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If you are wondering where to buy chess sets in the UK, our team at Official Staunton can help. Our range includes everything from mini chess sets and portable chess sets to Staunton chess sets to folding chess boards. Buying your chess set from us means you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality chess pieces in the UK. We have supplied boards and pieces to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and celebrities, like Take That. The Official Staunton Chess Company is your number one choice when it comes to high quality chess sets. We have a variety of options available and we are here to help you if you need assistance when it comes to selecting the ideal chess set for you. see more  Download Our Store  APP  for updates and offers on the go! 

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What Does A Chess Set Contain?

A Chess Set consists of 32 Chess Pieces and a Chess Board and some sets also include a chess box to store the pieces after gameplay. Some sets have extra queen pieces for pawn promotion.

What Makes A Good Chess Set?

The best chess sets are personal to their owners. That means that they suit their playing style and use. For example, a marble chess board and pieces are better suited to being on display and used occasionally, while a folding chess board is better for storage and regular use. If you are buying a chess set as a gift, consider how the receiver would use the board. And if you’re unsure, our team can help advise with years of experience and knowledge. But no matter what chess set you choose, it should be made with high-quality materials so that it is durable and will stand the test of time.

What does Staunton mean?

A Staunton Chess Set is a style of chess set that was created by Jaques of London who had in their employ a designer named Nathaniel Cooke who endorsed the then UK chess master, Howard Staunton to endorse the design he had created. The characteristic pieces are known for their high quality construction and are used as the standard competition chess set all over the world.

What Is A Standard Size Chess Board?

Officially, a chessboard should be sized with 5-6cm squares. And according to official rules, the base of the King piece should be 75% of the size of the board’s squares and be 9.5cm high. The height and bases of the other pieces should be smaller than the King.


About Official Staunton

During our 20 years of service, we have also been privileged to have supplied quality chess pieces and sets to Linley at Belgravia, The Savoy London, and the TV show The Apprentice. We are also an approved distributor of the renowned English Chess Company, whose director, Malcolm Pein runs a chess editorial at the Daily Telegraph.

Our Guarantee

The reason we have such prestigious clients is our outstanding customer service. We offer same day dispatch, a no-quibble 30 day returns policy backed by a 2-year guarantee and we hand check all of our products before they leave our store. So if you're looking for a premium quality set then we look forward to serving you.

Our Security

SHOPPING SECURITY ASSURED. Here at the Official Staunton Chess Company, we understand the importance of online security and with increased awareness of personal data protection, we have recently undergone a complete overhaul to ensure the security of the highest possible integrity.