Wooden Boards to buy

Nicholas Chamfort so rightly said, “People are governed with the head; kindness of heart is little use in chess.” I would agree; the heart has no role in playing this ultimate battle of the mind and  It is not so easy to decide to buy a chessboard. Why it is not easy? It is because a chessboard represents the taste of a person. You do not only buy to play on it, you buy to décor your home with it, and you let your guests know what you are made of and especially about your aesthetic sense.

This special game has been a most favourite play of a lot of people throughout the history. Chessboards have been made of many types of wood as well as other materials. This diversity in choice makes it difficult for a chess fanatic looking for a wooden chessboard to finally commit and buy a chessboard. 

Yet there comes a decisive moment when you have to lose your hard-earned cash and go home with a fine quality handmade wooden chessboard. We can help you through this decisive moment. Let us see, what type of wood you like. What type of wood texture is your favourite and most importantly, what should be the colour and the tone of the finish. If you like a high quality wood to impress your guests and make a precious addition to your collection, you should go for a Maple Burl chessboard with light brown finish.

But this is not all what a top notch chess company like Official Staunton Chess Company will have to offer you. Your choice is limited by your own imagination and your choice. Mostly the high quality classic wooden chessboards to buy are made of maple wood. Apart from maple burl, curly maple is also a very famous variety in the chessboards made of maple wood. A fine quality curly maple chessboard made of finest maple and polished in a rather darker tone of brown colour might be the only thing which you need in your drying room.