B & C Company Chess Set Reproduction

This is my selection of a set that is ready to be released. You need to love the thin stalks of the chess pieces throughout. Have a look .The knight is nicely carved and takes it style from old Staunton sets but is different by itself. One couldn’t help but notice the wide foundations of each piece which gives a touch of class to this amazing set. All you have to do is take a look at the pawns in this set. The collar the slenderness all adds up to the most stunning pawn I had ever seen in a chess set.
We have got to the luxurious ebony wood this set is made out of. In the future it may not have the ability to obtain. I would just request the king to have around it’s base the OS lettering revealing where it was obtained if I 'd to improve on the set.


Large Italian Prestige Anegre Chess Board

To compliment this amazing chess set one must get an amazing chess board for the glorious pieces to play on. This would not be dissimilar to an accomplished pianist resting on the seat playing with the keys. The board should appear excellent and this sure does with its sleek finish. It should enhance the beauty of the chess set and not take away from it. It is made of maple and anegre woods, two gorgeous woods in their own right. When these two woods are combined they compliment each other and the gloss finish is the icing on the cake. I like , therefore I think I 'm old school that, some call it old school. As to ease sanding without scraping exactly the same manner must always run. I also like to see grain running horizontal on a chess board versus vertical, it only is sensible.
The only thing that would make the board would be to go spend a day or two in Sorrento and pick it up in person. Sitting on a balcony sipping on Chianti. What a picture.

High-End Walnut Chess Box


We get to the most overlooked part of a chess set that is complete. Someone takes the high-end chess pieces from the box, sets them up on cats the carton and the amazing looking board aside as it really is generally nothing to have a look at. All they care about is to keep the set dust free and safe while in storage. If you think that way you cannot be so wrong.

Once you take a look at that Luxurious Walnut Chess Box you Won't want to hide it away after you set up the chess set. It looks so good you may not want to hide it away when the set is protected in the carton.

Again this carton comes from the exact same place as the board. The craftsmen in Sorrento do take pride and only the finest work in it also. The only thing better than the box, would be to go pick up the carton in Sorrento, Italy, like I said about the board.

As is evident by the pictures the finest solid walnut goes into this box, the grain is just breathless. Hinges and the brass key simply increase the contrast of the great thing about the wood