children. Plastic pieces are durable and can be used for many years, even if children throw them around or play with them. Scholastic chess is growing fast, and schools often have limited funds, making it a great option to purchase chess sets. Plastic chess pieces are the best choice!

    3. The right size and weight

    How To Find The Right Chess PiecesChest sets can contain pieces of different sizes and weights. A small, compact set of pieces will be ideal for those who travel frequently. These traveller chess sets don't weigh too much so they won't be too heavy for your luggage.

    Light pieces are recommended for rapid chess and blitz. For long games of chess, it is better to use heavier pieces, which are often larger than plastic.

    It is recommended that you use standard tournament chess pieces for training at home. This will allow you to get used to them when you play tournaments.

    4. Price

    How To Find The Right Chess Pieces 

    When a suiting set is so extensive, the right pieces are often not given. As in other sports, chess is expensive because of its high quality.

    Prices vary depending on the materials used and the number of pieces. For the promotion of pawns, many chess sets include four queens. Handcrafted pieces of chess are more expensive than simple ones. The price of a chess piece is influenced by its design and the processing of the knights.

    A good wooden chess set can be a real eye-catcher. Playing on a beautiful, luxurious chess board is incredibly motivating and fun.

    Plastic pieces are better if you have a lot of chess sets to play in common tournaments. They are also more affordable.

    5. Appearance

    How To Find The Right Chess PiecesBeautiful pieces of chess can make a great decoration in any room.

    You may want to keep pieces as decorations and not for playing, then themed pieces might be the best choice. There are many themes available, including Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and The Lord of the Rings. There are many topics on the market that you can choose from. These pieces are perfect for decoration, or as gifts for a chess enthusiast.

    Beautiful wooden pieces can make a relaxing atmosphere that you will enjoy using over and over. This luxury is not without its costs, but it is definitely worth it!

    There are many options available to suit all tastes and purposes. There are pieces that can be used for decoration, tournaments, scholastic and children's chess, personal coaching, travelling, or training. There is everything a chess player could want if they had access to the bright market for chess equipment.

    We hope you find our advice helpful and that you are able to make the best decision about which chess pieces you choose.

    The most valuable and collectable wooden chess pieces are the ones made from wood. But it's important that pieces purchased are already ready to be taken out of the wood. These pieces will not be useful and serve only as investments. This article will explore the materials used to carve wooden chess pieces and explain the benefits of purchasing them. Listed below are some of the most common materials used for carving wooden chess pieces.

    Boxwood: This light-coloured wood is commonly used for making pieces of chess. Although it is less expensive than Ebony and produces an impressive Ebony effect, it can be used to make chess pieces. This wood, also known as Boboa, is popular for making chess pieces and boards. Ideal source of boxwood? The boxwood trees It is not recommended that you use boxwood for cabinetry and chessboards.

    Rosewood is a less hardy wood than black but it's rich in cocoa and easier to work. This wood is great for creating chess pieces because of its gloss finish. Rosewood isn't just used as a chess piece, it is also used in the manufacture of musical instruments. It is a dense, thick hardwood with appealing grains. Rosewood can be quite hardy, but it is still relatively affordable.

    Wood: This is the main material that's used to make chess pieces. Rosewood and Sheesham, both native to India, are used frequently to create beautiful chess sets. Wooden chess pieces require high levels of craftsmanship and often include two different wood combinations, one darker for the pieces and a lighter one for the squares. Both kinds of wood are well-known for their beauty and durability, so they are both great choices when making chess sets.


    You can find many reasons, hand-carved wooden Chess pieces may be more costly. Wood, the preferred material in chess, is still used by most players. People also make new antiques of other materials like stone. A high-quality set of chess pieces made from wood will last generations. It is more sturdy than stone. Which materials are best for chess? But how can you choose the right material?

    The most common type of wood used for hand-carved chess pieces is ebony, but you can also find exotic and natural woods, such as camel bone. You have many good reasons to choose hand-carved wooden Chess Pieces. The most important is their beauty. Aside from that, they're also very functional. If you want to give a gift that is unique and useful, consider a set with a themed theme. There are pieces available that commemorate your favourite cultural or historical figure.

    The cost of hand-carved wooden chess pieces is dependent on the quality of the knight. The highest-quality knights can cost up to £2,000 while the lowest priced wood chess sets are around $20. Hand-carved wooden pieces for chess are more costly than plastic ones. Although you can buy a quality set starting at £50, be certain that your knight is properly carved otherwise the piece won't be usable.

    A complex carving process is also a factor in the high price of wooden chess sets hand-carved by skilled sculptors. It can take several months for a skilled chessman to perfect the art. Even if you can find someone who is willing to spend that much time, you may have to pay even more if you don't get what you want. The cost of handmade wooden chess items could rise with time.


    A variety of advantages can be derived from the wood that is used for making hand-carved wooden Chess pieces. Wood that is not sealed expands or contracts with humidity changes. Wood that has been sealed with a waterproof coating will not warp regardless of temperature changes. The hand-carved wood chess pieces are a favourite choice in chess sets due to this characteristic.

    These wooden chess sets have the most striking benefit: their beauty. These chess sets are worthy to be displayed in an art gallery because of their intricate designs and quality materials. The Knight pieces alone are beautiful enough to warrant a place in an art museum. Moreover, many of these hand-carved pieces are made of the finest materials, such as Golden Rosewood, Blood Rosewood, and Ebony. In addition, they have green velvet pads on the bottom to prevent slipping.

    Wood chess sets are a real work of beauty. Each piece is meticulously carved by skilled artisans who then add weights. Each piece comes with detailed documentation that details the process. This allows you to trace back its history. It preserves the value of your set as well as its prestige. A set of quality hand-carved wooden chess pieces is a treat if you have the means to afford them.

    Hand-carved wood chess pieces are stable if they have been made from solid materials. Maple wood, which is readily available and an excellent choice to make chess sets, is a popular option. Maple is a pale-coloured wood which won't absorb liquid, so it makes an ideal choice for White troops. Ebony, on the other hand, is a rarer wood that is found in southern India. Ebony can also be a very valuable ornamental timber, although it is not cheap.


    You can add elegance to your gaming room with hand-carved wooden Chess pieces. Hand-carved wooden chess pieces are beautifully detailed, with minute carvings that add a beautiful finishing touch. Many of these exquisite chess pieces have been hand-painted by talented artisans. This preserves their prestige and resale price.

    These hand-carved wooden chess pieces can be made using the best materials, such as genuine Ebony or Natural Boxwood. Blood Rosewood creates the Black Army, which contrasts with the Boxwood's deep red. The chess pieces are constructed from both of these materials.

    Sheesham wood is an abundant source of wood and offers a strong and lightweight piece. You can work with the wood easily and have a high strength to weight ratio making it a popular choice for chess items. Although walnut wood lacks the aesthetic appeal of oak, it is an excellent choice for making chess pieces. Because walnut wood is simple to carve, manufacturers of chess boards can quickly engrave chess notes on the walnut-wood borders.

    The German and Dutch chess pieces are highly detailed and beautiful but lack stability and board presence. British chess craftsmen refined the designs to create wooden chess boards that are lighter and more stable. Many of these pieces can be easily recognized by small variations. A hand-carved wooden set of chess pieces has seen a dramatic drop in price due to newer and more robust materials.

    How to carve

    Perhaps you have never tried woodcarving before and are wondering how to carve wooden pieces for chess. You will find some useful tips in this article on carving chess parts. Prior to carving, you need to decide on the piece's material. Look for high-gloss materials like maple and oak wood if you want to achieve a shiny finish. Use polyurethane, and beeswax to give your piece lustre. This topic is covered in detail here. Do not attempt to carve complex patterns if you don't have the necessary skills. Try to make a simple chess set until you are confident enough for a more intricate pattern.

    Carve the head first when carving the knight. You won't be able to carve this piece with an undefined, thin shape because it has a very thick base. Next, create a ball by using a v cut. If you're carving a king, you can add detail by using a v-cut in the centre of the head.

    Wood must be the same size and shape as other pieces of wood when carving a king, queen, or knight. To achieve this, cut a long log, and then slice the wood. Depending on your budget and skills, you can even purchase a carving block. Cut off 20% to make sure each piece fits correctly. A square will be needed to ensure that everything fits together. You can use the square block for shading and writing your numbers.

    After you've cut your wooden pieces, it is time to start carving. Chess pieces typically measure three to four inches long. The King is usually three-and-a-half inches tall. The smaller pieces, like the rook and knight, can be as small as 2 inches. You'll need a large amount of time to carve a knight. It takes longer to carve a knight than a rook.