Themed Chess Sets

In this category, we offer a fine selection of character-themed chess sets featuring the very popular Isle of Lewis Chess Sets. Our collection of Lewis chess pieces and sets are made here in the United Kingdom. Why buy your Lewis set from us? Simply put, all other sets are inferior and mass imported from China!  Rest assured buying your Isle of Lewis set from The Official Staunton Chess Company is crucial if you're looking for a perfect replication of this much sought and popular set. We hope you enjoy our Lewis chess set collection.

  • Themed Chess Sets

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxury chess sets? It is that beautiful marble chess set you once saw fitted with semi-precious stones, or was it that metal chess set with its hand-carved sculptures used as chess pieces? Such themed chess sets are usually the most luxurious kinds available on the market. However, keep in mind that there are many other kinds of themes available, such as those representing battle scenes from history, pets, sports figures, etc. If you are more traditionally minded, you may prefer to go with an authentic-looking Staunton chess set, prized for its great looks and affordable prices. The important thing to ask yourself is what purpose your novelty chess sets are going to serve? Do you want something that blends in naturally with your home or something that has a more classic look such as the ones used in competitions? This will help you to make a more informed decision on buying the perfect chess pieces for your chess board.

The Lewis chess set has turned into the second most famous chess piece outline on the planet after Staunton. We are charmed to offer a better than average choice of Lewis sets. We are socking the SAC marked pieces in both full size and small-scale variants, however, the gem in the crown of our scope of Lewis pieces is the National Museum set. These pieces are made in England utilizing a brilliant gum in molds got from laser outputs of the genuine pieces. We have joined our determination of Lewis pieces with an assortment of chess sheets. This has made a lovely determination of Lewis chess sets. The range begins at just shy of fifty pounds and goes up to more than three hundred for our super extravagance Lewis chess set.

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