Deluxe Fierce Knight Walnut Chess Set – Official Staunton™

Deluxe Fierce Knight Walnut Chess Set

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£149.97 GBP £249.95 GBP


Featuring the Fierce Knight! Lovely set with very nice carving to the Knight pieces in particular. Hand carved from Sheesham wood and Boxwood. Truly beautiful set of pieces. A standard mahogany box is included for piece storage. 

King 3.25" (83mm) 1.4" (38mm)

Dark Pieces Shesham Wood
Light Pieces Boxwood

Matched perfectly on a beautifully crafted chess board.

  • High-quality Walnut and Maple.
  • 17.75-inch deluxe board.
  • 1.75-inch playing squares.

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