Themed Character Chess Sets

Thematic Chess Sets


Chess has been one of the most favorite games of almost all regions of the world. Its predecessor shatranj was played in the Arab region and its variants were famous in neighboring countries. While Arabs call rook a feil (an elephant), the western chess knows it as rook. If you are looking for wooden chessboard, you should know that just like chessboards are not only made of one type of material, one color and one size, their pieces are also not the same. People imagine a war field when they play chess: two kings, with their knights and soldiers fight each other.

The companies making chessboards and chess pieces buy UK, know about this little fantasy of chess players, so they design themed chess sets. Each of these sets is a different stage where different actors play their roles. Are you thinking of Shakespeare? If yes, then you might find a thematic chess set with Henry V on the website of any of the high class chessboard manufacturing companies like The Official Staunton Chess Company. These sets are intelligently conceived and designed by the designers having in their minds many amazing themes.

For example, there are some chessboards UK to buy which have chess pieces with the Victorian age theme. If you love that stage of British history, you should get a chessboard like this. The pieces are all designed as per the Victorian age demeanor of the dresses and weaponry of soldiers, knights, king and queen. You will feel pleasure in moving the chess pieces with a historical touch, towards enemy formations, devastating them and finally checkmating the king. You will feel the thrill and excitement of war; the blood, gore and violence will be realized in front of your eyes. You might feel as if you have an armor on your body, an English helmet on your head and a long sword in your hands.

If this tickles your fancy, let us tell you some other thematic chessboards. There are some chess pieces UK to buy, which have a Lewis Ivory theme. A Lewis ivory set on a Maplewood chessboard is exactly something you need. Or if you want to make things much more sophisticated, you might want an Isle of Lewis Ivory set of chess pieces on a chessboard made of Mahogany. Such a delicate set will obviously catch the eyes of your visitors, chess fanatic friends and family.

The beauty of such thematic chess pieces is the detail of the carved features. Such stunning chess pieces UK to buy are carved very masterfully and the delicacies of the features, arms, armors and helmets etc. are expertly shown. There are a lot of chess artisans who earn a hefty amount every month for only making the hand carved stone chess pieces. Such chess pieces are sold at a high price for the chess fanatics, collectors and players. A luxury Walnut chess board with chess pieces made of stone might be sold at a price as high as £500.

So, if you are looking for wooden chessboard don’t just stop there and get some classy themed chess pieces for you. You would love this little ‘fun investment’ as your friends will not only praise such a unique and antique looking chess set, but they will definitely love the experience of playing chess with a chess set like this one. The best thing about themed sets is the historical reference. It doesn’t matter if you are actually an English man by nature, by soul you might associate yourself with Spartans, Greeks, Vikings, Chinese or Persians. You may get a chess set which fits your historical fantasy and enjoy a little war scene whenever, wherever you play.