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Antique chess sets for sale at the official Staunton chess company. A fine selection of Staunton pattern sets and boards. we are renown for our reproduction sets and boards, we have emerged as the leading company and authority on Jaques reproduction sets.

We liaise with chess collectors of antique sets and board, these aficionados are serious about their Jaques chess set collections and therefore extremely persistent in their requirements from a reproduction chess set we undertake.

Prior to marketing our sets, we send images with descriptions and specifications to our team of collectors and we then review their critique, prior to launching the new edition. 



We have appointed the renown artisans Giglio Asla from Sorrento, Italy; to make a sublime collection of chess boards in antique modeling. Again drawing knowledge from our team of the chess set and board collectors, we then put it to the drawing board at Giglo. Masters of their craft, Giglo Asla chess boards whether in an antique style or contemporary they never fail to produce the finest quality boards available. We charter the internet checking out our competitor's pieces boards and boxes, suffice to say they do fall short of the quality we proudly purvey. Our collection of chess boards and luxury chess boxes are the best quality in the World, no other retailer offers this standard and most boxes and boards found on the high streets are mass produced in China! Nothing wrong with that? However, the quality will fall far short to the exquisite chess products we sell here on our UK online chess store. Choose Official Staunton is your one-stop supplier of chess pieces boards and boxes, invest in the best designs chess pieces and sublime quality we have to offer! 


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