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Our chess sets exude quality and are sought by grandmasters and collectors alike. Investing in a quality heirloom chess set? Then look no further, you have arrived at the UK specialist Stanton chess company, where you're sure to find a set that meets with your high expectations. If you're in the market for a quality heirloom set or hand made chess board then do browse our extensive range of chess sets for sale

We are specialist chess vendors, so you may rest certain in our competence and trust that we stock only the top quality chess and games. Our UK hub is vast and filled to the brim with everything chess ! We are passionate and very eager to offer the finest in chess retail. We cater for all budgets, however, we differ in the sense from our competitors some who seem hell-bent on flooding the market with cheap hornbeam plywood chess sets which are cheap but will not last the rigors of time or indeed many chess games! The polish is fond of their plywood and hornbeam sets, however, we steer clear from such poor quality mass-produced eBay worthy only merchandise. Be certain to invest in a quality hand carved set generally carved from solid hardwoods such as sheesham and or rosewood and ebony



With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the chess industry, we firmly believe we better placed than most when it comes to giving our sound advice in the procurement of everything chess related. Our buying team is dedicated and extremely passionate about the products they add to our extensive and diverse catalogue. So rest assured that when you're searching the many choices for chess sets for sale, look no further!