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When I was a kid and some maps were shown to me in a classroom, and my teacher told me about continents, my first question was about the unfairly bigger size of Asia. Perhaps Asia is not a continent, but a globe in itself. There are so many small continents in this one big continent that you cannot relate one region to another. For example, you cannot relate Middle East to South Asia, and you cannot relate Central Asia to China and other far Asian regions. When we have a look at the chess pieces from different Asian regions, we understand the whole diversity thing.

The Asian tradition of chess pieces is different than the Western traditions. It is a very diverse tradition, which offers a splendid variety of chess pieces and sets to a diverse clientele. For example, in Chinese ivory tradition, although one side of the sets is colored red just like the European tradition, but the shape, overall appearance and the feeling of the pieces are entirely different. While in the European tradition the features of a king or queen’s face are not very clear, in the Chinese tradition you will find a queen with her absolute porcelain Chinese beauty.

There is another key difference in the European tradition and the Chinese tradition. While the European pieces UK to buy do not include the full body of a knight, and mostly there are only the heads, the Chinese sets include full bodies of the knights on their horses. Likewise the bishop and the rook are also much masterfully carved. The Chinese ivory set is obviously a great gift for those who are looking for wooden chessboard and a great set of pieces to impress their friends and family.

The Chinese royal players of the chess believed that their chess pieces UK  were a realization of real life armies. They loved those big and fancy chess pieces, which presented Kings with their full Ming glory, the queens with “the Chinese porcelain beauty”, the horses with their chivalrous charm and bishops with all their amazing powers. The Chinese tradition of chess pieces reflected the Chinese calligraphy and architecture. Their rich culture, color schemes and the patterns are visible on their chess pieces as well. This is why the fans of Chinese civilization, love to have these chess pieces.

Then there is the Indian tradition; in this article, we will only cover a few strong Asian traditions of chess pieces and chessboards UK to buy. The Indian tradition of chess pieces involves their own cultural and religious symbols, just like Chinese tradition exudes China. If we talk about ivory chess pieces, the Indians also loved one side to be natural, while the other side colored in red. If I have a look at the Indian chess pieces, I note one key difference from the European tradition. Indian rook is not a siege tower, it looks like a keep or a big tower of a traditional Indian castle.

The Indian sets also follow the European pattern and the horses are not complete; instead only the head was considered necessary. The kings and queens are also not like their Chinese counterparts; instead of carving out some real Indian beauty, the makers used to make some considerably bigger structures, which looked a lot like some pillar-like fountains. Indians did not only color the other side of ivory, red, but they also colored it in brown and sometimes faded green. This variety in the color of the other side of ivory set is only observed in a few traditions; Indian tradition is the most noteworthy of them.

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