Official Staunton Chess Advice - What Are Luxury Chess Sets?

If you’ve ever searched online for quality chess sets  as a beginner or as an experienced player, you’ll likely have noticed that there is an awful lot of choice out there. You will probably also have encountered terms like luxury chess set, which sound fairly self explanatory, but what those words require a little more explanation.


So, what are luxury chess sets ? And what is it about them that classes them in this luxury category? Well, that’s something we’ll be looking at here as we really nail down what separates luxury sets from the rest. At the Official Staunton Chess company, we’re the world’s number one destination for luxury chess equipment, so we’re very well placed to answer the question.


Chess Set Quality is All About the Craftsmanship


What are luxury chess sets?  Well, they’re chess pieces and chess boards that have the ability to elevate your enjoyment of the game. They are invariably made from high quality materials which are then sculpted expertly by a craftsman to have the perfect weight, shape and finish. Of course, everyone has a different taste, which means that when choosing the ideal luxury set, the materials may change, but the element of craftsmanship always remains.


One example of this is the 1849 4.4" Edition Reproduction Ebony & Boxwood Combination Chess Set which has been crafted from rich Ebony and Boxwood into some of the most striking pieces you’ll find anywhere. We can’t think of a better choice from our range to really convey what the term luxury really means when it comes to chess sets , as it really is one for the connoisseur!


How Much Does A Good Chess Set Cost? 


This is a good question, but it is certainly one that’s open to interpretation. How much does a good chess set cost?  Well, that depends very much on your own personal taste, as there are luxury chess sets  available in all kinds of materials and finishes, however, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to acquire a stunning set that you will get to enjoy for years.


For example, it’s possible to acquire a simply stunning Antique Old English solid wood chess set for under £200, whereas if you really want to push the boat out, you can spend £700 on a quite delightful option like the Artisan Renaissance Brass and Nickel Blue Erable chess set, which will have you friends and family asking you about it every time they come round!


However much you spend, you invest in your enjoyment of the game, so you’ll pay an appropriate amount of the type of luxury chess set that attracts you the most. After all, your own taste and enjoyment is what really matters here.


What Is The Most Expensive Chess Set? 


When talking about what is the most expensive chess set  on the Official Staunton website, you’d be looking at a price in the region of £800 to £1,000 and when you invest this amount in your chess-playing enjoyment, you just know that you’re going to get a chess set that you’ll be proud of and one that will actually encourage you to play.


However, if you’re asking what is the most expensive chess set  in the world, then you’d be talking about the Jewel Royale Chess Set which at last count was worth in the region of £1.1 Million! The king alone is worth in excess of £50,000, as it’s made from 18 carat gold and is decorated with rubies.


Of course, this is the absolute top end of the market and a chess set like this one will usually only be affordable to the very richest and most well-to-do members of society. However, what a set like illustrates is the fascination that the game holds for people in all walks of life.


What is the Oldest Chess Set in the World? 


We move now from the most expensive to answer the question of what is the oldest chess set in the world , as luxury chess sets  have been enjoyed by players for many centuries. At present, the oldest known chess set in existence is one that was discovered in the Uzbekistani city of Samarkand. It dates back to around 760AD and whilst it’s not complete, there are several ivory pieces that are in good condition considering their age.


The game itself dates back even further, with the earliest records of a primitive form of the game being played as early as the 6th Century AD. There aren’t many pastimes in existence with the kind of history that chess has and these ancient pieces are a shining example of its glorious heritage and what it represents.


Luxury Chess Sets  are What You Want them to Be!


When you’re on the lookout for a luxury chess set, you should think of what a luxury set would represent to you and go from there. There are so many amazing sets out there that come in so many different styles, materials and finishes that the world really is your oyster! You could opt for something made of Ebony, marble, glass or if you win the lottery - gold!


At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we are known as the supplier of the finest chess sets  in the world and we stock an extensive range of luxury chess sets  created from a wide variety of visually and aesthetically pleasing materials. You can see what we mean by taking a look through our website where you’ll find our entire range of quality chess equipment.


However, if you need any help choosing from our comprehensive selection, you can speak to a member of our friendly team by calling us on 01948 880 060. They’re ready, waiting and eager to help you find your perfect chess set that will take your enjoyment of the game to the next level. We thank you for reading our blog and we hope that it has provided some clarification on exactly what makes a luxury chess set.


We’ll be back with more tips and advice from the home of quality chess sets again soon.