Bronstein a Chess Genius

If you really are a chess fanatic, you must have heard the name of David Bronstein. He was one of the few chess geniuses who are hailed by the chess lovers. If you are also looking for wooden chessboard, you should know that chess is more a brain activity and less a game. Bronstein was not only known for playing chess masterfully, but he wrote amazing books and guides on playing chess. He was so close to become the World Chess Champion in 1951. Still, he is known for his amazing chess wisdom and he owned the title of chess grandmaster.

The most famous of his books are “Zurich 1953” and “200 Open Games”. The books offer whatever there is to be offered to a chess player. These books might be called the encyclopedia of chess. Many people having chessboards UK to buy also buy his books to develop a better understanding of the chess and not to mention, Bronstein’s chess wisdom. Bronstein’s writing style is just as intelligent as his game was. He urges the chess element in every reader, gives them hints, show them certain strategies, but does not tell the logic behind different moves. He incites the reader to think again and again, until finding out how to master different variations.

Apart from his books and guides on chess, he wrote columns regularly for the chess fanatics. His book “Zurich 1953” was a unanimous success in the world, especially in the USSR. It is considered to be one of the best chess books ever written in human history. While we appreciate your craving for wooden chessboards to buy, we would advise you to get a copy of this book. Bronstein was not only a player of chess, but he was a chess freedom fighter. He deprived himself of the state stipend and major tournaments, because he refused to become the part of an initiative against Viktor Korchnoi.

In the last years of his life, this chess legend was not playing much chess. He focused his energies and efforts at writing all about chess. Chess was his passion, his craving and perhaps his reason to live. Anyone looking for wooden chessboard may get some inspiration from his life. He wrote many books on chess and many columns. However, the biggest of his work was theoretical in nature. He made a team with some other chess fanatics and converted the King’s Indian Defence from a vague variation into a modern and applicable chess system, which is considered one of his biggest accomplishments in later years.

If you are out to choose from a few wooden chessboards to buy, you should also give some time reading his books and learning his strategies. Bronstein was one of his kind chess genius. He knew the secret of devastating the opponent unprepared and from a direction unanticipated. For example, one of the biggest challenges of his life, was his 1951 World Championship against Botvinnik. However, both of them failed to win the challenge match.

In that challenge match, Bronstein showed the best of his skills. He used Botvinnik’s own variations to shock him. Botvinnik was not prepared against his own preferred variations and by adopting Botvinnik’s own variations of chess moves, Bronstein simply caught him in surprise. Before getting some chess pieces buy UK you should know what you are getting into. You are getting into the labyrinth where a master player like Bronstein and a world class chess legend Botvinnik have left their footsteps. You may simply follow in their footsteps, read their tactics and employ them against your friends to amaze them, or you may innovate. Chess has an open invitation for everyone.