Antique Reproduction Chess Sets & Boards

ANTIQUED CHESS SETS  We were instrumental in introducing into the UK a new series of designs based on past masters such as Howard Staunton the British Grand Master. These superb pieces have been carefully produced using a technique to add...

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A Brief History of Chess

The History Of Chess Chess grew out of Chatarung, an Indian game dating back to 600 A.D. As chess developed, it had different rules and different pieces than it does today. The queen was actually a "ferz", a male counselor...

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5 Tips on Becoming a Better Chess Player

If you’re someone who owns a chess set  and you really like the sound of playing on a regular basis, but you’ve only just started out, there’s a good chance that you haven’t really got to grips with the ins...

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What Makes The Game of Chess So Universally Popular?

The game of chess is more widely played today than it has ever been, with more than 150,000 international players recognised by the World Chess Federation and 800 million people playing chess on a regular basis. But what is it...

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