The Best Classic Board Games

For a second there, it appeared as though modern society had killed off humble board games. After all, how could Monopoly or Cluedo compare scrolling on Facebook, playing with your friends in an online game of Fortnite, or binge-watching an addictive Netflix series?

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In the era of lockdown and self-isolation, many of us are revisiting old games for the chance to spend some quality time together, to sit around the kitchen table, and enjoy interacting with our household members, it’s a treat.

As I flick to scroll through the ever-expanding Argos’ website, I’m informed that over 100 people have purchased Cluedo in the past 24 hours, while over 100 people are currently viewing the Monopoly product, presumably wondering whether, if they started now, whether coronavirus or the game of Monopoly would end soonest?

Board games are one of the best things to bring a household together, distract our minds from current worries, and they may even be good for our health too. Really? Yep... according to a recent study conducted by the University of Edinburgh, people who played lots of board games, tended to have stronger thinking skills in their old age, than those who didn’t enjoy a cheeky game or two.

So, if you want to find the best board games to play in lockdown, then you are most certainly in the right place!

Best classic board games
I am sure you would agree, that the classics are always better than new concept games, am I right?

Here is a list of our five favourite classical board games to keep you entertained throughout lockdown:

1. Chess

Chess is one of, if not the most interesting board game, it never gets repetitive, there are never two equal matches, and it never gets old.

It is also a challenge for the brain, you have to strategize, remember and pre-determine moves, sequences and if you want to push it that extra step and up the ante, you can even enjoy a nice game of speed chess.

There are so many chess sets to choose from these days, and with the new boom in Chess, thanks to the Netflix series ‘The Queen's Gambit’, getting your hands on a decent one is trickier than you may think. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered when it comes to traditional chess sets.

parker chess set official staunton

2, Monopoly
The family feud-fueller, this original celebration of capitalism is a real classic, known to enrage people and cause family feuds, this board game can really get intense.

We think it is best to start the game on common ground, set some rules before starting the game, to well...keep the peace and also, to stick to a time limit of playing, as we all know Monopoly can last for what seems to be, a decade.

monopoly board game
3. Snakes & Ladders
A simple one to play with the children, a nice, mood-lifting game, that everyone stands a chance at winning.

Making your own snakes and ladders set up can be fun in itself!
snakes and ladders board game
4. Connect 4
Like all amazing games, Connect 4 is simple to play, but one that requires quite a lot of strategy, as you and your opponents engage in a battle of measures and countermeasures.
connect 4 classic board game
5. Operation
DISCLAIMER! If you lack patience, this really isn’t the game for you. This game not only requires patience, but it also requires a really steady hand and a light touch too.

Who knows, with the COVID news and operation in full swing, it might just inspire the next generation of Doctors and Nurses.
operation board game classic
5. Guess Who?
‘Does he have a moustache? Does he have a hat? Does he look like a COVID rule abider, or not?’ Guess who really is up there with the big boys, and the game itself is fun and interactive - a great one for children and adults of all ages.
guess who board game

So whether you think you’re the next Howard Staunton, Sherlock Holmes, or Sigmund Freud, having a games cupboard full of wonderfully traditional board games really is something to consider ticking off your list of things to invest in.

If you have time, we would LOVE for you to participate in our lockdown games night survey...another little piece of fun to participate in.