KS Art Works Forge Chess History | Recreating the 1850 3.5" Chessmen

KS Art Works, a distinguished manufacturing company renowned for its expertise in crafting exquisite wooden chess pieces and boards, has a captivating history rooted in the vision of its founder, Mr. Karnail Singh. Established in 1991, the company took its first steps within the confines of Mr. Singh's home, propelled by his unwavering dedication to woodworking.

Under Mr. Singh's astute leadership, the company experienced early success, eventually expanding to encompass two substantial manufacturing facilities. However, the true turning point occurred in 2015 with the entry of Mr. Singh's son, Mantej Singh. Mantej's strategic vision and enterprising spirit proved instrumental in propelling KS Art Works to unprecedented heights.

Mr. Karnail Singh

mr karnail singh

With Mantej Singh at the helm, the company successfully transitioned into the international market, becoming a global player in the wooden chess industry. Their meticulously crafted products found homes in various countries, including the UK, Canada, America, and most of Europe. The company's entry into global markets was facilitated by a pivotal partnership with Carmelo Miceli, based in Shropshire, UK. Carmelo, a prominent figure in the chess industry, played a crucial role in introducing KS Art Works to influential US chess companies.

Mr. Mantej Singh

 mantej singh

Notably, Carmelo Miceli's enterprise in Shropshire, UK, officially known as Official Staunton, remains a loyal and satisfied client, underlining the enduring success of this collaboration. Carmelo's strategic guidance also opened avenues into the UK market, establishing KS Art Works as a recognized name in the United Kingdom.

KS Art Works' unique ability to reproduce historically significant chess pieces has further solidified its position in the market, with these pieces becoming cherished bestsellers. This accomplishment reflects the company's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and heritage preservation. As a result, KS Art Works continues to stand as a leading force in the world of wooden chess craftsmanship, with a global presence fostered by strategic partnerships and a legacy of excellence.


ks arts work


In a significant collaboration, Carmelo entrusted KS Art Works with an extraordinary project. Carmelo sent his personal original 1850 set of chessmen, a historic and cherished collection, to be meticulously replicated to the finest detail. KS Art Works, known for its unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to heritage preservation, undertook this challenging task with precision and artistry.


After considerable effort and attention to detail, KS Art Works has successfully completed the replication of the 1849 set, specifically the 3.5" chessmen from 1850. This accomplishment marks a historic moment, as KS Art Works becomes the first company since 1849 to produce an exact replica of these iconic chess pieces. The painstaking process involved in recreating the 1850 chessmen ensures that each piece captures the essence and intricacies of the original set, paying homage to the historical significance of the Staunton legacy.


Jaques 1849 exact replica

 1849 jaques chess men


This achievement not only underscores KS Art Works' unparalleled commitment to craftsmanship but also solidifies its reputation as a leader in preserving and celebrating the heritage of chess. The exact replica of the1850 3.5" chessmen serves as a testament to the company's expertise and dedication to upholding the legacy of iconic chess sets, making KS Art Works a trailblazer in the world of chess craftsmanship. The replicated 1850 set, now available through Official Staunton, stands as a remarkable and historically significant addition to the world of chess enthusiasts and collectors.