4.4" Sea Horse Limited Edition Sandal Wood Collectors Chess Set

£995.00 GBP


Chess-set is inspired by a unique mythological creature of the sea, (Hippocampus - genus) known for a life long love affair between the male and female.  The Sea Horse couple pairs for life, they meet early hours to bond with an elaborate courtship display. The female visits the male territory and as they approach each other they change colour. The male circles around the female and pair often dance around an object.

A Sublime masterpiece created the concept of the renowned Artist, Avtarjeet Dhanjal- who commissioned these extremely intricate works of sculpture. Hand-carved and turned using the finest graded boxwood and the extremely scarce exotic timber, sandalwood. This highly collectible chess set is a limited edition from a run hand-carved in the year 2007.  

This display can last up to an hour, once over, the female goes back to her territory. The courtship of the pair performing an elaborate dance with displays to attract can last up to 12 hours, sounds very much like a game of chess. Before inception, when the pair approaches each other they change colour.

Sea Horse is the only known species with a very unusual reproduction system; where the male becomes pregnant! The female seahorse produces eggs and passes them to the male, who holds them in a pouch on his belly.

We hope this chess set will be gain your love and gives you a life long companionship

  • Artist conceived chess-sets for serious collectors
  • 4.4" King height, 1.875" base dia. Based upon original Staunton Design
  • Sandalwood and Boxwood
  • Certificate of Authenticity


We offer a 3 year standard guarantee that covers any natural defects such as, splitting, cracking, warping of the woods used in our entire range

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