Carving Wooden Chess Piece

Whenever you set your hands on a wooden chess piece, carved masterfully by an anonymous chess artist or even when you are looking for wooden chessboard, you should know that you are exposed to the ancient art of wood carving. Carving a wooden chess pieces is not as difficult as it might seem, but perfection requires a lot of practice. You may also learn how to carve wood and make amazing chess pieces from it, but it is a habit which demands plenty of time, curiosity and hard work. In this article we will provide you a detail about carving wooden chess pieces.

All of you who crave for some wooden chessboards to buy, may make your own chess pieces with a little effort put and some time devoted for this favorite hobby every day. First of all you need to get some tools for this hobby. Wood carving does not require any fancy or expensive tools; you may even make your own tools at home. All you need is a big knife to split the wood, a small chip knife for the carving. If you cannot get small pieces of wood, you might also need a saw to make small pieces which can be further split by your big knife.

You will not have to chess pieces buy UK if you master the technique and carve your own chess pieces. If you master this skill, you would be able to carve all types and sizes of chess pieces. It will be totally your choice to choose any theme for them. You may get a Viking King or a Persian Elephant. You may get a Roman Knight or a Mayan Queen. If you are capable of carving the wooden pieces into chess pieces, you may let your imagination go wild and decorate your chess with the pieces of your own style and choice.

It is something, which all people with chessboards UK to buy crave to do, but all of them cannot do this. However, all you need to carve wooden chess pieces is the time, devotion, abovementioned tools and imagination. First step is cutting the length of a wood which is soft and easy to be carved. The next step is the rough cuts; you need to give an initial shape to the piece of wood which you select. At this level, you need to determine the required height and girth of that piece of wood.

Next level is that of the fine cuts; the carvers who crave to get chess pieces UK to buy go through this stage with a little trouble. Fine cuts demand hard work and delicate carving. You may say that fine cuts determine the shape, features and cut of the chess piece in its polished and finished shape. The small chip knife will help you a lot at this level and you will see manage to give any desired shape to your chess piece. However, this step requires maximum care; one wrong cut may ruin everything.

The last step is to give a finished look to your chess piece. This step demands even more care, mastery and delicacy than the previous step. You need to be very careful while carving the eyes, nose, mouth or ears of your chess piece. An elephant’s trunk might be a headache for you. At this level, you should not show a rough style, instead after every delicate attempt of carving, you should have a close look at the piece and see if anything is about to go wrong. For example, you would not like you queen to have one ear bigger than the other, or your King to have one eye smaller than the other. So, if you are looking for wooden chessboard you should keep looking, but trust your own skills and intelligence for home-made chess pieces.

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