This Is Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Beautiful Game of Chess

Do you love the game of chess? If that is the case, then this piece is especially for you. Everything that you have ever wanted to know about this wonderful board game will be touched upon in this feature, courtesy of the Official Staunton Chess Company.

Not only will this include interesting stories from the long and proud history of chess, but you will also get to know about where you can find some of the most attractive and elegant chess sets, boards, and all other types of game accessories. Whether you are looking for wooden chess sets, draughts sets, or information about where to buy chess sets that will be perfect for you, there will be something for you in this article.

The Official Staunton Chess Company is known for creating some of the finest chess sets on the face of the planet. They are known for their eye-catching sets and aesthetically pleasing designs that make playing the game that much more exciting. If you are looking for a chess retailer online, then the Official Staunton Chess Company will be perfect for your needs.

Over the course of this piece, you will find detailed information about all this and more. So, let’s get into it all and immerse ourselves into the wondrous world of chess.

A Bit of Perspective

Chess, by instinctive human standards is one of those games which require masterful positioning, endurance and strategy. Chess being a tactical game is a perennial passion for many individuals throughout ancient days and all around the globe. But it does not mean that this particular game can be played without any sort of complications. Its elaborative methods of playing need to be analysed by those individuals who are eager to grasp on its challenging, yet persistently refreshing grind. As a matter of fact those individuals who master this game have “elegance” and “artful deliberation” to their outlook of this tactical game.

A person must have accurate knowledge of premeditated “line of attack” while playing the game of chess. One can improve their game of chess by making use of different time-tested strategies and a variety of tactics. Like this they will gain an insight of this tactical game.

Even the most experienced and seasoned chess pros sometimes marvel at the amazing possibilities and unthinkable moves that tend to come up on chess boards from time to time. Be it slow and measured buildups where the opponent never sees the fatal blow coming, or fast attacks where the idea is to put the other player under instant pressure and force mistakes which can then be capitalised on, there are just so many permutations and so many ways you can stump an opponent.

In short, there are countless opportunities for learning and improvement so that you continue to become a better player all the time. The great thing about chess is that you can take it up at any age and at any stage of your life and learn to become good at it. It doesn’t matter if you do not know much and haven’t really spent your life around chess sets and chess pieces. Once you start to play and learn about the game, you can pick up lots of things and master the moves that were perfected by the greatest players in the history of the game.

There is also no shortage of playing styles. Some players like to adopt a slow and methodical line of attack based on deception where they lure the opponent into different traps by outwitting them and deliver the fatal blows. Others like to come firing out of the blocks and go for an all-out assault on their opponent’s pieces.

It all comes down to what suits you the most and which approach are you comfortable with on a chess board (whether they are wooden chess boards or any other type). Karate chess is one approach to playing the game. The resources over at the Official Staunton Chess Company have got in-depth information about almost all types of chess moves and strategies including karate chess. You can use that treasure trove of knowledge to build up your understanding of the game and become a better player in the process.

Chess: Planning Your Way to Victory

Knowing how to formulate a plan of action for your game is one of the most important things that any chess player can learn to do. Chess strategy is all about preparing your game plan and then using your pieces efficiently on the board so that things go according to your plan.

One thing that novice players often have a misconception about is that the game of chess can be mastered simply by knowing how different pieces move. That is like the very basic requirement

and the real story begins on the board after that when you are halfway through a game and suddenly come to the realisation that you don’t really know what to do while the chess clocks are ticking.

If you want to improve your game and become a better player who can lock horns against top players from around the world and give them a run for their money, then the resources and chess merchandise provided by the Official Staunton Chess Company will come in very handy for you. Do not forget to check them out.

A Game of the Mind

Chess is arguably the most intellectually stimulating game in the world. Either that or it can also be very draining emotionally, depending on the way you choose to look at it. While karate chess remains a popular approach to playing the game, some consider the game to be a kind of intellectual karate where your mind has to work almost in overdrive in order to get the upper hand in a game while also anticipating what your opponent is about to do and then planning an effective response.

It requires a fair bit of discipline, dedication, and love for the game to make it to the upper echelons and consistently cross swords with the highest-ranked players in the world. If you think you have what it takes to make it big in the world of chess, then do not hesitate and start working towards that goal straight away. Your hard work and impressive skill-set while surely be rewarded in time.

Chess Tactics

A number of players who are best in this game suggest that one should always play with those individuals who have a skill set equivalent to yours. This is important so one can test their capabilities and they are able to enjoy the game’s competitive completion. In this way, a person will also remain mentally strong till the game ends. If the opponent’s tactics are better than yours then you will surely learn more strategies how to play the game well. By following those tactics an individual can progress and there are chances that through these strategies you will win the game.

On the other hand, if you are playing with an individual who does not has knowledge about chess then investing your time will not prove to be fruitful for you. Instead of mastering their craft and tuning their strategies individuals needs to maintain focus while playing this board game.

One can also fool their opponents when any key mistake is done by them. One can pin the pieces of their opponents by making use of queen or bishops. One can also make use of skewer which is one of the valuable pieces.

Formulating an Effective Strategy

One should also master in the art of the opening, planning different movements, the middle game and how to eventually win the game. Like this an individual will be unbeatable and they will surely win the game. This thing is easily achievable but it does require hard work and a lot of patience too.

The game includes a variety of concepts. How the pieces should be evaluated and which move should be made is important part of one’s strategy. Like the bishops are one of the important pieces and they are powerful too. They can help an individual a lot for “offense” and “defense” too.

The thing that counts a lot when one plays chess is the chess board. The opponent will leave the place once the game end but the board will remain there. So, one should focus on the board while playing the game instead of the opponent. The board will remain the same so it can easily be mastered. So, an individual should learn from the mistakes so they can progress easily.

Getting the Initial Moves Right Can Be Crucial

One should always take time before they make any sort of initial move. If one is ready to apply their strategy then they should always opt for the best sequences. Like Ruy Lopez is believed to be the best opening. By starting your game with it one can easily take over the chess board.

In the same way, another approach which can be beneficial for a player is the famed Sicilian defense. By making use of this move, a variety of opportunities will open up for a chess player. One can also get the better of their opponents by making use of those openings which are unusual.

Your opponent may be unaware of such moves but you can surely get an early advantage by making such a move. Thinking of a variety of ways increases your chances of winning.

If one wants to master the game of chess then they should opt for the best chessboards. In this regard, there are a variety of chess retailers online from where one can purchase the best chessboards. These online retailers include Official Staunton Chess Company. They are one of the best sellers of chessboards and a variety of luxury and unique chess sets and much more.

Widest and Most Elegant Chess Boards Selection

Staunton Chess Company has one of the largest chess boards and chess sets. These sets have wide range of styles and different sizes. They offer wooden chessboards from one of the most renowned artisans of “Sorrento Italy, Giglio Asla”.

Finding the Best Chess Boards

If a chess player wants the best board then they should know for what purpose they need it. Whether they need it during travelling, for decorative use or they have to make some sort of practical use from it. Like this one is able to narrow down their board’s price including its quality.

The ones which are used for travelling purposes are usually of low quality and they are usually replaced too. The decorative ones do vary in size and price too. While the ones which are used on a daily basis are the “practical chess sets” usually with high quality.

Sublime Boards

Chess is one of the best games when it comes to the enhancement of an individual’s mental health and development. People love playing this game when they make use of such chess sets which look fabulous and they are beautifully hand-crafted. These chess sets surely enhance an individual’s experience too.

In this regard, an online retailer known as Staunton is doing a great job. They have been providing one of the top quality and exclusive chess boards. This is one of the reasons these chess boards are being demanded from them by a variety of people. This online chess retailer is one of the retail suppliers of UK’s “wooden chess boards”. As they have a variety of designs so

more of these sublime chess boards are being demanded from them and due to their high quality people prefer buying these boards from them. They also serve as one of the best centrepieces for an individual’s lounge or bedroom. As they are being used as decoration pieces too so people love putting their chess pieces on these chess boards too.

Chess Boxes That Will Take Your Breath Away

If one wants their chess pieces to be secure from all sorts of harm then they can surely make use of chess boxes. Staunton Chess Company offers a wide range of chess boxes which are made in Italy with competitive prices. They are best for those chess pieces which have a range of 3.5 to 4.5 inch. These chess boxes are made by using material of high quality but still they are readily available at affordable prices. These chess boxes include Italian Deluxe Fitted Coffer, Luxury RC 17 Inch Chess Case Large Burl Root wood Box and many more. These are a variety of other chess boxes are made of high quality wood. The wood that is being used comes in a variety of designs and a number of eye- catching colours too. This includes colour like purple, red and those colours which have a darker tone.

Backgammon Sets 


Just like chess, a game of backgammon needs a lot of critical thinking. If one is fond of board games then they can surely make use of backgammon sets. These sets are readily available with a variety of online chess retailer. It also includes the Official Staunton Chess Company which is providing a wide range of backgammon sets. There sets are of high quality and the make use of solid wood material. If one wants to make use of those sets which are handmade and luxurious then they should surely order from this online retailer.


Some of their wood crafted backgammon sets can be used as pieces of art and design. This includes their Magnetic Economy Backgammon Set, Leather Bound Backgammon Set, 1720 Large Red Backgammon and many more. Some of these boards are magnetic due to which one is able to play them when travelling or easily in their home. It is one of those games which are best

for families and friends to play. Surely when one opts for backgammon sets they are fabulous and functional too.

Chess Sets

A chess set is a broader term that means particular “set prices” which can be used during travelling or it may be defined as such a board which is foldable containing a variety of pieces and a particular box. These chess sets are truly a delight for different chess players. For a variety of chess players they can be traditional, classic or they can even be antique. The way in which different chess players readily blend chess pieces with a variety of chess boards show how well a player is understands the game of chess. It also shows a person’s personality and their taste when they choose a specific chess set.

It is not important that the chess sets which are high in quality will be very expensive one. This holds true for “Staunton chess sets”. They have one of those sets which are cost-effective; they are appealing visually and are durable too. This includes a number of Staunton best seller chess sets such as the Classic Economy Anegre Chess Set Combination, Artisan Prestige Fierce Knight Walnut Root Chess Set, and many more.

Chess Sets for Amateurs and Professionals

People who love the game of chess may be seen wondering that which chess set will be the best suited for them. It depends upon a particular player and how well he plays the game. The kind and quality of a chess set does not tell you anything about the skill sets of a particular individual. These chess sets are just being used to add value to the game.

They are also being used so one enjoys the game of chess and it becomes interesting when an individual makes use of different chess sets. When it comes to using the right strategy and approach in order to win, different players in different parts of the world have their own unique approaches.

In this regard, one can surely opt for Classic Economy Anegre Chess Set Combination, British Anegre Chess Set and Burl Root Box or they can opt for “Chessman Folding Chess Board 1925-3.7 Inch Antique Chess Set”. All these chess sets are readily available with online chess retailer

known as the Official Staunton Chess Company. They have been providing one of those chess sets which are of top qualities.

Chess Sets for Amateurs

For those people who are new in the game of chess should always opt for those chess sets which are quite simple. They can also make use of those chess sets which are magnetic in nature. As the wooden chess sets have chances that they can wear down easily so beginners should prefer playing with magnetic or simple chess sets. They can also use those chess sets which have “algebraic notations” on the right and the left hand side.

Once they have learnt how to master the game of chess then they can opt for other chess sets. If one is a beginner then choosing a high quality and an expensive chess set is just a waste of money. It is good for them to use these chess sets like the “Harry Potter” chess set or they can also opt for “Batsman” chess set.

Chess Sets for the Highly Proficient and Experienced Pros

People who have extensive knowledge about the game of chess always opt for those chess sets which are best in quality. They need these chess sets for a variety of tournaments or different chess events which take place in a variety of clubs. These chess sets are valuable and are being used by those people who are experienced in the game of chess.

If one wants to go for those chess sets which are durable and high in quality then they can surely opt for those chess sets which are available at Staunton. In this case chess set with a ‘Tournament No. 5’ can be bought form this online chess retailer. One can make use of this chess set to play a variety of tournaments at their house. They can make use of these chess sets for playing a variety of matches in other countries too. The demand of these chess sets is increasing day by day because they are available at affordable prices at Staunton.

But there are such players too that prefer chess boards of a bigger size. Such people prefer buying such chess sets which are unique according to their personal taste and requirements. While on the other hand a variety of people who play chess may consider this thing distracting and they do not feel any advantage of buying such chess sets.

There are a number of chess sets available at Staunton which has a variety of professional chess sets. One can make use of “Staunton Grandmaster Chess Set”. It has those chess pieces which are handcrafted. They are quite impressive and they do have such a look which is luxurious. But you do not need to worry as these handcrafted chess sets do not cost a lot of money. This is one of the reasons that it is being demanded by a large number of people every now and then.

A “British Chess Set for Staunton” by a “Spanish” vendor is one of the most talked about chess sets. It has a chess board that shines like a diamond together with eye-catching chess pieces. These chess sets for professionals are available in a wide range of colors and designs too. One can always have a look on them by visiting the official page of Staunton. They have a wide range of chess sets for their valuable customers with affordable prices.

Creative Chess Sets

When someone opts for playing the game of chess then the equipment being used counts a lot. Like this one is able to play this game on a regular basis. Chess sets are one of the integral part of this game so one should not hide them anywhere. Chess set always serve a different purpose for those individuals who are making a use of it.

By keeping this thing in mind one can opt for those chess sets which one is able to put in their garden. It can be used as a “garden ornament” too. One can also introduce the game of chess to their family members or kids by making the use of these chess sets on a regular basis.

A small chess set can be kept in your room so one does not have to face the hassle of going out to play this game. This includes a number of chess sets like Lewis Ivory or Mahogany which are enhancing the look of one’s garden area too.

One can also buy wooden, luxury, antique and Isle of Lewis chess sets from online retailers like Official Staunton Chess Company. They offer a wide range of themed based chess sets. One can also make use of these chess sets for a variety of purposes. Like this they can use it for decorative objective. They are most commonly known as figurine sets. They have different prices according to their price. People prefer figurine chess sets because they come in a variety of colors. A number of individuals prefer playing this because it’s a unique game which is one of the top reasons for its increased popularity.

People who are in love with chess sets also prefer hand-painted sets. These pieces will never fail to amaze those individuals who want to display such pieces on different exhibitions. They will always prove to be impressive for those individuals who want to play with these pieces on their desired chess sets.

Chess Pieces

A variety of chess pieces are available in different styles and according to the taste of a variety of people. One can judge a chess piece according to its material, specific size, its color and its design. The Official Staunton Chess Company provides a wide range of chess pieces and you can surely check which one you can use in your home and which one is suitable while you are travelling. When one is travelling one should always make use of those chess pieces which are not heavy. If some gets tired in the middle of the game then these chess pieces will not be of any use for them.

A variety of chess pieces which one can use during travelling are readily available with online retailers like Staunton. They are light in weight and they are portable too. This includes a number of magnetic, different wooden and a large range of cardboard sets. Morphy Anegre, Black Walnut and Morphy Rosewood are few of the travel chess sets.

Official Staunton Chess Company is providing one of the best chess pieces which are handmade. When individuals take chess pieces they surely check its size. This means size plays an important role which judges the entire appearance of a specific chess set. A buyer who is buying these chess pieces should carefully opt for these chess sets according to their own imagination. Like this playing the game of chess will be more interesting and one will have fun too. In this case one can check the official page of Staunton Chess Company where all these chess pieces are available in different sizes and designs.

If one wants to buy those chess pieces which are unique and they stand out from the chess pieces of others then they can surely check online chess retailer like Staunton. They have unique chess sets like “Artisan Sheffield Rosewood Chess Pieces, 4.2 Inch Bridled Mane Rosewood Chess Pieces” and many more.