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Chess History and Origins

In regards to something as old as the game of chess, the origins as well as its development tend to be obscured. The major causes are the lack of particular advice, the impossibility to date and organize in a chronological sequence the accessible information and at times even the inability to check the veracity of the files that are existent. Yet, we can affirm without going on a path that is wrong the first games were played in Asia.

There have now been voices locating the origins of chess. According to the, the game of chess was developed in the 2nd century B.C. Nevertheless, written documents that could attest the existence of chess in China appeared in just in 7th century A.D. Another location claiming the primacy is Persia, the classic state situated on Iran's particular lands. The files are of literary sources and supporting this claim date from 10th century (a poem a Persian poet of Firdousi,). Other locations mentioned as the incipient point in the chess history are Japan, China and India.

The introduction of Chess on the Old Continent includes a precise instant in the global history and this is the 8th century when Spain has been seized by the Moors. It's reported that Haroon-al-Rashid, the Persian leader has given Charlemagne a chess set as present.

The rules of classic chess were rather distinct, as well as the names of the figurines involved in the sport, while the chess game was quite similar to that which we know now. As an example, what we nowadays call the tower has been first an elephant an elephant using a tower. Since the elephant was rather hard to carve, the tower was chosen as a replacement that was simpler.

Another highly intriguing thing to note is the very fact that at the minute Europe was penetrated by the game of check. The Europeans introduced the chequered board, thus making the game more precise as well as more appealing.

In the 11th century, the chess set game was chiefly a game played by aristocracy, this is the reason it was likewise named the "kings game". It continued to be a game completely focused on the upper classes until the close of the 19th century when people got more access to the very first chess tournaments and the game were organized. The very first international chess competition was held in 1851 in London. The place had not been selected at random of we come to believe that in the 1840s London became the epicenter of chess world.

Since then, chess' popularity grew and with it the variety of tournaments dedicated to chess players.

Nowadays chess is available to all those willing to learn it. Because of the extensive availability of chess materials acceptable for many budgets, even people with low incomes are able to get a chess set and take pleasure in the greatness of the game that is classic. Also, together with the growth of technology, particular devices simulating chess playing might be found in the marketplace. They're called chess computers and are a wonderful add-on for chess addicts searching for partners willing to spend all day long playing chess.
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