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Cheap Chess for Kids

Those who considered chess to be a total waste of time and a no go area for kids, will be in a situation of checkmate to find out that in American elementary and secondary schools, chess has been included. Would you still not start looking for wooden chessboards for your kids? I The reason for buying chess is not only providing your kids with a very good indoor game, but recent research shows that chess develops very important traits such as problem solving and critical-thinking. These skills help the children a lot throughout their academic career, professional career and in their relationships.

People who never played chess in their life or who disliked the mentally and physically occupied players of chess, despise the idea of their kids playing chess with chess pieces buy UK. However, just like a physical exercise is recommended to get the physical fitness, a board game like chess is highly recommended to increase the deductive thinking, planning, forethought and strategy-related skills. Chess ensures that your kids turbo boost their brains, and learn how to practice smart thinking. This smart thinking and the habit of developing a foresight helps them in practical life.
Ranae Barlett, a school board member for Madison City Schools and an avid chess player and coach unleashed how they initiated a chess-playing activity to help students sharpen their minds and the parents realize that chess is not waste of time, but it achieves the same goals as an academic activity. Before the students could get into the new program of chess education, they decided to give teachers the proper training on how the program works. Teachers needed to know what the program was good for before they started looking for wooden chessboard. The program received a very warm welcome.

Now that we have discussed this new development, let us have a look at how chess affects the human brain and why you should be looking for wooden chessboard for your kids. First of all, it has now been proved that chess escalates the IQ level. It is a general observation that smart people are often chess players, or perhaps it is playing chess what makes them smart. It was a secret until a recent research proved that moving the chess pieces buy UK on the chessboards UK to buy causes a great activity in the brain and thus boosts the IQ level.

What if we tell you that increased IQ level is not the greatest brainy benefit of playing chess? Would you like to start looking for wooden chessboard if we tell you that chess prevents the Alzheimer as well? Yes, scientists believe that because the brain also works like a muscle, playing chess is the best exercise for it and a person may develop some ‘brain muscles’ through playing chess. A new research proves the old people who play chess are less vulnerable to brain-related ailments than those who do not play chess. Yes, we know, you might not live to see your kids grow older, but they will be immune from Alzheimer and extremely thankful to you!

Posted by Carl Miceli on 13 March, 2015 0 comments
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