Luxury Chess Sets vs. Economy Chess Sets–What are the Core Differences?

It is imperative that chess players are able to differentiate between the various levels and classes of chess sets. There are many that are for practical use, while others to adorn living areas. The differences can be vast, vague or next to nothing but play an important role during chess tournaments.

Chess sets have an indicative purpose and are often gauged using various factors such as skill level, budget, material, size, and aesthetics. An experienced chess player often requires the right kind of a chess set, to assert his or her level of knowledge and affirm his or her standing. It is often unique to a players taste, keeping in view distinguishing features that set it apart from the rest.

Types of Chess Sets

There are various types of chess sets that are promulgated across the globe to play the game. These can be hard to choose from but can easily be distinguished in terms of skill level and cost. There are various materials associated with the cost, hence altering the requirements easily. A finely crafted chess set is often a preference but with the right aesthetics and design to make the game interesting.

Chess sets can often be termed traditional and are typically known as Staunton Chess Sets. These are common and can be attained separately or together in the form of a set. There are various kinds in these such as ‘Tournament Chess Sets’ which are typically used at tournaments and home. These come with a or a vinyl roll-up board and are very good in terms of durability. The ‘Magnetic Chess Sets’ are usually best when used for play during several events, or an excellent choice when the surface is uneven, or in a moving car or train. This can help keep the chess pieces in place and avoid breaks and delays during a game.

Other chess sets include those which are typically used by early learners and often found in schools for teaching chess. These have algebraic notations on the sides to mark ranks and files and are of normal quality, but excellent for increasing a beginner’s skill level. Moreover, ‘Folding Chess Sets’ are also popular and can either be magnetic or wooden depending on where it will be used. These can also be made of cardboard or plastic for beginners, while mid-level players prefer good quality wooden sets. They solve the problem of storage and have small compartments to store each piece. Chess sets that are purely made for decorative purposes are known as ‘Figurine Chess Sets’ and are for chess enthusiasts who like a bit of luxury added to their game play. These high-quality chess sets, are made of high-quality wood such as rosewood, Acacia or ebony and can be customised and crafted to suit personal taste. ‘Novelty Chess Sets’ are largely themed and merely for personal play. They are often for collectors, who like to have a variety of chess sets with various themes depicting, history, movies, cultures or war. However, if chess players are looking to play more than one game on their chess set, it is possible to do so with a ‘multi-game chess set’ which includes the game of chess, checkers and backgammon.

Economy Chess Sets

There are various materials used to produce economy chess sets including glass, stone, metal and plastic. These can vary in size and quality, but wooden chess sets are at the top of the most

appreciated chess sets in the market. As they are eye-catching, the chess pieces are often carved in a manner that enchants the player into feeling majestic. Golden rosewood and yellow boxwood or natural and ebonized boxwood, are often used to make these chess sets and can range in various prices. The pattern, however, is usually Staunton, which improves the overall look, and makes functionality. These designs have lower prices unless made from rare wood. 

The Official Staunton Chess company has a variety of chess sets including magnetic chess sets, manufactured from India. The wooden chess sets range in styles and prices but are un-matched in terms of quality and value for money. To ensure that collectors have a taste of the finest timeless and elegant luxury wooden chess sets, there is a large collection of antique chess sets which are made of the highest quality wood.

Luxury Chess Sets

Luxury chess sets are often bought by people who have a high interest in chess and believe in playing on the finest chess sets at home or during exclusive events. They often tend to be for people who can afford expensive sets, and who don’t mind using them on rare occasions. Various chess sets are defined as luxury sets because of the level of craftsmanship that goes into making the pieces and the materials used. Wood is often a material used to create luxury chess sets, to enhance the natural elegance, charm, and flair of the hand crafted structure, such as rosewood, sandalwood, and ebony. It is even stained for a refined look and polished to create more sheen.

Wooden chess pieces such as that of rosewood are high-end and often acquired by chess collectors to add to their costly collection. Luxury Staunton designs can be very expensive, and include intricately crafted designs, with the knight always gaining the highest attention. Other materials such as natural stones, marbles and glass can also be used to design luxury chess sets. Deluxe chess sets, often have high-quality and are kept by the Official Staunton Chess Company for various collectors. The company has exclusive chess sets created by the Italian master craftsmen Giglio Asia, which include a wide array of superbly crafted chess boards and different styles of chess pieces. These chess boards have unmistakable Giglio Asia characteristics and are created from exquisitely beautiful woods such as mahogany, maple, walnut, and ochre to form the perfect centre piece for any home.

Irrefutably, purchasing economy or luxury chess sets depend largely on what the chess players want to buy and their level of affordability to suit their purpose. The Official Stanton Chess Company has some of the most exquisite bestselling economy and luxury chess sets for any players delight. These include chess sets such as the Classic Walnut Style Chess Set and Walnut Box, Artisan Prestige Fierce Knight Walnut Root Chess Set, Classic Economy Anegre Chess Sets, Deluxe Fierce Knight Walnut Chess Sets, Isle of Lewis Set with Pieces and Board Box Set, and Luxury Hand Made Solid Mahogany Wood Chess Box etc. So if you’re looking to invest in the right piece, then this is just the place to buy the best chess sets in the UK.