Finding the Right Chess Boards and Chess Pieces

To enjoy a classic game of chess where you feel like you’ve had it in your hand from the beginning is truly a remarkable dream for any chess player. This starts by the vigour, winning attitude and competitive demeanour to outgrow the opponent psychologically against all odds. Secondly, the choice of chess set that adorns the table and looms graciously before the player, breathes life into the chess player’s intellectual, strategic and calculative choices. This allows for a win, in the most dignified, sophisticated and elegant manner through the choice of your chessboards and stand out chess pieces. As impossible as it may sound, it is actually possible.

Nonetheless, as gracious as it is to win an intellectual confrontation, it is equally important to do so with the right tools and attitude. A chess player is often credited and respected due to his essential choice in picking the right chess boards, and chess pieces to show off his or her skill during a game at a club, in a living room or a tournament abroad. It is a testimony of the experience, learning and knowledge that he or she has collected over the years through many wins and some brutal losses.

Why Does Having a Good Chess Board or Chess Piece Matter for Beginners?

Often beginners face utter confusion in not knowing when to bring forward the right chess set. They try to win their opponents respect by firstly engaging in a highly articulate and highly skilled match, and then move on to show their collection in future games. However, in an attempt to do so, there can be clashes in design between the choice of chess pieces and chess boards that are paired. These can either look tremendously well if the nuances are understood, or horrendously foolish if done incorrectly. It is essential that these beginners learn the true art of finding the right quality wooden chessboards or magnetic chess boards before moving on to high-quality chessboards or luxury chessboards for their collections. It is important that the choice reflects a personal style, but in manner, that does not overshadow the level of skill. So the beginners must learn as they progress, and improve the quality of their chessboards or chess pieces as time passes.

It is evident, that owning a good or high-quality chess set is something every chess player wishes to have. Therefore, to have a complete chess set, that is cost-effective, coherent, and stylish with the chessboard and pieces going hand in hand is a dream come true. It is possible for a beginner to invest in a piece, one by one, though, it would take time to find a custom board that complements the chess pieces that have been put together, followed by the right chess box. Having the right chessboard lays the foundation for the pieces to be selected and can be in various forms such as wood, glass, plastic or vinyl. The chess pieces are often traditional in design in the Staunton pattern and are the mostly recognised and widely collected pieces for chess enthusiasts. However, for more whimsical choices, various unique chess sets are available as well. However, these sets can be purchased at a later stage, as initially, it is essential to focus on the chess sets that are required for practices and tournaments.

Different Kinds of Chess Boards and Chess Pieces

There are various sizes of chessboards from 15. 75 inches, 17.75 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches up to 50 mm etc. The sizes can be bigger or smaller but are standard for tournament games. A classic board is a standard 8 square by 8 square board with light and dark squares. Some chessboards have letters to denote ranks, which go from side to side across the chessboard, and numbers that go up and down the sides of the board to identify the rows.

The chess pieces also vary and can be represented culturally and have numerous variations just as boards do. These can be thematic and represent various wars, cultures, animals, warriors etc. or can be plain with a traditional outlook. In a contemporary chessboard, there are 16 pieces in each set with a light or dark colour as standard. These pieces include one queen, one king, two knights, two bishops, two rooks and eight pawns. Before setting up chess pieces, it is important to ensure that these complement the chessboard and the table they will be placed on. In an international tournament, it is essential to remember that the chessboard does not move and is stable.

Which Chess Board and Chess Piece to Select?

Colours are essential when buying the right board, but so is the weight, size and style. For beginners, chessboards with coordinates around the edges are extremely helpful in building skill. For an incredibly complex game, aesthetics play a huge role in how players react during play. If a player is looking for the right beginner’s chessboard, then something as basic as plastic, vinyl or a folding chessboard will be an excellent choice in terms of quality and cost. Once a player becomes comfortable with these sets, then a classic choice of rosewood, walnut ebony or ivory can always be bought.

As chessboards and chess, pieces are meant to go hand in hand, the chess pieces should boast of their beauty and intricacy. If the board is light in weight, the chest pieces shouldn’t be too heavy. If the colour of the board is dark, the chest pieces shouldn’t be too colourful or dark. Such intricately defined chess pieces and chess boards are found at the Official Staunton Chess Company which provide a variety of choices such as luxury chess pieces, wooden chess pieces, antique chess pieces, ebony chess pieces. Wooden chess boards such as 15.75-inch walnut and maple chessboards, mahogany and sycamore chessboards, black deluxe gloss chess boards to finely crafted Italian luxury chessboards, are available. Beginners, chess enthusiasts or chess collectors can buy the best chess sets according to their needs at the Official Staunton Chess Company, which are by far the best in the UK, in terms of quality and craftsmanship.