All About Luxury Chess Sets and Boards

All About Luxury Chess Sets and Boards

The Ultimate Chess Sets and Boards are making inroads into the world of high-end furniture. And, with so many of the pieces being imported, they can be extremely high-end, too. There are several pieces that are not made in the UK, and even though the cost of these pieces is far more than those in the UK, they are still something to look forward to when playing the game.

Luxury Chess Sets and Boards







People have often remarked about the quality of Luxury Chess Sets and Boards. They are not common in the United States and may be difficult to find in some countries. But, the pieces have been rated by international competitions and their quality is said to be among the best. Because they are imported and highly demanded, there is no comparison in price to other materials. But, the pieces do not come cheap.

 To make sure that you are getting an exceptional item from a trusted seller at a good price,you will want to shop around and compare pricing from different sellers in the UK. You may find that a bargain on Luxury Chess Sets and Boards will be available to you in your own country, so it is definitely worth your research.

The Internet has provided individuals with the chance to research different stores and dealers in the UK. They will be able to compare the costs of items and information on shipping.

With regards to Luxury Chess Sets and Boards, many of them come shipped in various boxes, including padded envelopes. You will want to be sure that these pieces are all carefully packed and protected. If you plan on transporting your chess set, you will want to ensure that the chess pieces are individually protected and safe.

When you are looking to purchase a luxury chess set, you will want to make sure that you find a place which stocks a large variety of  Luxury Chess Sets and Chess Boards. You will want to ensure that you are checking for certification and the reputation of the dealer in the United Kingdom. Be sure that they offer a warranty. Some luxury chess suppliers in the UK will offer a lifetime guarantee at no extra cost.

Look for chess pieces that are made to withstand exposure to all the elements and look for quality chess pieces that will not easily deteriorate.  When investing in a luxury chess set, the pieces and board will be expertly designed and crafted with high end materials which means that they will not become brittle. Chess pieces made in England or Germany, are both highly respected and often are renowned for quality. 

Luxury chess pieces will often be made out of wood, with ivory and or glass. Luxury chess pieces and Boards are always considered to be pieces that you cannot replace. Because of this, they are usually hard to find on local pawn shops, and they may be slightly more expensive than the other pieces.

Luxury Chess Sets and Boards are some times made of exotic wood They are often given names and designed by famous world chess champions such as Garry Kasparov. Since they are made of wood, Chess Boards are also very durable. They will withstand shocks and you can easily find pieces that match existing chess boards. 


Chess can be traced back almost 1500 years, with records showing early forms of the game originating in the Far East. It is believed that Northern India is where the game was first played during the 6th Century when it went by the name of Chaturanga (meaning military in Sanskrit). The early chess pieces used represented the army’s infantry, cavalry, and chariots and as time passed, these pieces would eventually evolve into the pawns, bishops, and knights we know so well. Also, it’s from this period in the game’s history that the Persian word Shah (meaning king) was used to form the basis of the modern-day words check and chess.
Over the centuries, the game spread from the East, through Persia, before becoming hugely popular in Europe. It wasn’t until around the 15th century, however, that the Queen and the Bishop pieces were given a much greater scope of movement to make the game more exciting.
All these additions went into helping the game evolve into what we know it as today - something that is regularly enjoyed across the world by around 600 million people. Its popularity is built on solid foundations, with most homes featuring chess sets as an essential tool for enjoying this classic pastime. There are many with an appreciation of the game and the history it represents, meaning there is a great demand for the creation of luxury chess boards, chess pieces, and chess sets.
Sublime Chess Boards 
Whilst the game itself is one of the most cerebral and enjoyable games in existence, however, and wherever it is played, using a beautifully crafted chess set most certainly enhances the experience. At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we have an exquisite array of wooden chess boards to please even the most ardent of chess connoisseurs.
We are proud to be able to say that we are the Uk’s exclusive retail suppliers of wooden chess boards created by Italian master craftsmen, Giglio Asia. We have a close relationship with the company, as it is owned by the Uncle of our very own director Carmelo Miceli. It is this unique position that allows us to supply chessboards of the very highest quality to our customers - chess boards that will perfectly complement many different chess piece styles.
The chess boards we offer all have the unmistakable Giglio Asia characteristics, created as they are from the most beautiful woods, such as mahogany, maple, walnut, and ochre. Not only are our chessboards the perfect platform on which to play the beautiful game, but they also form the perfect room centrepiece on which to display your chess pieces.
Exquisite Hand Carved Chess Pieces 
Perform even just a cursory search online and you’ll find a vast array of chess pieces available, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. The most instantly recognisable are, of course, Staunton Pattern chess pieces, which as the name of our company would suggest, are the type that we specialise in. What sets our chess pieces apart from the rest is the craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Each of the chess pieces that we supply are expertly handcrafted by the most skilful expert carvers in the business.
The pieces that we supply start life in Amritsar, in the Northwest Indian State of Punjab, the city that the Golden Temple calls home. So varied and wonderful are the chess pieces that they create, that there’s something to suit every need and requirement.
Not only do chess pieces come in a variety of designs and colours, but also in materials and finishes, depending on the look being sought. Each type will suit a different type of chess board and complement the finish and material it is made of - for example, antique chess pieces with a matte finish will look amazing a wooden chessboard, with glossy pieces looking fabulous chess boards with a similar finish.
However, sometimes contrast can also work really well, with a matte finish going well with a glossy chessboard, as do contrasts between light and dark colours. The materials being used can also have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your chess set, with wood, ivory effect and even metallic varieties available. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your perfect chess board/piece combination.
Inspiring Chess Sets 
When it comes to playing chess, the equipment you use can be a real inspiration for making someone play more regularly, as chess sets are there to be enjoyed, not hidden away. The sets available can be amazingly different, each able to fulfil different purposes.
Come and Take a Look
If you’d like to see the huge range of chess pieces, chess sets, and chess boards that we have at the Official Staunton Chess Company, we’d recommend you take a look through our website, where you’ll find everything described here, as well as a multitude of fantastic artisan-crafted products. Alternatively, if you’d to talk to one of our knowledgeable team, call us now on 01948 880 060 and they can offer you the benefit of their extensive experience in the industry.
There’s never a bad time to be appreciating chess and with our help, you and your family can be enjoying the game and the magic it involves for many years to come.

Browse our superb collection of quality wooden hand-carved chess piece sets. We have put together a fine selection of wooden chess pieces with chess boards and chess boxes that are a perfect match in size and colour for that perfect aesthetic. The wide array of choice here may seem a little daunting at first but with our large and clear images, we are sure your shopping experience will be much more enjoyable. ! If not then simply contact us we'd love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy the collection.  Buying your chess set from The Official Staunton Chess Company guarantees you will be receiving the best chess sets and boards that have been thoroughly scrutinised and meticulously checked for a hassle-free shopping.

Our wide range of sets consolidates the best choice of chess pieces and chess boards into flawlessly coordinated sets. While we offer an immense range of chess boards and pieces our chess sets collections to remove the decisions of what set goes with which board etc.. from coordinating the two together.

Our range of luxury chess sets is geared towards many styles and spending plans and incorporates a wide myriad of styles. So in the event that you are searching for the UK's best chess shop, you have sourced the ideal place. It's important that we make you aware all the chess sets we have available to be purchased have been painstakingly stock decided for their quality, style, sturdiness and quality control at manufacture. We source our items from the absolute best makers of chess pieces and chess boards. We trust you will purchase your chess set from us once you have seen the immense range of styles, sizes, and woods we have on offer.

Wooden Chess Sets
The majority of the chess sets in our range highlight wooden boards and wooden pieces that really work well as a marriage of colour, size and aesthetic.  Wood is by a long shot the most well-known and prominent material utilised for chess sets and boards and keeping in mind that there are a lot of different materials utilised for chess pieces, these are quite often wooden.
The sorts of wood utilised changes colossally with a tremendous determination of what woods are accessible, from mahogany to black natural striped ebony wood, the choice is immense. Inside the extent of wooden sets, we additionally stock a lot of amazingly uncommon and valuable woods which incorporates rosewood, sandalwood, and black ebonized/ebony, for instance, has been utilised to make chessmen for more than two hundred years. It has qualities that loan itself impeccably to the arrangement of chessmen. It goes up against a strong dark, relatively plastic appearance since it is so thick on its surface. For the individuals who are less keen on convention woods like rosewood and sandalwood offer a more alluring grain design, and warm rich orange, purple, red and darker tones.
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