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Staunton chess sets are the standard for competitions. Designed by Nathaniel Cook and named after Howard Staunton. These sets combine practicality with exquisite look and are considered valuable heirlooms.

The Official Staunton Chess Company is located in the UK but supplies Europe and rest of the world alike. Their Staunton sets, boards, pieces are amongst the most valuable and beautifully-carved chess products you can possibly find. With more than 20 years of experience In the industry, the Official Staunton Chess Company are world leaders in design and production of innovative collectible Staunton Chess Sets.

Their wide range features premium quality products, all of which are hand-carved and hand-polished to ensure outstanding results. You can expect not only exquisite looks, but also perfect balance, as each piece is core-weighted.

If you’re looking simply for Staunton Chess pieces, you should try their Broad-based collection. The Golden rosewood chessmen are their best mid-price range option, combining exceptional hand-carving, artistry, and the classical Staunton design. Each piece of the collection is triple weighted for stability and satisfying heft, which makes it perfect for playing, as well as displaying. The antiqued chessmen collection is slightly more expensive, but it’s an exquisite heirloom that will capture the eyes of both collectors and grandmasters. If you’re looking for true sophistication and unmatched craftsmanship, try their Combatant and Championship Ebony and Boxwood chessmen sets. They’re designed in conjunction with the oldest and most renowned workshop in Amritsar. The superb sculpture, hand-carved and hand-polished pieces will meet and exceed all of your expectations!

Finally, for a true collectors, the Westminster Optimus Ebony Chess pieces are a dazzling piece of art and a stunning work of sculpture. The remarkable knight is undoubtedly the jewel in this exquisite Staunton Chess piece collection. Heavily weighted and felted, the Westminster Optimus pieces are made from ebony and hardwood boxwood for the light color pieces.

The range for an original Staunton Chess piece collection is between £49.99 and £399.00 for the most expensive pieces.

The official Staunton Chess Company also offers premium quality chess boards. Ranging from budget eco-friendly to the most prestige and luxurious Italian chess boards, their products are undoubtedly a piece of art. One of the simplest chess board option starts at £36.00 – the Ebony Style 19 inch chess board is a full-size tournament board in ebony and maple, which comes fully lined and eco-friendly. If you’re willing to spend a little more, go with their most exquisite Italian prestige Burl Root Chess board. It’s truly a stunning piece and can make a fantastic centerpiece for any room or study.

If you want the authentic Staunton Chess experience, go with a full sets of Staunton chess pieces and board. The Official Staunton Chess Company has selected a wide range of options, which are a perfect match in both size and color, and are truly mesmerizing chess sets.

Ranging from £99.00 for the most basic Classic Walnut style Chess set and boards, or the Broad based club Satin blue chess sets that is sure to capture everyone’s attention, all of their sets are hand-polished and carved and created according to the highest standards. The jewel in the crown is the Canterbury Ebony Walnut Prestige Chess set, a truly magnificent set of artisan-created pieces from genuine ebony and boxwood, and an equally striking Italian-made chessboard.

For those, looking for only the best and most authentic from the Staunton collectibles, the company also offers Themed Chess Sets, featuring the world-famous Isle of Lewis Chess Sets. These pieces were found in 1831 in the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, and represent one of the few surviving medieval chess sets. Regardless of your personal style, these sets are a beacon of elegance, sophistication and artisan skills and can become a stunning heirloom for the future generations.

All of the Themed Chess Sets or pieces come in crushed marble and stone resin construction, as well as felted base. If you’re looking merely for pieces for your collection, try their Lewis Ivory and Black Chess Pieces, which can also come in mahogany, or teak. You can also purchase premium quality Isle of Lewis-styled boards which will become the eye-catching accent piece in any room.

Finally, even if you are on a tight budget, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of the original Staunton Chess sets! The Official Staunton Chess Company offers a wide range of value chess sets with an average price of around £34.00! Despite the affordable price, all of their products are superb quality – no compromise, when it comes to standards. If you’re looking for an unusual gift, go with their 14 Inch Folding chess set or a Magnetic Rosewood chess set. The solid core and the rosewood and maple styling make it especially effective and elegant, and the super strong magnetic pull is especially suitable for travelling. Any of their wide range of budget chess sets can turn into an exquisite and sophisticated gift that will last for years!

If you already have your eyes on one (or a couple) of their superb range, you can order right away. They ship internationally, and delivery within Europe usually takes 7-8 business days. If you simply cannot wait for your exquisite original Staunton Chess set, order an exclusive one-day delivery now!

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