What Chess Set Should I Buy?

Chess is a beloved game by generations of people all over the world. As such, it’s no wonder why so many wish to acquire a chess set of their very own. With the sheer amount of chess sets available on the market, though, selecting the right set can be a daunting characteristic.

When choosing a chess set, it is important to take into consideration both its visual appeal and the potential for manipulation during gameplay. Many chess sets are intricately designed, featuring beautiful detail and colour. Materials utilized in the construction of the board and pieces range from ornately carved wood to plastic. The chess board should be preferably crafted from a material that is highly durable and will remain clean with regular wear and tear.

In addition to the visual elements of a set, players should also consider the playing characteristics of the pieces. For those who are at an intermediate level or higher, weighted plastic chess pieces will offer a more consistent playing experience. If a set is not weighted, the pieces can be more easily shifted during movement, thus leading to a less authentic playing experience. The type of board and pieces that are used should also be considered based on the type of playing style they exude. For example, some define chess boards may be best suited to an aggressive playing style while others chooser a tamer approach.

Player should also factor in the size of the set when making their selection. Some chess sets will feature an extra large board and pieces, which can make them difficult to store or transport. Conversely, smaller sets may appear attractive but may be too small for some players to use effectively.

Finally, budget is an important factor when choosing a chess set. Higher priced sets may include features that are not necessary for the casual player, such as engraved detail or specialized design work. As such, it may be prudent to do some research prior to making a purchase in order to ensure the set offers the features desired.

In sum, chess sets can be purchased at a variety of prices depending on ones budget and preferences. When selecting a set, it is important to consider the pieces and board design, the playing characteristics of the pieces, the size of the set, and the overall budget. With careful consideration of all of these factors, it is possible to pick out a chess set that is sure to provide hours of entertainment.


With so many different chess sets, boards and pieces available online, it can be difficult to answer the question of what chess set should I buy quickly. So, with this mind, we thought we would be our usual helpful selves and address that question head on. By reading to the end, you should have a better idea about which type you should go for.

What Chess Set Should I Buy?

As the supplier of the finest chess sets in the world, we get asked that question a lot at the Official Staunton Chess Company. The fact is, that the answer will depend very much on what you want to use it for, as believe it or not, there are several deciding factors that will guide your hand.

What to Look for in a Chess Set

1. Durability

Durability is the one most critical attribute in my experience. Be it pieces, a fresh table, a carrying case or time. I believe in quality over quantity. That certainly applies to purchasing one well made thing every yr or 3.

2. Chess Pieces

For chess pieces , I am interested in being able to perform with my baby child and observe the items decreased without revealing signs of use, get chewed on, moved on and struck the floor. Additionally, while that isn't lasting- ness, I do favor items to have a heavy weight to them. This can be not nasty in-time problem, a powerful supporter when playing indoors in the warmth & current of air when enjoying outside. 

3. Chess Table

Considering a chess table, one which may be washed is sought by me. To be particular, I would like to encounter among these irritating competition gamers that retains their uncapped pencil in an identical hands transferring parts and inadvertently indicates my board-up (I have experienced this twice in only 36 months of chess - you might believe chess players to be a lot better than this) with no tag being permanent. This aspect is rare. A pebble table comes to mind, but I've not studied the issue.

4. Chess Case

In a case that is carrying the chess set, it should be watertight. I have to have the ability to walk without time or my establishment being broken to other locations of play in a heavy downpour or chess club. I desire to be in a position to take the situation hiking without the straps neglecting after having a mere A FEW MONTHS weeks of use. I don't desire a Queen with factors that are razor-sharp upon her summit to poke a hole in the carry case.

5. Chess Bag

Bags for me, for chess units, should not be complex. My tendency might be towards one; it doesn't seem to have been produced in higher quantities in China for nickels that are only. It will appear strong and well-defined.

A time that fits my preferences in overall look has highly contrasting colours or wouldn't normally be brilliant. As with my preferences on chess equipment that is additional, it might seem straightforward, smartly practical and created. I locate timepieces which can be brilliant, vibrant and/or to be irritating. Also, I'd definitely pick one without crimson on it. I discover dark, metal, gold, gray and small otherwise the many aesthetically-pleasing and sensible colours for their components and timepieces. The LIGHT EMITTING DIODE show ought to maintain blue or dark. A-side from just what seems great in my experience, you can find emotional reasons to favour colours next to the reddish component of the range or maybe not in.

6. Chess Clock

A chess clock that suits my preferences in looks wouldn't normally be vibrant or have colours that are highly contrasting. As with my preferences on chess supplies that are additional, it would seem simple, intelligently created and functional. I find timepieces which are brilliant and/or colourful to be irritating. Furthermore, I'd certainly choose one without red on it. I find practical colours for their components and timepieces and black, metal, gold, grey and tiny else the most aesthetically pleasing. The BROUGHT show should maintain eco-friendly dark or blue. A-side from merely what seems great to me, there are emotional reasons to prefer colours nearby the reddish section of the array or maybe not in.

7. Aesthetics

I cannot help but find myself a fan of some over others centred on appearance while it finally will not issue exactly what the equipment looks like.

With items, I cannot talk for others, but it really is simple to visualize. Most chess players are akin to myself in having a disdain for plastic or or elsewhere cheap-looking kinds. This really is to not say I need something which appears expensive or elaborate - I 'm fairly pleased with having an easy, old, wooden set with much visible wear. As for me, I love the look of marble pieces.

The board should have an expert appearance to it. No logos, signatures insignias or other unnecessary accessories or markings. Rank And File tagging is professional appearing or essential. Marble comes to mind, but that too is personal taste although as with pieces. Moreover, the battlefield ought to be just dark and gentle squares, both black and white or similar with grey. (The exception being a true finely crafted wooden set, with dark and light wood coloured pieces). While partial to the colours eco-friendly & blue, I am even more fond of playing chess on a board with pieces in black and white (or darkish/light wood).

8. Cost

Of course, cost is another factor to consider when buying a chess set. It’s not just because of the fact that the majority of the chess players don’t have a six-figure like me, but also because avarice is truly irritating. It really is totally acceptable to get a chess supplies maker to ask total price 10-20%, but I hate coming across a set that costs $150 and 10 hours to generate having a price tag of $700 (numbers used are haphazard). That's avaricious along with your moment isn't worth any-more than mine. I might not dare ask somebody to spend $55/hr, even if I were a master at the task in question. I know from experience that folks can live comfortably enough in a manner less than $30/hr.


What Size Chess Set Should I Buy?

This is the first point where the question of the purpose of your chess set purchase comes into play, as this will inform you about any chess set size criteria that needs to be met. Now, if you want to use your soon-to-be-purchased set for decorative purposes or for general use, there is no right or wrong size of chess board or chess pieces.

On the other hand, if you are buying a set for official tournament purposes, your chess board should have 64 squares of between 2-2.5 inches. The King’s height will be between 3.375-4.5 inches, with the piece’s diameter not taking up more than 75% of the square it sits in. That said, it will depend on the tournament in question on how strictly they apply these guidelines.

Another use for a chess set that would determine its size is whether you’re playing on the move. If this is your intended purpose, then you’ll be looking at travel chess sets, which understandably tend to be much smaller, so that they can be stored conveniently and played with whenever a spare moment presents itself.

What’s the Best Material for a Good Chess Set?

Another consideration you’ll have to make is what material you want your chess set to be made of. What are chess sets made of? Well, over the centuries, chess sets have been made of all kinds of natural materials like wood, stone, clay, pewter, glass and even the now outlawed, ivory. There are even modern and contemporary chess sets that are made from metal.

Your ideal material will likely depend on what style pleases you the most and you have some amazing metal, glass, alabaster, marble and wooden chess sets to choose from. For decorative and occasional use, you really have the world as your oyster when it comes to choice, as it really is a matter of taste. However, if you want something for everyday use, you might want to opt for a material that can stand up to daily wear and tear like wood or plastic.

How Do You Pick a Chess Board & Chess Pieces Separately?

If you can’t find a chess set that meets your aesthetic needs or you already have a chess board that you need a set of chess pieces for (or vice versa), you’ll have to find a suitable product. Much of what you need to think about is the colouring, as when set up, everything needs to look good, with nice, pleasing, complementing or contrasting colours.

As we mentioned earlier, sizing is an important factor too, as you don’t want to match your chess board with chess pieces that don’t fit comfortably in the squares provided. Aside from these considerations, it really is up to you, but if you had to push on it, we’d say that in many cases, a nice good-quality wooden board made from rosewood or red sandalwood will fit the bill perfectly.

Can You Have More Than 2 Queens in Chess?

This is an interesting question and one that can have a bearing on which chess set you buy. That’s because some chess sets come with up to 4 queens, which obviously makes them cost more, but it also offers an enhancement to the game itself.

Why? Well, when a pawn makes it all the way to the other side of the board, it gets ‘Queened’ and with an extra Queen to use for each side, you get to represent this on the board with an actual piece. Without it, you’d have to mark it another way. A small difference, sure, but it can make a difference to your enjoyment of the game.

Why Are Chess Sets so Expensive?

Well, admittedly, there are some chess sets out there that are very expensive, but it’s not something that’s true across the board (pardon the pun). In fact, you can buy a top quality luxury chess set for just a few hundred pounds. Is this a lot of money? Well, it may well be, but you spend this amount not just for the materials, but also for the supreme craftsmanship that goes into creating them. Like many different products out there, you get what you pay for.

You can get a chess set for under £10 if you just want a way to play, but you invest more when you want to enjoy and appreciate the majesty of a centuries old pastime. You’ll notice where every penny that you spend on a luxury chess set goes every time you get it out and play it. It’s why we often get told by our customers that buying a higher-quality set has encouraged them to play the game more frequently. 

So, as you can see, choosing your ideal chess set takes a bit of thought, as there’s more to it than a lot of people realise. We’ve covered just a few of the considerations you need to make when choosing your ideal product, which has already shown us that it’s often more complex than just saying “I like that one”.

At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we offer the best luxury chess sets you’ll find anywhere online and we have a huge and stunning range of chess equipment to enhance your enjoyment of the great game. If you take a look at our website www.officialstaunton.com you’ll see that we have choices for every purpose and every taste, so you need not look anywhere else to find the perfect option to suit your needs.

We hope you have found this blog helpful in choosing the best chess set. If however, you need further assistance in identifying your ideal product, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on (0) 1948 880 060. We’re still open for business during lockdown and we’ll be more than happy to assist.


Why Should You Play With Wooden Chess Pieces?

Wooden Chess Pieces

Why are Wooden Chess Pieces so popular? This article will discuss why you should play with them. They're fun to play with, heavy, and handcrafted by skilled artisans. Here are some great reasons to buy wooden chess pieces:

Wooden chess pieces are fun

You can purchase an entire chess set made of wooden slats, and you can even personalize the pieces with your own name and initials. Depending on your preference, you can have your pieces engraved, or you can make them yourself with a simple, yet elegant, design. Wooden chess pieces are a great way to add some personality to your game, and you can even choose a special font and inscribe it on the board. You can even buy a chess set that comes with two drawers for storing your chess pieces. You'll even receive a free pot of wood polish if you purchase a wooden set from ArtisRaw.

If you're looking for a chess set for your child's first game, you'll find several options that fit their needs and budget. Many of these sets come with colourful illustrations and whimsical animal friends. There's even a chess set for kids made by Vilac, a French toy design company. The chess set includes 32 wooden chess pieces, a wooden play board, and a drawstring fabric bag for storage and transportation.

They are colourful

Wooden Chess Pieces are usually made of Rosewood, an indigenous hardwood from the sub-Himalayan regions of India. The natural Boxwood and Genuine Ebony provide rich contrast to the colourful blood-red Blood Rosewood. Regardless of the colour, Rosewood provides a sturdy base for a sturdy chess piece. If you're looking for a colourful set of chess pieces, you've come to the right place!

Whether you're looking for an elegant set with intricate designs or a fun colour palette, the wooden chess pieces are sure to add colour to any room. These pieces come in as many as thirteen different colours, which makes them perfect for a child's room. They come with seventeen pieces, each one representing one side of the board plus an extra queen. To get the complete set, you may want to purchase two sets.

While the FIDE recommends that you use a wooden chess board, you can use one made of stone or marble if it is rigid. Be sure to choose one with appropriate light and dark colours. The Chess Organizer or Chief Arbiter will be able to confirm the appropriateness of your board for the tournament. If you want to play chess for casual play, you can use any colour chess pieces. However, it is best to choose a colour that is pleasing to the eye.

They are heavy

The reason why wooden chess pieces are so heavy is because they are made of wood, which is much denser than plastic or metal. Because of this, wooden chess pieces are a little bit heavier, but not by much. A good weighted chess set will be triple-weighted, which means that each piece weighs almost as much as the next one. The Janus chess pieces, for example, have a 1.88-inch diameter. The King is also slightly lighter than the plastic set, which has a heavier overall weight.

You can use themed chess pieces to decorate your home. They come in many different themes and make great gifts. If you're looking to create a relaxing atmosphere for your family, beautiful wooden chess pieces are a great choice. But they can be expensive and can be difficult to transport, so if you plan to use them for a long time, you should make sure you have a safe box to store them in.

Weighted chess pieces are available in different styles and sizes. Weighted chess pieces have a slightly higher centre of gravity and are double or triple the weight of the average chess piece. This is a good thing, because the pieces are less likely to fall over in a game. You should also pay special attention to the weight of your wooden chess pieces, as this will affect the way they play in the game.

They are made by hand

Traditionally, wood was the preferred material for making chess pieces. In India, Rosewood, obtained from the state of Chhattisgarh, and Sheesham, from the province of Punjab, are two popular woods used for this purpose. The pieces are hand-carved from the wood after being dried for at least three months. These large trunks were then cut into 45-cm-wide blocks.

In addition to being hand-crafted, wooden chess sets come in two main styles: hand-carved and machine-made. Hand-carved chess sets are generally of higher quality and expensive than those manufactured by machines. However, machine-made chess pieces are cheaper and easier to produce, and are available in more affordable price ranges. However, a handmade chess set will take time and effort to create.

High-quality chess sets are made with rare, premium woods. Indian Rosewood is a medium brown colour, while Genuine Ebony is the darkest of the three. Blood Rosewood is a striking red wood. The chess pieces are hand-carved by skilled craftsmen who carefully choose the best wood and design. They are also hand-stamped for extra strength. Some sets include a beautiful chess box made from English leather.

Carving wooden chess pieces requires patience, creativity, and attention to detail. Depending on the level of complexity, the process can take several months. Once the pieces are finished, they are then polished and treated with a solution to protect them. Then, they are ready to be used in a chess game. They are beautiful works of art and will be cherished by the owner for many years to come.

They are made from a variety of woods

The various woods used in making wooden chess pieces are described below. Walnut, for example, is a medium-dense wood with a reddish-purple hue. It is durable and hard-wearing, but has a high price. Hardwicke, also known as Anjan, is a dark reddish-brown wood with tight, interlocked grains. It has medium density and durability, making it a great wood for chess pieces.

Birchwood is one of the most popular types of wood. This wood is highly durable and is resistant to decay, insect damage, and environmental factors. Birchwood is widely available in most parts of the world, and it is frequently used in European chess sets because of its low cost. Birchwood is light brown or nearly white in colour, with straight grain and slight variations between boards. It is also relatively stable when dried, although it loses about 15% of its mass during the process.

Ebony is the darkest wood and is also called black wood. It is used in high-end musical instruments, and its fine lustre is highly sought after. Rosewood is also a popular choice for luxury chess sets, and is used in some folding sets. It is hard and uniform, but also exhibits reddish tinges. It is an excellent wood for making chess pieces, so it's no surprise that many prestigious players and collectors prefer this material.

They are popular among players of all levels

Wooden chess pieces have many advantages over plastic chess pieces. Not only is wood attractive but it is also highly durable and difficult to break. Wooden chess pieces are a great choice for kids, frequent transport, and clumsy players. However, wooden chess pieces can get quite expensive. If you are looking for the perfect set for your child or home, here are a few tips to help you choose the right one for your home.

The standard board size for chess is 20 inches. Wooden chess pieces come in many different weights, including the Queen. The king can be either 2.5 inches or 3.75" tall. King size is more important than weight, so a set with a small king can be more compact and light. You can also buy sets with magnetic chess pieces. These chess sets come with a convenient folding feature to make them easy to store.

For more elegant sets, go for ebony. Ebony is a dark wood that cracks easily. However, it is also expensive, so most chess sets are made of boxwood. Then, the pieces are stained black. These sets are difficult to tell apart from the real thing, and can also be found for a fraction of the price. So, go ahead and invest in a high-quality wooden chess set.

First, ask yourself what type of chess player you are. Depending on that, you should buy a set that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right chess sets.

The type of player will affect the cost of a chess game set.

You may want to consider buying a wooden set depending on your playing style. This type of set usually includes a roll-up vinyl board and 3.75" -wide pieces. Although wooden chess sets are more expensive, they are durable and give you the feel of a tournament set. If you are not looking to play tournaments, you may prefer a plastic set. Marble sets can look beautiful but are fragile.

The type of chess you play will affect the quality and price of the set. Brand names have better quality control and predictable appearance, but there is no reason to buy these sets if you cannot afford them. You can also research the brand's history. You should be able to recognize it if it has a good reputation.

When purchasing a chess set, consider the number of players you plan to play. Some players enjoy socializing with their opponents, while others prefer to play alone. A quality set is the best option, regardless of whether you play chess frequently. You should also consider the cost, size, as well as the material of the chess board when purchasing a set.

Depending on your budget and time available to play chess, you might consider buying a felt set. A high-quality set will make your game more exciting and memorable. Beginner chess players can start with cheap plastic chess pieces and upgrade to a better set when they get more experienced. As you gain experience, you may be tempted to promise yourself a new set if you achieve a certain milestone or beat an elite opponent.

There are many options for chess sets, so you need to consider your personal preferences and your budget. Your choice is based on your budget, preferences, and style. So, it is important to know what kind of a chess player you are. Your goal in buying a chess set should be to learn the game and make yourself a better player.

A chess set purchased should be long-lasting

It is important to consider the durability of your chess set when you are looking to purchase one. Consider the material of the chess pieces. Plastic sets are best if you don't want any visible damage. Wooden chess sets are more expensive and more susceptible to visible damage. While they may be cheaper, they lack fine edges and are less durable. Plastic sets are cheap but do feel less authentic.

Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the pieces. It is important to check that the chess sets are made of high quality materials. They won't fall apart if the chess pieces don't break easily. Similarly, the chessmen should be durable and won't break easily. Check to see if the chess pieces you are using are made of plastic or felt. It is best to use a felt-based chess board.

A chess set's material can be plastic, vinyl, alabaster, wood, or even vinyl. The material you choose can have a significant impact on the set's appearance and weight. You can find decorative chess sets made of marble or alabaster that will last for many generations. Wooden chess pieces are more durable and more beautiful, but plastic is cheaper and less stylish than wood. The style of the set is important. You can find sets that are easy to fold and store easily.

In addition to durability, the look of a chess set is an important factor as well. You can either buy a chess set individually or a complete set. Make sure you only buy a reputable chess set. Look for a vendor with a good reputation that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. It is best to buy a package that includes a chessboard as well as pieces for beginners. You won't have to worry about compatibility.

An Egyptian-themed chess set might be a good choice for serious competition. It's visually stunning, but won't break the bank. You can also choose a Renaissance-themed set of chess pieces. They are made of durable, attractive pewter. Although these sets may cost a lot, they are durable and will last for many years. However, the investment is well worth it.

Buying a chess set should meet your aesthetic needs

It's important that you consider the aesthetics of a chess set when purchasing one. Although there are many quality products manufactured by large companies, you should still pay attention the brand name. You want to choose a trusted company that is well-respected for its high quality products. Check out the company's reputation for customer support. If a chess set does not have a reputation for quality or service, it's probably not a quality one.

There are two types of chess sets, luxury and practical. Some sets are for decorative purposes and are worth the extra cost. A more practical set, however, is best for everyday use. You may choose a set with a specific theme such as medieval or civil war. These sets are expensive, and may be out of your price range.

While you're considering the aesthetics of a chess set, you should consider its durability. Regular play should not cause damage to chess sets. Durability is dependent on the materials used. Details are more susceptible to damage. In addition, you should consider the ease with which you can differentiate the pieces. Some chess sets can be folded up, making them a great choice for travellers.

If your aesthetic needs include aesthetics, a wall-mounted chess set is an ideal choice. This chess sets can also double as home décor. The chess pieces lock in place after each move. A special marker tracks the game's progress. It's a nice investment, and it's a sure-fire way to impress a friend or family member.

A chess set's design should not only be functional but also include aesthetic considerations. When buying a board for chess, think about its aesthetic appeal and comfort. You can purchase a chessboard separately or online. Make sure to purchase from a reputable source to get a high-quality set at a reasonable price. For beginners, you can choose a set that includes pieces as well as a chessboard to meet their aesthetic needs.

Online shopping for a set of chess pieces

A retailer like Chess House can help you find great sets online for a very reasonable price if you are on a budget. This website is well-known for offering great prices on sets of chess and will even lower the cost if you find a better deal elsewhere. 

Online chess stores often carry a reputable brand, such as Official Staunton. Official Staunton has strict quality control and only sourcing the best chess players in the world. Be cautious of customers who try to save money by turning to small retailers. These sellers sell chess sets that are made from low-quality wood or even have defects. You should read reviews before buying a chess set online to ensure you get a high-quality product.

There are several things you should consider when shopping online for chess sets. Consider how you will use it. Will you play chess at home, in the park, or at a friend's place? Secondly, consider where you'll be storing the chess set once you've purchased it. You might buy a bigger set than you intend to use, or you could opt for a portable chess set.

When purchasing a classic chess set, quality is a key factor. Although a cheap set can be used as a display piece, it might not be suitable for transport. It is worth considering shipping costs, as this will make it more challenging to transport the set if you aren't sure you will ever use the set again. You can also choose a better-quality set to gift as a chess gift.

There are many options for chess sets that you can buy online. A chess board for home use is a hand painted one with a large area and a drawer to store the pieces. They come in a variety sizes and shapes and can be made of metal or wood. These chess sets can be stored in a variety of ways, including a cloth back that protects the pieces when not in use. These chess sets can even be folded up and transported around without taking up too much space. 

  1. Online retailers: There are many online retailers that sell chess sets in the UK, such as Amazon, eBay, and Chess Sets UK. These retailers often have a wide selection of chess sets to choose from, including traditional sets, themed sets, and electronic sets.

  2. Specialty stores: If you prefer to shop in person, you can visit a specialty store that sells chess sets. These stores may be found in major cities or towns, and they often carry a wide variety of chess sets and accessories.

  3. Toy stores: Many toy stores in the UK also carry chess sets, both traditional and electronic. These stores are a good place to look if you are shopping for a chess set for a child or if you want a more affordable option.

  4. Game stores: Some game stores in the UK specialize in board games and tabletop games, and they may carry chess sets and other chess-related products.

  5. Department stores: Some department stores in the UK, such as John Lewis and Debenhams, may carry a selection of chess sets.

In addition to these options, you may be able to find chess sets at craft fairs, markets, and other events in the UK. You can also check with local chess clubs or groups to see if they know of any good places to buy chess sets in your area.