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Reykjavik Ebony Chessmen

The Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£249.00 GBP 


We introduce the Reykjavik 72 Series Ebony Chessmen to commemorate the legendary chess match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. The World Chess Championship 1972 was a match between challenger of the United States and defending champion of the Soviet Union for the World chess championships. The match took place in the  in Iceland and has been dubbed the Match of the Century. Fischer became the first American born in the United States to win the World Championship and the second American overall to win the title Wilhelm Steinitz , the first world champion, became a naturalized American citizen in 1888). Fischer's win also ended, for a short time, 24 years of Soviet domination of the World Championship. 

The set has embellishments pioneered by Jaques of London which include the king side stamping (see images)

Height of Sovereign
3.75 Inch
1.70 Inch
Weight of Sovereign
71  grams
Materials Used
How many Queens?
Recommended Chessboard Square Size
2.00 Inch


Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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