What Chess Set would you like to Own and Why?

I’ve been a long-time readers of this newsgroup – it’s actually been great going through the reviews and discussions of equipment and numerous units, and the time is actually appreciated by me and thought that they have been used on by people, so due to all! Join up too, so thanks also for spurring me to produce my first post and this rivalry today resembles an excellent opportunity to interrupt my silence! With that then, here’s my entrance:

As a Brit living in St Petersburg, it's perhaps appropriate that it’s the Leningrad establish that attracts me the many, and particularly, the Leningrad Anegre System Chess Set (https://www.officialstaunton.com/selections/chess-sets/goods/leningrad-anegre-system-chess set).

Nevertheless, of course, a great chess set isn't about the name, but regarding the enjoyment gained from using it (and ‘use’ is important here – as striking as an established may appear, it’s hard to envision anybody seriously believing that the set should be of purely ornamental value).
So why can it be that I enjoy the appearance of this set a lot? Well, to describe that, let me digress for a moment…

Chess is a game that is historical, and there is nothing quite like playing on a historic-looking, established that is traditional. For this reason I 'll always be a devotee. Just with that style, I spent my youth like millions of others, and I nevertheless cherish one particular set I was presented with as a lad for my birthday.

Because shifting to Russia however, I 've also come to adore the simple great thing about the Soviet- sets. When I can, are lucky enough to uncover some real gems, and I journey to search the primary fleamarket. Obviously, their attractiveness goes beyond esthetics – I adore those sets for the fact which they were designed to be used (that term again). And even, evaluating discolouration and lost finials that only increase the charm and mystery of these sets, from the chips, they certainly were truly both employed, and adored.

So, back to the place…

Picking a primary, go to showcase piece that comprises every-thing I today adore in a set would be a nearly impossible job, but exactly what a rival this looks! Its exquisitely designed knights are a refined nod to the abundant chess custom of Eastern Europe, while retaining the familiar warmth of the Staunton layout. And as some one who's used to buying sets in those ubiquitous folding boards that double up as safe-keeping cartons, it's a joy to see these pieces accompanied maybe not only with an attractive elevated plank, but a storage carton that’s a thing of beauty in its own proper.

An incredible combination of East and West, following that, and above all, a set that invites one to use it, to do battle alongside you oppositions with it, to review long into the night by it (preferably with a single malt in hands!). That is certainly why I adore the look of this set.
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