Luxury Chess Sets in the UK

We hand pick the best chess boards from around the world. Our collections of prestige quality are limited, and a few lines are filed with the copyright bureau. But One of our highest values is customer service although we don't just stop at quality products,and we are dedicated to working tirelessly to give the best experience possible to you. We aren't satisfied unless you are. That is why we give you a full 60 day return policy as well as a 24-month guarantee. Welcome to our site, take a look about, and fall in love with our exquisite hand crafted products. For those who have any concerns, please contact us or when you have some specific requirements we'll do our best that will help you will find what you are seeking.

Staunton is the greatest for gamers and collectors alike. Its current standing in its lineage that is impeccable is unquestioned. The Staunton design was introduced in London to players in October of 1849 and have already been creating the planet regular since. World Championship matches in the Zukertort Blackburn battle in 1882 - Kasparov confrontations over 100 years after were played on initial Staunton equipment. At the insistence of Fischer, three were created due to their celebrated World Championship encounter in Reykjavik. A Staunton chess set of pieces will always hold its value and constantly brings the very best prices at auction. The form, board presence and exquisite craftsmanship of a Staunton set happen to be recaptured in our Antiqued set and are being supplied for the first time through our firm

Our firm has really been in the chess business for many years, in this time we have met with a number of the best and chess established makers and some dealers that are called, experts. It has been an experience, to say the least! Our business director, Carl Miceli has spent years searching for the best chess sets and chess boards producers to make sure our firm offers nothing less than absolute quality. Time is a great leveler and Carl has used this time to sift through the various middle men peddling lousy quality chess sets and now only works using the top 3 main manufacturing companies in Amritsar, India.

It has taken considerable time and hard-learned lessons to finally get to a stage where we currently only deal with the greatest! So all in all, a learning curve that was costly, but one that allows us to move ahead positively and assured that we are retailing the best hand carved chess pieces available in the marketplace.

When you research the internet for " chess sets" you'll be presented with a google page of numerous relevant chess companies to pick from. Just how do you know what to pick? Do you look for the lowest cost for example? What in regards to the quality of a Luxury chess set? What about the stuff used to make it? Does it stand the test of time, and will the set be a quality set of chess pieces to hand generations down? All these are questions to contemplate when spending lots of your hard earned cash. Our assurance to our clients is that you could be certain of quality, backed with all the information that your chess set has been hand carved using quality stuff and produced with attention and care to detail.

Indeed investing in a chess established may present with many decisions. Size of the chess pieces, the base diameter of the king (generally the greatest piece) will the parts fit on the board you could already have? or considering of purchasing. The standard-size as employed in tournament chess competitions is approx 3.75-Inch (95mm)

Luxury Chess Sets

Luxury Chess Sets

Luxurious chess sets are not just for grandiose chess players. Even the most casual players can enjoy the high-end game of chess in a luxury set. They're also great for travel. Pendleton's set is made of travel-friendly materials such as leather and fabric and comes with a vegan leather carrying case. These luxury chess sets also feature exquisitely designed game pieces made of silkscreen wood.

Tiffany & Co

The Vermeil Chess Set from Tiffany & Co is among the many pieces that the brand has created. It features 24k gold vermeil pieces on a sterling silver board and a satin finish bottom. The chess pieces measure 12 x 12 inches and have exotic accents made of solid wood. The entire set took more than a year to create. The chess pieces come in a box that matches the rest of the set's sterling silver box. The box is also made of silver and is lined with gray felt. The set also includes a Tiffany Blue Box - a replica of the iconic President attache case that took over a year to complete.

The tempered glass chess pieces are also an exquisite choice. These pieces have a dark finish thanks to rhodium, a precious metal in the platinum group. Rhodium is used when gold or platinum would not suffice. In fact, Paul McCartney was presented with a rhodium-plated disc, a symbolizing his achievements in music and his contribution to the world.

Another example of a prestigious chess set from Tiffany & Co is the Novel Vermeil Chess Set. This stunning chess set is inspired by the corrugated profile of cardboard. For $1000 or more, this exquisite chess set is sure to impress. However, it will only be a good companion for your beloved game. So, make sure to pick one up soon.

There is no doubt that Tiffany & Co luxury chess sets are luxurious. The price tag of one of these sets can be daunting. In addition to being a work of art, Tiffany & Co luxury chess sets will set your wallet back a bit. It will be hard to resist the temptation to show it off at game night, and it'll certainly be a conversation starter. It's worth the hype and the price tag.


Weigel Luxury Chess Sets are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home. These elegant sets feature oversized pieces made of acrylic. The pieces themselves are screen-printed with a silhouette of a famous character. The king is adorned with a chubby mustache and the queen has a clearly defined pout. A gift set of chess pieces is a great way to show how much you love the game.

The Weigel name is well-known for making upscale wooden sets, and its chess sets are no exception. Staunton-style pieces are made of a combination of hardwoods, including hornbeam and sycamore, and have felt bottoms for protection. They are available at prices as low as $40. In addition to their luxurious reputation, Weigel offers affordable, Staunton-style sets for children.

One of the highlights of a Weigel luxury chess set is its size. At 16 inches by 1 inch, each piece measures around 1.5 inches. Each piece measures 3.4 inches (8 centimeters) in length and has a hefty clasp. Whether you want to impress friends and family with your chess skills, a stylish chess set is sure to spark some impromptu games.

The Weigel Ambassador is a full-sized chess set made of a combination of hardwoods. Its pieces are made from sycamore and birch wood. It is also hand-carved by Polish artists. Lastly, its foldable design makes it easier to store and transport. It comes with two brass clasps for safety and convenience. This chess set is sure to impress!

Jim Grahl

Designed for the Cole family, Jim Grahl's luxury chess set is an extraordinary piece of artwork. Replicas of 14th-century Europe are made using a lost-wax process, allowing for extraordinary detail. The sets are crafted to match the elegance of the Cole family's home. They are also one of the most expensive chess sets in the world.

The original designer of this lavish chess set for the Cole family, Jim Grahl created his masterpiece in 1972. Each piece weighs nearly a pound, is crafted from 14 karat gold, and has a 14-carat gold finish. Its board is ebony wood and adorned with sterling silver. The board is hand-rolled, and it is protected by a glass cover.

The price of a jewel-covered chess set is more than $1 million. The set is displayed at Windsor Fine Jewelers in Augusta, Ga., where it will take up to four months to complete. The chess pieces are encrusted with rubies or sapphires on their breastplates. The orb is adorned with a pearl. This stunning set will surely delight the owner of the king, the queen, and the entire set.

The art of war chess set is the perfect gift for a chess fan who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Its chess pieces are made of solid gold and gemstones and come with a velvet-lined wood case. The ebony chess board is adorned with even more gems. The whole set will make your chess playing experience an even more luxurious one.

Keith Haring

These Keith Haring luxury chess sets have a specialized design, featuring the artist's self-portrait on the board. The set is adorned with hand-carved Star Wars chess pieces. These pieces include Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Han Solo, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and many other iconic characters. In addition to chess pieces, you can also get a Keith Haring chess set that features a portrait of the artist.

The pieces are carved in an avant-garde minimalist style, while the chess board features a concave maple surface. The pieces are well-weighted, while the felt pads keep play quiet and smooth. The 16" board is made from real maple, and the concave surface adds a playful touch to an otherwise serious game. The set comes with a matching fabric bag that features a self-portrait of Keith Haring from 1989.

The high-end chess set also features artwork of iconic buildings. The pieces are made of a special resin-metal compound that lends the chess board heft and sheen to its surface. In addition, it has soft bumpers to keep the magnetic pieces in place while playing. The set is suitable for use as a wall-hanging art piece, as it qualifies as cool 3D wall art.

Another high-end chess set is the Rawstudio chess set, which comes with 32 precision-cut metal pieces and a suede leather pouch. It includes a carbon blue archival box and is presented in a wooden box with storage drawers. The backgammon and chess pieces are reversible, and both the board and reversible chess pieces are covered in a gray-tone color palette.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's Chess Collection is one of the most luxurious on the market. The pieces are crafted from fine ebony and maple wood, and are decorated with hand-cut crystals. The pieces are surrounded by a custom Louis Vuitton carry case. Despite their ostentatious appearance, these pieces are incredibly practical as well.

The Harry Potter chess set, for instance, is made with a hardwood board and 24k gold plated attachments. The gold-plated playing pieces are enamelled, and the set is a joy to display and play. A Louis Vuitton chess set with a monogram tower is another exquisite option. The pieces are etched with the logo of the house and come in gradient shades of blue and pink.

Another luxury chess set made by the house of Ralph Lauren is the 'Fowler' chess set. This set is handmade and features leather tiles and a poly suede-lined board. The pieces are gold-plated brass and are designed to resemble bullet casings. The board also features convenient storage underneath. A classic chess set can make a great gift for the discerning chess player.

The Art of War chess set was designed by Victor F. Scharstein and is inspired by the art of war and the philosophy of Sun Tzu. It features a unique Asian theme, and its chess pieces are solid gold. The chess board is also solid gold and adorned with precious stones. This set sells for EUR705,782! The Art of War chess set is a great gift for the holidays or any collector's home.

The Jewel Royale Chess Set created by Australian artist Colin Burn is worth A$4 million. The 18-carat white gold pieces have diamonds and South Sea pearls. Its king piece is 18-carat yellow gold. Only three sets were produced and Colin Burn personally authenticates each piece. If you're looking for a Louis Vuitton luxury chess set, be prepared to pay the price!