A treasure Trove of Wooden Sets, Chess Boards and Pieces

The Official Staunton Chess Company are leading retailers and suppliers of both chess sets and chess boards. There is certainly are a wealth of chess products far exceeding many chess product web sites and our promise is that our services and products are of the highest quality. The products include Luxury Chess Set & Board to Chess Computers, and lots of things in between. Regardless of your degree of fascination with chess we are able to cater to you with a enormous selection of items. Our distinctive advantage is that we now source our product with the standard of craftsmanship and materials. For instance inside our boxing plank assortment of products we all have the extremely sumptuous Andalusian limited edition Ebony chess collection along with Signature Series Chess Board. This wood is sourced by the exceptionally fertile and bio-diverse region of Andalusia in Spain.

The beautiful timber was crafted with expert craftsmanship to produce the beautiful chess table and pieces in the place. We've introduced a combo of vinyl plank and draw string bag. The bundles are very competitively priced. The Sandicci Ebony Collection Artisan Chess Collection is one of this Master Class Collection. The collections are made in mainly rich flavorful Ebony timber but the collection includes a Red sandal wood set. This sets features some of their most notable chess sets in our product scope and really directed at the chess connoisseur. Other names in the group are The Varese Ebony Collection Artisan Chess Set, Gallant Knight Chess Collection, accessible Ebony ,

The Varese Red Sandalwood Collection Artisan Chess Set, Sir Lancelot Chess Set also available in Ebony and King Arthur Ebony Chess Series. A pair that will grace any office or home, also is as decorative as they are playable. These items complement our chess sets and plank product range attractively. Since you may come across items which can be utilised interchangeably with your Luxury Chess Set and Board along with master-class Collection range. From the Themed Chess Pieces we've a variety of themed chess pieces for impact, fun, frolic and fascination. We lift the bar in regards to themed chess pieces. They would create an superb talking point at house additionally to being perfectly playable. They range from the Farmland Chess Set to the Hand Painted Renaissance Metal Chess Series.

For those who haven't possessed a Themed Chess collection we suggest that you look seriously at those items. We give you quality as well as novelty and sacrifice nothing to supply you with an excellent product. Excalibur Limited Edition Sandalwood Chess-set epitomises the collection. Whether you need a wonderful new wooden chess set, or even a chessboard to complete your existing chess bits or you also desire to take to your own mixture of chessboard and pieces we now have something for you. Wooden Chess Sets, consist of those exotic Shesham wooden collections, Mahogany and Maple detailed with nice boxes for all your bits. If you are interested in finding a clock as well we have our great value Bumper Chess Package including a playback clock along with chess computer. In our chessboard range we work with a good variety of forests with Walnut, Maple, Rosewood, Mahogany and others. Are you lost with which wood will suit your needs? Each wood has it own characteristics and features, picked the perfect wood to you is something we have great joy in assisting with.

Our Ornate Chess Pieces are an excellent assortment of semi well crafted pieces at fairly reasonable pieces. A fantastic example is The up right Apple Base chess set. This set includes quite distinct look and feel and would be perfect for making a record of style. It will not end there, when the pieces are positioned at an angle that they come back to the upright position and having fun with them provides you with a distinct playing experience.

The chess pieces can be complemented using 50mm size square chessboards that will also be available in our scope. Chess Clocks products incorporate the function packed Digital Chess Game Timer. In addition we promote a retro elegant Master Quartz Chess Timer. The playback timer gets the benefit of not needing to be manually hammered since it is battery operated. In addition, it has button --tab to prevent unnecessary drain on the bolts and an extremely clear display for all those blitz endings you will no doubt be use to. Ever considered buying

A Chess case for-you bits we all have something for everybody. From our Birch wood storage box, simple classic classic to our stunning Deluxe Fitted glossy Burl timber Coffer Box. Our chess cases can be bought to finish your current collection and will maintain either magnificent leatherette cases or delightful Birch or burl wood cases. Would you like Chess Computers? We have a collection of portable and desktop chess computers. They appeal for a variety of baseball players standards of play, from the occasional player to the significant player. We've got computers with touch screen, Peg and talked motions features. We've got a 60 Day Return Policy once we have been certain of the products we sell. We look forward to you putting your orders and bringing your new chess kit for you