Shop for Chess Boards

Here at the Official Staunton Chess Company, we stock the finest chessboards in both solid wood and inlaid quality veneer. We have many diverse styles and sizes of which one of the lines we carry is a Prestigious luxury collection of beautiful end made chessboards from the Italian artisan master of Sorrento. 

So choosing a chess set that's perfect for you can be an errand that was overwhelming. It's not quite as clear cut as getting only any set off the rack. How crucial is chess in your lifetime?

Indeed we carry a great range which will suit size requirements that are special and most budgets. we cater to suit all budgets, we have had the pleasure to supply Linleys, Harrods, The london Chess Centre nd some TV shows such as The Apprentice. However our claim to fame s we have the honour of supplying HM The Queen via the privvy purse. All ranges and budgets available. it is indeed true that we here at official staunton chess company offer the finest range of sets and chess boards uk