Why your Child ought to play Chess

Some people would argue that kids should not play chess. Yes, it sounds weird, but some people will go against kids playing chess. Their biggest logic is that chess is a sheer waste of time, while kids have to pay attention to their studies, physical sports and health plan, they should not waste time on activities like chess. However, you would start looking for wooden chessboard, if we tell you that chess might play a very important role in the development and training of your kids’ comprehension, planning and logical skills. Chess is the brain game. And there are many skills which you kid might learn through playing chess. Let’s have a look.

  1. Reasoning:

Like I have mentioned earlier, chess is all about brain. From moving the first pawn to making the first decisive check mate move, chess involves logic, reasoning and higher level of thinking. The logical way of thinking which a person learns from chess, helps them a lot in their real life. Educationists believe that there are two types of masculinity: the physical masculinity and business like masculinity. The business like masculinity which ensures success in financial careers, jobs, businesses and partnerships, can be mastered through chess. If you still need some thinking about wooden chessboards to buy, you should read the next reason.

  1. Comprehension and attention:

The comprehension skills finally decide whether a person is successful in their life or not. With a confused mind and zero comprehension skills, the understanding of the mutual relationships, family, friends, and monetary relationships cannot be totally developed. The chess players always plan ahead of time; to do this, they unintentionally sharp their attention and comprehension skills. This enables them to take the right decision and avoid a strategy which might prove dangerous in future. There are many chessboards UK to buy which are offered by high-level chessboard manufacturing companies like Official Staunton Company; these chessboards come with some basic moves and defense styles to help kids start playing chess masterfully.

  1. Discipline and planning:

A very importance secret for the success in life, is discipline and proper planning. Chess is a game of discipline. You can notice that chess begins with a proper discipline. There are pawns who are placed to face the adversaries; then there is a higher order and King is always placed in center. Apart from the placement of pieces, their movement is also disciplined, a queen may move in all directions, while horse has its typical movement. This discipline on a chessboard and proper planning to defeat the opponent, helps a person face the real world with chess-logic and beat the competition. You would love some chess pieces buy UK and gift them to your chess fanatic kid to encourage them.

  1. Developing strategies and concepts:

Chess is all about the proper perception of the danger and the best strategy to force the other player play a defensive game. This activity churns the strategic and concept building related wheels in a person’s mind and enable them to make strategies in real life. At school, then college, university, job and in business scenarios, this strategy building and concept related skill helps a lot. If you are also a parent who keeps looking for effective tips and tactics to increase your kid’s intellectual level and intelligence, you might want to start looking for wooden chessboard.

  1. Teamwork:

Last but not the least, in a relationship, whether it is monetary or emotional teamwork counts a lot. Organizational behavior and teamwork is what every educational or business organization tries to teach to their students, trainees and employees. Apart from a person’s individual capabilities and intellect, it is teamwork which ensures their success in real life. Chess is not teamwork per se; there are only two players and both are opponents of each other. However, the pieces on a wooden chessboard, represent teamwork. They put the player in the position of a real life boss; this real life boss has to use their team and win against the opponent. They have to be fully acquainted with the qualities, weaknesses and importance of each and every piece; this is what real life demands.

So if you still think that chess is not good for kids, think again and start looking for wooden chessboard if you already aren’t.

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