What is your favourite Chess Set from Official Staunton?



As a fan of smaller chess sets, I believe that I would like to have the pieces Carl showed off in the Staunton Reproduction thread, the ones in ebony and boxwood. Because the planned launch of that set is one week prior to the competition finishes, it ought to be a choice that is valid, right? Tongue Out What I like about that particular group of pieces is the fact that it seems fairly squat, however tasteful, and also the knight, from what I could gather from that one picture, looks quite well done. They have a pleasant, arch-like contour to them, with all the pawns being smallest, together with the queen placing a steady downward slope to the rook, as well as the king being taller compared to the other pieces. Shorter pieces are more easy to manage on the board, simpler to see, and with all the wide foundations which they have, they need to be really secure nonetheless. Eye-chess has indicated his preference for rosewood. Truly, I also usually favor rosewood to wood that is fully black, but I believe I'd locate this set appealing nonetheless. So far as I am worried, that set will be my favourite! You will likely have the ability to look at graphics of the set in a number of weeks on the Official Staunton web site, at Official Staunton

So far as the board is worried, I think one with 57/58 millimeter squares would be good, given the width of the 3,5 inch library size Jacques pieces. that are that are repro I 've pieces already with the exact same diameter king, and they work perfectly on that size board. Aside from that, I believe it is essential to think about the colours of the squares in your alternative. Dark with dark is usually not the top choice, or so the mix would need to be picked carefully. I think that, in the boards that I managed to see at the Official Staunton web site, the Italian Framed Mahogany chess board seems greatest, in the sense that it's extremely good looking in itself, but would also complement the pieces very well. I believe the Spassky Fischer board also looks very good, but that board appears to have somewhat darker squares, which is OK in the event that you don’t mind the ever so decreased contrast with ebony pieces, but the palisander shown in the image in the link provided below I believe is a very good fit for the ebony pieces, featuring some darker stripes in the inlaid mahogany, but not being overly dark. I could picture, simply speaking, the above mentioned pieces looking quite gratifying, both in size as well as in colour (comparison), on this unique board. The board may be got from: https://www.officialstaunton.com/collections/chess-boards/products/mahogany-deluxe-solid-frame-chess-board.

For the entire mahogany experience, I'd pick the following box in the Official Staunton web site: https://www.officialstaunton.com/collections/chess-boxes/products/luxury-hand-made-mahogany-chess-box. This box, which Carl has noted to be certainly solid mahogany on another thread, appears quite suave really. I've picked this one for quite a few reasons, although there were some other possibilities as well that might likely have already been excellent alternatives. Firstly, the fact it is entirely made of wood allure if you ask me. Since my dad was a woodworker, I blame that on my genes. I'd much prefer to have a completely wooden carton than to have a box that would be real wood on the surface, and a few other material inside. Second, the aesthetic of the carton is very gratifying, with all the black delimiters being very nicely done, along with the lock and key being the cherry on the cake that is proverbial. I think that I might much prefer to have the mahogany box so, and I presume that it might go great with the pieces I chose in the beginning of the post.

Cost of the carton: GBP 200
I realise that I come up a bit short of GBP 800 (about GBP 150 short) but I trust that’s not an issue. Finest of luck to everyone in the contest and a thanks to Carl for making this competition possible.