What do you look for in a Chess Set?

Durability is the one most critical attribute in my experience. Be it pieces, a fresh table, a carrying case or time. I believe in quality over quantity. That certainly applies to purchasing one well made thing every yr or 3.

For pieces, I desire to be in a position to play with my baby child and find out the items hit the floor, get chewed on, stepped on and dropped without revealing signs of wear. Additionally, while this really isn't lastingness, I do prefer pieces to have a hefty weight to them. This can be not nasty in time problem, air current when playing outside & a strong fan when playing indoors in the heat.
Regarding a panel, one that may be washed is sought by me. To be specific, I want to encounter among the annoying event gamers that retains their uncapped pen in exactly the same hand moving pieces and unintentionally marks my board up (I've experienced this twice in only three years of chess - one could presume chess players to be better than this) without the mark being permanent. This characteristic is understandably rare. I haven't researched the matter, although a marble board comes to mind.
On a case that is carrying, it should be watertight. I have to have the ability to walk without time or my established being broken to other locations of play in a heavy downpour or chess club. I desire to be in a position to take the situation hiking without the straps neglecting after having a mere A FEW MONTHS weeks of use. I don't desire a Queen with factors that are razor-sharp upon her summit to poke a hole in the carry case.

In regards into a clock, I seek the one that may take thousands of hours of blitz versus heavy handed kids. It ought to be capable of maintain multiple drops onto concrete each year. It is what I 'd most want, and I will definitely never find such a time, although this may be a little unreasonable.
after durability...

Aesthetics is a near second. I I cannot help but find myself a fan of some over others centered on appearance while it finally will not issue exactly what the equipment looks like.

With items, I cannot talk for the others, but it really is simple to visualize most chess players are akin to myself in having a disdain for plastic or or elsewhere cheap-looking kinds. This really is to not say I need something which appears expensive or elaborate - I 'm fairly pleased with having an easy, old, wooden set with much visible wear. As for me, I love the look of marble pieces.

The board should have an expert appearance to it. No logos, signatures insignias or other unnecessary accessories or markings. Rankandfile tagging is professional appearing or essential. Marble comes to mind, but that too is personal taste although as with pieces. Moreover, the battlefield ought to be just dark and gentle squares, both black and white or similar with grey. (The exception being a true finely crafted wooden set, with dark and light wood coloured pieces). While partial to the colors eco-friendly & blue, I am even mo Re fond of playing chess on a board with pieces in black and white (or darkish/light wood).
Bags in my opinion, for chess sets, should to not be complex. They won't need to to be colorfull. My tendency would be towards one that really doesn't appear to have been produced in higher quantities in China for nickels that are just. It will appear strong and well-defined.
A chess time that suits my preferences in looks wouldn't normally be vibrant or have colors that are highly contrasting. As with my preferneces on chess supplies that is additional, it would seem simple, intelligently created and functional. I find timepieces which are brilliant and/or colorful to be irritating. Furthermore, I'd certainly choose one without red on it. I find practical colors for their components and timepieces and black, metal, gold, grey and tiny else the most aesthetically pleasing. The BROUGHT show should be maintain eco-friendly dark or blue. A-side from merely what seems great to me, there are emotional reasons to prefer colours nearby the reddish section of the array or maybe not in.

Cost issues. Maybe not just because I, such as the majority of chess players, don't have a-6 figure revenue, but because avarice is truly irritating. It really is totally acceptable to get a chess supplies maker to ask total price 10-20%, but I hate viewing an established that cost $150 and 10 hours to generate having a price tag of $700 (numbers used are haphazard). That's avaricious along with your moment isn't worth any-more than mine. I might not dare ask somebody to spend $55/hr, even were I to me a-master at the task in question. I know from experience that folks can live comfortably enough on manner less than $30/hr.

and finally...
All tools should be lawful and of standard size/layout that is event. This ought to go without stating, as may be the situation, or inputting,
I recognize that my expectations are not low, perhaps even downright excessive. However, were I to start any business, I'd desire to: utilize the most innovative technology available, be honest and utilize only the best quality stuff. The more likely it's I may locate a way to afford it in vengeance of being comparatively bad, while I buy chess tools, the closer it's to my ideals.