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    88 products
    Italian Prestige Ferrari Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    Italian Prestige Ferrari Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    Italian Prestige Ferrari Chess Set
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    If you are looking for a new Chess Set, you may be overwhelmed by all of the different types, styles, and sizes of chess sets. You’ll find wooden chess sets to luxury chess sets, and Staunton Sets to Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets. All look slightly different but they all allow you to play the game of chess in the same way.

    Whatever type of chess set you need, Official Staunton can help. Browse our extensive range and choose a set you like, read a little more information about the types of chess sets, or call our team for some advice on which set will be best for you.


    What Is A Chess Set?

    A chess set contains everything you need to play chess. There are 32 chess pieces, a board, and usually a box to store it all in. 

    Chess Set Pieces

    There are 32 pieces in a complete chess set. This includes two sets of pieces in two colours, ranging from the King's to pawns. Read about the different pieces in our blog or buy chess pieces in our chess shop. 

    Chess Set Boards

    To play chess, you’ll need a chessboard in your new chess set. If you buy a complete set the chessboard is designed to match the style and size of your pieces. Browse the materials and colours used for chess boards in our range.

    Chess Set Boxes

    To keep your chess pieces safe when not in use, a chess box comes in handy. They are usually designed to match your board and pieces and are usually included in a chess set. Browse the different types of chess boxes in our chess box shop.

    Types Of Chess Sets

    Standard Chess Sets

    If you need a standard chess set then you could be looking for one of two things:

    A tournament standard chess set is sized specifically to adhere to tournament rules. A standard chess set in this sense has a 3.75” king, Staunton style chess pieces, and a 20” chessboard. 

    A Staunton chess set is another type of set that you might be looking for if you want a standard chess set. A Staunton set is so-called because of its pieces, which have the traditional shape, style, and size.

    Luxury Chess Sets

    A luxury chess set is usually defined by two things:

    The materials used to make the board and the pieces. A wooden chess set includes chess pieces that are hand-carved, and have a unique and luxurious feel. Usually, it takes a specialist a day to carve 4 knights for a complete chess set.

    The scarcity of the chess set. For example, is the chess set a limited edition? Is it a limited run? Are the luxury chess pieces a unique design or do other vendors sell the same chess pieces? Is a certificate supplied and or a nice presentation case? 

    Whatever type of luxury you choose, a luxury chess set is a perfect treat or gift that will stand the test of time. We often find that our luxury chess sets are displayed in offices of CEO or directors, or given as birthday or wedding gifts.

    Decorative Chess Sets

    A decorative chess set is similar to luxury chess set as they tend to have a luxurious design and use high-quality materials. Often a decorative chess set is made from glass, silver, or wood. They are made more to be ornaments but can also function with care.

    Wooden Chess Sets

    A wooden chess set, usually hand carved, is usually intricate and hard-wearing. These pieces can be as old as the kings and queens who played chess on them. 

    There is a range of different types of wood that can be used to carve a wooden chess set, including Walnut, Maple, Rosewood, and Mahogany.  Buy a wooden chess set or learn more about them in our chess shop.

    Themed Chess Sets

    Themed chess is usually about fun, with characters and other novelty chess sets. They range from pieces based on TV or film characters to Hand-Painted or unique designs. Read more about themed chess sets in our blog.

    Folding Chess Set

    A folding chess set is often used for travelling or for occasions where storage space is a minimum. They are usually small in size and have a chessboard that folds in the middle. Some folding chess sets also use the chessboard to store the chess pieces when not in use. Browse our range to find the right folding chess set for you.

    Which Chess Set Is Best?

    Choosing a chess set can be overwhelming. With so many options it is hard to know which chess set is best. But you should make your decision based on how you intend to use your new chess set. Consider:

    • Do you want it to stay on display even when not in use, or do you want it to fold away to be stored in between games? 
    • What material do you like to look at and which do you like the feel of? 
    • Will you use your chess set for occasional games with friends and family or are you intending to compete in competitions?

    What Are Official Staunton Chess Sets?

    High-quality Chess Sets are what we at Official Staunton are renowned for. Read more about us and our shop here.


    Sets that are carefully matched

    Our chess sets combine the best chess boards and pieces into perfectly matched sets. We sell a wide range of chess pieces and chess boards, but our chess sets section makes it easy to match them perfectly. We have a variety of styles and designs to suit all budgets. You have found the UK's best chess shop. All chess sets that we offer for sale are carefully selected for their quality, style, and control. Only the best chess boards and pieces are used in our products. After seeing the wide range of styles, sizes, and wood types available to you, we hope that you'll buy your chess set with us.

    Wooden sets

    Our chess sets feature wooden boards and pieces in large numbers. The most popular and widely used material for chess boards and sets is wood. While there are many other materials for chess pieces as well, almost all of our chess sets are made from wood. There are many types of wood available. From mahogany to ivory, there is a wide variety. We also have a lot of rare and valuable woods, such as rosewood, sandalwood, and ebony. Ebony, for instance, is used to creating chessmen for more than two hundred years. Ebony has the perfect characteristics to form dark chessmen. Because it is dense in texture, it takes on a black appearance almost like plastic. Rosewood and sandalwood are more appealing than traditional woods. They have a richer grain pattern and can be used in warm, rich brown, purple, red, and orange tones. No matter what wood you choose to use, you can rest assured that the wooden sets provided by The Official Staunton Chess Company will be of the highest quality.

    Set of chess pieces and board

    The term "chess sets" can be used to refer to any combination of pieces, including a set of pieces that are on their own or a travel set. It also includes a flat or folded board with pieces and a box. A set of pieces that are combined with a board is what we call a chess set. Other sections of our website include boards that are their own, travel sets and chessmen.

    We are proud to stock the UK manufactured Isle of Lewis Chess Set. These sets are well-known for their quality and attention. You will find popular themes like Lord of the Rings, the Battle of Waterloo and Richard The Lion Heart. These renowned themed chess sets are available in both undecorated and hand-painted formats. They are also available in our section of chess sets with perfectly matched boards. We sell both the full-sized and compact sets, as well as those that are only available in hand-painted versions.

    Isle of Lewis Chess

    After Staunton, the Lewis chess set is now the most famous chess design. We are pleased to offer a wide range of Lewis sets. The branded pieces are available in full-size and mini sizes. But the National Museum set is the crown jewel of our collection of Lewis pieces. These pieces are made in England with a high-quality resin in moulds that were derived from laser scans. Our selection of Lewis pieces has been combined with a variety chess boards. This resulted in a stunning selection of Lewis chess sets. Our super-luxury Lewis chess sets start at less than fifty pounds.

    Standard Chess Sets

    What is a "standard chess set?" We often receive questions about standard chess sets from customers who are confused by the large number of chess sets available on our site. A standard chess set could mean many things. A tournament standard requires a three-quarter inch king, Staunton players and a 20-inch chessboard. For others, the term standard refers to the type of chessmen they are seeking. This would be the traditional Staunton style. You can browse the Staunton chess sets category to find the set you're looking for. We hope you will find the right set for you, no matter where you end up buying it.

    Unusual chess sets

    We have added many chess sets to our collection over the past year. We will always stock the finest Staunton sets, but we add new and interesting sets every few weeks. Our new range of glass fantasy chess sets was one recent addition. They were brought to us by Nemesis Now, a wholesaler of fantasy and science-fiction. 

    We stock an extensive range of outdoor and garden chess sets in addition to our unusual chess set selections. These chess sets were imported during the grey, wet summer of 2012, and have been a great success despite the harsh weather. The Official Staunton Chess Company has been an expert chess board set game. We now have a lot of warehouse space and excellent relationships with Far East suppliers so we can offer great garden sets at amazing prices. We can deliver any set to any London location within 24 hours if you are looking for a London chess shop.

    Sets of chess pieces for children

    Official Staunton chess offers a wide range of economy chess sets Chess is a great learning and development tool for children and young people. Sets of varying sizes and prices are available that are suitable for children. These sets are durable enough to last them into adulthood. It is important to consider the price, size, and durability when choosing chess sets for children. It's not worth spending hundreds of pounds on a set that isn't durable for your child. While we recommend purchasing quality sets that last, we are happy to sell excellent sets starting at ten pounds.

    If you are looking to buy a chess set, but are not sure where to start, you should consider a few of the luxury options available. These include Heirloom chess sets, solid wood chess boards, designer sets, and luxury chess boards. You will definitely want to choose the set that best suits your needs.

    Heirloom chess sets

    If you're looking to buy a chess set that's been passed down through generations, consider heirloom quality. Many of the finest chess boards and sets are made of wood. For example, the chess pieces of this heirloom-quality set are made from sycamore and beech, but you can also choose from a wide variety of other woods.

    A timeless classic, an heirloom chess set can be a wonderful addition to any home. The design of these sets can blend in with your home's decor and be a work of art. A beautiful, well-crafted chess set can be a wonderful art piece as well. And if you are unable to play with your heirloom chess set at home, it can be carried wherever you go.

    A well-crafted chess set will make a lasting gift for any discerning chess player. It will be treasured for years to come. This chess set has beautiful woods and heavy pieces. Its board is also made of Spanish ebony. Its chess pieces are easily recognizable, and the wooden board is beautiful. If you're not into fancy designs, a simple yet elegant design will suit you perfectly.

    For serious players, an heirloom chess set may be the best choice. With ornate workmanship and ornate designs, this full-sized set will impress a chess enthusiast of any age. The natural alabaster stone pieces, the hand carvings, and the wooden boards make this chess set a unique showpiece that can be treasured for a lifetime. Reviewed has a huge selection of chess sets and boards for any discerning chess enthusiast.

    The materials used in chess sets and boards may be wood, glass, or even glass and metal. Wood has warmth and a certain air of ethereal beauty. Common woods include maple, walnut, Aspen, rosewood, teak, sycamore, ebony, and wenge. They also show beautiful graining. Some chess sets made of glass were even made in the 9th century in the Islamic Empire.

    Man Ray designed chess set

    A famous modernist artist, Man Ray, designed a chess set and a corresponding king. In the 1920s, he was a devoted chess player, and his designs reflected his interest in abstract shapes and classical cubist sculpture. His chessmen were made of clean geometric shapes and resembled parts of some enigmatic machine. These chessmen were known as the Pyramid and the Knights of the Round Table, and the King, Queen, and Pawn were all based on his work.

    Inspired by his work, Man Ray created the earliest modern king, queen, and pawns for a chessboard and set. The artist used objects found in his studio, including a chess piece, an anodized aluminium chessboard, and pieces, and made them himself. These chess pieces are amazingly realistic and are among the most expensive in a king's collection.

    The king and queen are three inches tall, and the bishops and knights are two inches tall. The pawns and rooks are also very close in size, a nod to the increasing importance of pawns in modern chess. This chess set, along with the king and queen, is considered one of the greatest works of art of the twentieth century.

    The Bauhaus Chess Set was not created for the show, but two decades earlier. Hartwig, a former instructor of the Bauhaus art school, had designed it. The Bauhaus aimed to integrate art and craft, and the set embodied this philosophy. The Bauhaus curriculum immersed students in all forms of design and emphasized removing unnecessary elements. The set also features geometric chess pieces that represent different types of movements on the chessboard. This unique piece is now displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    In 1938, Man Ray created two different chess sets. One is a Pocket Chess Set with a rubber glove, while the other, The Plateau of Chess, is a bronze rook made of borrowed wine glasses and mirrors. The Plateau of Chess Set is a masterpiece of the twentieth century. However, it was not the only one. The artist's chessboards were also influenced by other works of art.

    Staunton chessboard

    If you're looking for a chessboard, check out the variety of options available from Staunton. From chess sets to chess pieces, they have everything you need for a great game. Even if you're just a beginning chess player, you'll find everything you need for a great game at Official Staunton. In addition to their chess boards, they sell chess sets, books, and software. Their website is easy to navigate and you'll find plenty of information about their products.

    Staunton has an exclusive program for its best customers, the Collector's Club. Members of this club pay a one-time fee to become a member, which provides a 15% discount on all purchases during their lifetime. In addition to this, they can take advantage of sales and other discounts to receive even more savings. You can also join the House of Staunton Collector's Club to receive additional discounts on select products.

    Staunton chess boards are available for purchase in the UK. The chess pieces are available in two versions, the heavy and light-weight, and there are a wide variety of colours to choose from. If you are looking for a chess set with beautiful pieces and an amazing price, look no further than Staunton. You will be glad you did! These pieces are well-made and will last for years to come.

    Staunton is one of the most popular chess brands in the world. The company's reputation is second to none, and it has everything you need for your game. This company has an extensive selection and even a chess box to keep your pieces safe. There are more products on this website than you could ever use, but you can never have too many boards! This chess company specializes in quality chess sets, so make sure you check them out today.

    A luxury ivory chess set and a pristine ebony chessboard are considered among the most prestigious chess sets in the world. Both of these sets are hand-finished to the highest standards. Although an ivory chess set and chessboard are expensive and luxurious, they are still within the budget of the average person. You can find ivory chess sets in various price ranges, and you can easily decide which one is best for you.

    The pieces are hand-carved from mammoth ivory. The ivory pieces of White's army are left in their natural colour and have no lacquer, while the black ones are painted black. While the ivory chessmen are not weighted, the ebony pieces are. They come with a full set of 34 pieces, including a king and four queens. The set is 4.4 inches tall and two inches in diameter.

    This luxurious ivory chess set was manufactured in Canton, China. The British introduced the Europeanized game of chess to China in the 18th century and Chinese ivory artists quickly started producing these gorgeous chess sets. These items were mainly commissioned by foreign tourists. One particular Canton chess set depicts British forces battling the Chinese. The British figures on these pieces often represent historical leaders.

    A luxury chess set also includes a felt-lined coffered chess box. Each compartment is divided into compartments for the pieces. While ivory chess sets aren't legal replacements for wooden chess sets, their upscale counterparts are still luxury items. When buying a luxury ivory chess set, be prepared to pay a high price.

    Although ivory chess sets are highly desirable and expensive, it is important to ensure that the ivory is legal and from an ethical source. While there is currently a loophole in the law that allows for the production of legal ivory until 2022, this is not the right time to purchase one. Besides, ivory chess sets are extremely rare, so you should look for a reliable seller. Once you've found one, make sure to look for a certificate of authenticity, a printed plaque, and an identification number. Buying a luxury ivory chess set and chessboard can cost thousands of pounds. We do not condone such practices, however, buying an antique Ivory chess set is considered ethical.