Andalusian Ebony Chess Pieces, Anegre Chessboard & Presentation Case

Andalusian Ebony Chess Pieces, Anegre Chessboard & Presentation Case

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Experience Unparalleled Beauty - The Andalusian Chess Set

Some creations transcend words and images, and the Andalusian chess set is one such masterpiece. It's a rarity, produced in limited quantities, making it a coveted gem for collectors and chess enthusiasts alike.

Allow us to introduce the Andalusian chess set, a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry. Meticulously hand-carved, it stands as a pinnacle of the renowned Staunton design, setting a new standard in chess set excellence.

Key Features: 👑 Majestic King – Standing at 4.25 inches, the king exudes regal grace. 🌟 Four Queens – Empower your strategy with this extra dimension of power. 🪙 Premium Materials – Crafted from the rich contrast of Ebony and Boxwood. 📦 Luxurious Twin-Tiered Case – Encasing this treasure in a suede-lined twin-tiered case, ensuring its protection and showcasing its splendour. 🌟 23" Gloss Finished Chess Board – A backdrop of luxury, enhancing every move.

Indulge in the Andalusian chess set, where aesthetics, design, and quality harmonize to create a chess set like no other. With limited production, this is your opportunity to own a true work of art.

👑 King Height: 4.25 inches

🪙 Materials: Ebony and Boxwood

🌟 Four Queens for strategic prowess

📦 Suede-Lined Twin-Tiered Case (Box style may vary)

🌟 23" Gloss Finished Chess Board

📜 Certificate of Authenticity included


Attention overseas customers: Please note that your order may be subject to customs taxes, which must be paid directly to your governing tax office.

In the realm of hand-carved products, it's essential to acknowledge that the artistry involved in crafting chess pieces and related items by hand can lead to unique variations. The use of wood, being a natural material, inherently results in differences in color, shade, and tone.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that the hand-carving process may introduce subtle differences between individual pieces within a set, adding to their individual character.

Additionally, for transparency, we want to clarify that the use of veneer is exclusive to our chess boards and boxes. All other items, including chess pieces and related accessories, are crafted from solid wood unless explicitly stated otherwise in our listings. This distinction is made to ensure compliance with CITES regulations governing lumber species while maintaining the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our hand-carved products.

Hand-Carved Products Disclaimer:

  • Variations in Wood: Due to the natural and inconsistent nature of wood, expect variations in color, wood tones, shade, and tone.
  • Artistic Hand-Carving: Hand-carved products may exhibit subtle differences between individual pieces, enhancing their unique character and wood variance.
  • Approximate Weights and Sizes: Provided weights and sizes are approximate guides, considering the handmade nature of our products.
  • Chess Boards and Boxes: Unless explicitly labeled as "solid wood," chess boards and boxes are made with veneer to comply with CITES regulations. Other items are crafted from solid wood for quality and compliance.


We offer a 3 year standard guarantee that covers any natural defects such as, splitting, cracking, warping of the woods used in our entire range

We are proud of the quality of our products. We also want you to have the best value for your investment in our luxury products. This is why we offer all of them an exceptional 3 year warranty and Lifetime Warranty ( limited editions)  from the date of purchase.  

The warranty covers the following:

  • Hairline cracks
  • Moving of the weights inside the pieces
  • Warping of the chess boards
  • Adhesive problems
  • Any damage caused to the product during shipping if it is reported immediately upon receipt

The warranty does not cover:

  • Products being broken by accident or by purpose, including but not limited to dropping them
  • Products getting scratches or other wear caused by excessive using or misuse
  • Discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight
  • Products that have been modified after purchase
  • Losing a product
  • Products getting harmed because of wrong methods of cleaning, polishing etc. 
  • Warping or any other harm to the products caused by exceptional or extreme storage conditions (temperatures or exceptionally humid / dry conditions)

In order for the warranty to apply, the products must have be stored properly. The chess pieces and chess boards have to be kept away from the sunlight (including sunlight through a window), in normal and stable room temperature and humidity. 

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