High Quality Chess Board in the UK

When you consider the game of chess, what do you think of? Is it just another board game for the family to play at Christmas or is it a classic battle of wits that dates back centuries? We think that it’s most definitely the latter and whilst the game can be played on any board, regardless of how it’s made or what it’s made of, owning a high quality wooden chess board  not only provides the platform on which enjoy the mental challenges that comes from facing your opponent, but increases one’s engagement with the game.

Today, we look at the benefits of owning a quality chess board and how it can change how we enjoy and interact with this most timeless of pastimes.

A Classic Aesthetic

At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we have a wonderful collection of the very best large chess boards, crafted from a choice of rich woods. From a 23 inch walnut and maple chess board  to a 15.75 inch mahogany chessboard , we have a choice for any need or requirement. What shouldn’t be overlooked is also what a well crafted chess board affords to the room it’s placed in, in terms of style and aesthetic quality. 

Italian Master Craftsmanship

Chess boards are fascinating pieces of equipment, often embodying a great deal of craftsmanship and style. Though many people assume the process to manufacture them is relatively simple, the reality is that it is a complicated journey that requires great care and attention. To understand how chess boards are made, one must explore the various steps and processes involved.

The first step of chess board manufacturing involves cutting pieces of wood. Based on the size, shape, and type of chess set being made, the exact dimensions may differ. Once the pieces are cut, they are sanded down until they are perfectly even in all dimensions. This often requires tremendous precision and skill.

Once the pieces of wood have been cut and evened, they must then be arranged into a grid. This grid is, of course, the basis of a chessboard. Chess boards come in many shapes and sizes, but the traditional 8x8 square is the most common. The pieces of wood in this grid will be carefully arranged, often with a small amount of wood glue or other adhesive to keep them in place.

The next step in this manufacturing process involves finishing the surface of the board. This could mean adding playability accessories, such as a felt pad or chess pegs, or adding a protective coat of lacquer to the exterior. Depending on the type of board being created, the finishing process might also include some light staining or painting to give the board more visual appeal.

Finally, chess pieces must be created and added to the board to make it complete. This can be done by manufacturing the pieces out of wood, plastic, or other materials, then adding any necessary details. Alternatively, many chess boards are also available pre-assembled with pieces, which acquires them from a separate supply source.

In summary, the creation of a chess board is a detailed and involved process. It requires cutting, sanding, and evening pieces of wood, arranging a grid with adhesive, adding a finishing coat, and finally creating and attaching the chess pieces. A single chess board can take hours of painstaking effort, which is why it is often such a reward to have a complete set in front of you, ready for some classic gameplay.


The chessboards that we supply are unique in the market, in that we are the exclusive suppliers of the prestigious industry name that it is Giglio Asla. It’s a honour that we’ve held for a number of years and it’s a real family affair, as our very own director, Carmelo Miceli is a close relative of the the owner of the prestigious Italian artisan company. It’s an association that we’re very proud of, as their creations are a sight to behold in the flesh.

When choosing a chess board from our superb range, you have a number of equally striking woods and finishes to select from including Ebony, Montgoy Palisander, Rosewood, Elm or Briarwood. Each, being as sumptuous and pleasing to touch as the next, there’s a wide array of options available.

There aren’t many sure things in life, but we can guarantee that you will never regret investing in one of our beautiful chess boards . Not only is it an investment for now, but for many years to come.

Durable and Timeless

One of the reasons that we say that it is an investment for both now and for the future, is that if you look after it, you’ll be enjoying your wooden chess board  for a lifetime. Combined with a high quality chess set, our chess boards  look great used for both ornamental and playing purposes and will look as good in 10 years as they do when they first come into your possession.

Some lower quality chessboards  are created from either cardboard or rexine and have a tendency to weather quite quickly. Cardboard wears out quite quickly, as you might expect, whereas those created with faux leather often peel badly when used regularly, looking tattered and worn before too long.

We understand that our company’s reputation is based upon the products that we supply, which is why only the best will do. Whether you want something that will look great in your lounge or simply a great chess board  on which to play the beautiful game, every one of the choices available in our stock will more than fit the bill.

Inspiration to Play

Becoming proficient or dare we say it, good at chess, takes time and dedication. The more you play, the better you become, but remembering to play can be difficult, especially with the busy lives people lead in the modern day. Having an eye catching, high quality wood chess board  sitting in your study or lounge provides all the reminder you’ll need to get the regular practice you need to get ahead of the competition.

Most people have a chess board  of some kind tucked away in a cupboard or at the back of a wardrobe, which unfortunately is where it usually sits until someone thinks of having a game - which typically isn’t often. Having one out already, looking amazing and ready to play, provides that little bit of inspiration we all need to enjoy a quick game.

Short on Space?

Whilst a beautifully crafted Italian chessboard provides the ideal way to show off your favourite chess set, we understand that not everyone has either the space or the desire to do so. For those who just want to have a game from time to time, but still want to play on an aesthetically pleasing board, you should take a look at our range of folding chessboards . Not only do folding chess boards  provide a convenient and easily stored option, but they also offer the choice to take your game with you on the move. The ideal combination is a large chess board  for the home and a folding chessboard  for travelling.

 The Number One Chess Board Retailer

 At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we are passionate about the game and major exponents in preserving the magic that surrounds playing with the very best equipment. Playing with a high quality chess board and chess set can mean the difference between liking the game and absolutely falling in love with it something that stays with you for life.


Chess Board Sets

If you're looking for a Chess Board Set, there are a number of different types to choose from. You can find travel-friendly chess sets, English Barleycorn style chess sets, and Staunton pattern chess sets. The Staunton pieces are among the most widely recognized chess pieces, and they were named after English chess master Howard Staunton in the 19th century.

Wooden chess set

If you're thinking about buying a wooden chess set for your child, you've come to the right place. These wooden sets are made from farm-grown wood and are made to fit perfectly with your child's room decor. Not only do they look great on your child's table, they also play the role of great art pieces. If you're in the market for a wooden chess set, here are some recommendations:

The size of the pieces is a great consideration if you're planning on giving your child a decent-sized travel wooden chess set it would measure approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. A standard club size king's piece is 3.875 inches tall. If you're looking for a chess board that's good for kids, you'll want to go for the size of a tournament set. In addition to this, you'll find many chess boards with metal pieces.

Besides a great board, you'll want a good storage space. This folding chess board includes compartments for each chess piece. The chess pieces are weighted, but many people found these weights to be insufficient. To give them more weight, you can glue the pieces with heavy-duty glue. A chess board that comes with an e-book of basic tactics and strategies can be a great scholar investment. 

If you are looking for a traditional wooden chess set, the Collector Series Luxury Chess Set can be a great choice. It includes hand carved and turned chess pieces and features fine wood. It comes with a chess box made from a high-quality, prestigious brand of Staunton. In addition to the pieces, the many chess boxes available come with a storage compartment for the chess pieces and is made of several types of wood.


Travel-friendly chess set

The Travel Chess Set is among the best-looking and durable travel chess sets available. It is constructed of beautifully stained pear wood with dark undertones that make the set pop off the table. When not in use, the set can be easily folded and packed into a drawstring case. Whether you are going on a trip with your family or with friends, this set is perfect. It's perfect for learning the basics of the game and challenging your friends or family.

This set comes with a soft magnetic chessboard and 12 inch-square chessboard. Its magnetic pieces are held in place by magnets on the top of the board, and it includes a black fabric pouch for the entire set and chess pieces. This set has the most balance among different categories. The wooden pieces are beautifully crafted and feature a shiny finish. It is a perfect choice for traveling chess players.

Another option is a portable magnetic chess set. This type of chess set is perfect for traveling because it's very compact and easy to carry around. The magnetic pieces to keep the pieces firmly in place and prevent them from falling off. It's also lightweight and can be easily stored. It also has smaller pieces, so it's easy to transport. On the other hand, a bigger chess set may take up more space and is easier to play.

While a smaller travel chess set might be easier to transport, it may not be as useful as a full-size one. Full-size chessboards are particularly large and heavy, and carrying them around can be dangerous. Therefore, you should choose a smaller set to travel with. And make sure that you have a good storage space for the pieces as well as the board itself. The Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess Set has magnetic pieces.

If you travel often, consider buying a travel-friendly chess set. You can find many such sets online. If you're on a budget, the Travel Chess Set will be the best choice. This set is made of premium quality rosewood and features fabric-lined drawers for extra storage. Its magnetic board is very durable and will not fall off the table if you're playing outside.

English Barleycorn style

The Barleycorn pattern is one of the more elaborate chess styles, dominating the market from the 1820s to the 1845s. Barleycorn pieces are carved with elaborate signatures, which are often depicted as horse heads or split mitres. They also feature ornamental turnings on the piece bodies. This style is popular with collectors today, but the pieces are not so inexpensive. It features pieces with stacked collar decorations and waving rook flags. There are also some English sets made of ivory.

The second type is the Uhlig style, with more ornate decorations around the central drum. These sets are not as substantial as the Barleycorn styles, with kings that are smaller than other pieces. Both have a similar king height and weight but have less ornate decorations. Neither style is characterized by a traditional barleycorn knight. Neither style is definitive, although there are some notable exceptions.

The English Barleycorn style chess was produced from the 1820s to the 1850s. It was very popular in the United States, especially in the mid to late 1800s. Traditionally, the pieces were made of bone or red-stained wood. It was common between 1840 and 1860 and is said to have been the inspiration for the Staunton style. There were also a few variations of the English Barleycorn style chess board.


Staunton pattern

If you're a chess player, you've likely seen a Staunton pattern chess board. Though the pattern is not attributed to the famous chess player, the original pattern was created by John Jaques of London and registered to Nathaniel Cook in 1849. The pattern was named after the self-proclaimed world champion Howard Staunton, a Shakespearean scholar from England. However, he never claimed to have designed the pattern.

Most modern thematic chess pieces are made from metal, while older versions are made from wood, like ebony. But modern players can choose to purchase a no-frills version. Regardless of what material they choose, there are many options available. For example, metal chess pieces are ideal for modernist-styled Staunton chess boards. But if you prefer an old-fashioned wooden chess set, you can purchase a Staunton-style board in an affordable price range.

The Staunton style of chessboard sets can be made in various sizes, so you can select a set to fit your needs. A typical Staunton-style set has a king that stands at 90 mm, and knights that are two pieces. If you buy a larger antique chess set, it is likely to be from the 1930s or early 40s. 

Some chess players travel with their chess sets, and they need to buy durable sturdier chessmen. For this reason, most tournament players buy plastic Staunton chess pieces, which are less expensive and can be replaced if they get broken. They are also durable, and are a good choice for traveling. Lastly, Staunton pattern chess board sets are an excellent investment for the chess enthusiast.

As chess became more popular, the number of tournaments grew. However, many players were not familiar with a standard design and adopted other styles, which ended up being to their opponent's disadvantage. To solve this problem, many chess tournaments started to mandate the use of Staunton pattern chess board sets. Staunton Chess Boards Sets became the standard during tournaments, as they were easy to use.

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Chess is a game that is meant to be enjoyed and we believe our chess boards and chess sets give you the best possible chance of doing so. Thank you for reading our blog and we’ll see you next time.