A wide and varied array of wooden chess pieces



Our array of wood chess pieces caters for all styles and preferences and is extensive. Our Chess Business shares only the finest wood chess pieces, certainly our choice of luxury Staunton chess pieces has grown to one of the largest collections in Europe and features the worlds best wooden chess pieces. Our chess pieces are made and imported from a number of different countries including India, Poland, Italy and England. All vendors are scrutinised carefully for quality to ensure that only the finest chessmen are added to our array.


Our most popular type is the traditional Staunton wood chess pieces .Men while we stock a huge selection of chess pieces. For sale Staunton we've in reality of all the pieces signifies the lions share of our stock. It's without the one universally recognised as the standard as well as typical and doubt the archetypal set of chessmen. The Staunton design came about at tournaments a top chess player at the moment, Howard Staunton, had become discouraged with the vast variation in chess items in the mid 1800s. He was disappointed when playing against individuals who insisted on using sets that were weird where the pieces weren't immediately acknowledged.


Staunton didn't layout the Staunton chess men, he cherished the design and place his name to each set. He promoted it since of him the established became a huge hit worldwide and heavily in his published articles on chess. As a set of chessmen all of the right boxes were ticked by it. It was easy to produce, looked really stylish, it was best and ergonomic as well as sensible to play a-game of chess with. They're without happen to be implemented by most of the words and doubt the best chess pieces chess organisations as the regular competition chess Men.


Even with the massive reputation for Staunton we inventory a range of exemplary quality themed chess pieces, some wonderful Italian steel chess Men and the famous Department of Lewis chess Men. Our array furthermore functions some very intricately designed decorative wood chess pieces which are hand-carved from exotic Indian hard woods.


Furthermore integrated in our variety of chess pieces is a little assortment of vintage duplication chess Men. These are precise duplicates of vintage designs including some before-Staunton sets such as St George and Northern Upright. These models of chess pieces have now been created to optimum standards from the finest Indian ebony timber and so are just like the originals significantly cheaper of program.


You may observe we have a section of our website totally dedicated to the Isle Of Lewis Chess Pieces. These chessmen that are legendary are possibly the familiar and second-most well-known style after Staunton. In our range of Lewis chessmen is the ever popular SAC established which retails for under eighty pounds. We also inventory the amazing Nationwide Museum Scotland set which we regard as the established established. It has been produced from laser tests of the authentic pieces and commissioned by a British maker by some of the foremost regulators on the subject wood chess pieces