Official Staunton's Family Chess Business

Mr Miceli is a well-known figure in the world of chess. He is the founder and CEO of multiple chess manufacturing capabilities and retail establishments, with a passion for the game that has driven him to success over the past 20 years.

His journey in the chess world began when he realized that there was a lack of high-quality chess sets available in the market. He saw an opportunity to fill this gap, and thus, his chess manufacturing enterprise was born. Over the years, Carmelo has built a reputation for himself as a reliable supplier of premium quality chess sets, and his enterprise has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of chess sets in the world.

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In addition to his headquarters in Shropshire, Carmelo has also established manufacturing capabilities in Ningbo, China, giving him a strong global presence and allowing him to serve customers all over the world. His dedication to producing the highest quality chess sets has earned him a reputation as an expert in the field, and his products are now sought after by chess players and collectors alike.

His love for chess is not limited to just his business, however. He is an avid player himself, with a expert chess rating of over 2000 ELO

Mr Miceli is not only dedicated to his work and chess, but he is also committed to his family. He has recently handed over 50% of his shares in his enterprise to his two daughters, Sara and Lisa Miceli. This move was made with the intention of passing on his legacy to the next generation, and to ensure that his enterprise continues to thrive in the future.

Sara and Lisa are both highly qualified and share their father's passion for chess. They have been working alongside him for several years, learning the ropes of the business and gaining valuable experience in the industry. With their father's guidance and support, they are poised to take the enterprise to even greater heights, and to continue to deliver high-quality wooden chess sets to players all over the world.

Mr Miceli is a true chess enthusiast who has dedicated his life to the game and his business. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, player, and family man, and his story is an inspiration to many. His enterprise has become a household name in the chess world, and his products are sought after by players and collectors alike. With his daughters now at the helm, it is clear that the future of Miceli's enterprise is in good hands, and that his legacy will continue to thrive for many years to come.

The Official Staunton Chess Company, founded by Carmelo Miceli, has emerged as a true industry leader in the world of chess retail. From its modest origins to its current status as a renowned brand, the company's journey is an inspiring tale of passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.


Miceli harboured a deep love for the ancient game of chess. Armed with an unwavering passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, Carmelo laid the foundation of what would soon become a ground-breaking chess enterprise.

It all began in 2003 when Carmelo, recognizing the scarcity of high-quality chess sets in the market, decided to create his own. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Staunton design, he meticulously crafted his first set, combining elegance with precision. This inaugural creation laid the groundwork for The Official Staunton Chess Company.

Carmelo's dedication to perfection quickly gained attention, and word of mouth spread. Players and collectors sought out his handcrafted sets, impressed by the meticulous attention to detail and the unparalleled craftsmanship. As demand grew, Carmelo expanded his offerings, curating an impressive collection of chessboards, pieces, clocks, and literature, catering to the diverse needs of the chess community.

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At the heart of The Official Staunton Chess Company's success lies a relentless pursuit of quality. Carmelo's unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest materials, employing skilled artisans, and upholding the timeless traditions of chess set production set the brand apart from its competitors.

Recognizing the historical significance of the Staunton design, Carmelo ensured that each set meticulously adhered to the original specifications laid down by Nathaniel Cook and John Jaques in 1849. Every detail, from the knight's elegant carving to the intricate patterns on the rooks, bishops, and pawns, exuded a sense of authenticity and reverence for the game's rich heritage.

The Official Staunton Chess Company soon gained international acclaim, attracting discerning customers from all corners of the globe. Chess aficionados, professional players, and even prestigious tournaments sought out the company's sets, recognizing their superior craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

As the demand for The Official Staunton Chess Company's products continued to soar, Carmelo Miceli envisioned a future where chess enthusiasts would have easy access to the finest chess equipment, regardless of their location. With this vision in mind, the company embraced e-commerce and swiftly established a robust online presence.

Beyond expanding its retail operations, The Official Staunton Chess Company actively engaged with the chess community through sponsorship, events, and partnerships. By nurturing relationships with players, chess clubs, and organizations, the company established itself as a trusted ally and supporter of the game.

Today, their exquisite chess sets grace the tables of esteemed tournaments, prominent chess clubs, and the homes of passionate players worldwide. The brand's commitment to authenticity, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction has established it as the go-to destination for chess enthusiasts seeking the finest equipment.

As The Official Staunton Chess Company continues to evolve and shape the chess retail industry, its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. The company's future endeavours include expanding its product range to cater to the diverse needs of chess enthusiasts, further enhancing its online platform to provide immersive chess experiences, and fostering partnerships to promote the game at both the grassroots and professional levels.

The Official Staunton Chess Company's journey from humble beginnings to global prominence is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Carmelo Miceli's vision and dedication have transformed a small endeavour into a world-renowned brand that continues to inspire and serve the global chess community. With its rich history, innovative approach, and recognized authority in all things chess-related, The Official Staunton Chess Company stands poised to shape the future of the chess retail industry and further solidify its position as a leading voice in the world of chess.