Traditional Chess Sets

15 products

    15 products
    British Anegre Chess Set Combination - Official Staunton™
    British Anegre Chess Set Combination - Official Staunton™
    British Anegre Chess Set Combination
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    Hastings Antique Mahogany Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    Hastings Antique Mahogany Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    Hastings Antique Mahogany Chess Set
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    Staunton chess sets are the epitome of tradition. Since its inception way back in 1849, Traditional and classically styled Staunton has been the traditional chess set we are so familiar with and easily identify the chess pieces shapes by, we have a fine collection featuring chess sets in the most traditional style. If you're looking to buy a traditional chess set then this collection features all you will ever need to play this ancient game of kings and Queens.  

    Chess Sets for Beginners and Professionals

    Chess enthusiasts often wonder which chess set is suited for a certain skill level. The level of skill often isn’t recognised by the value of the chess set a player plays with; however, it just adds value to the game and overall visual appeal that he wants to master. It gives a player a feeling of being in control with his own chess pieces, and chessboards and gives a feeling of liberty and control. It is often misconstrued as being pompous when a highly skilled player brings out his classiest chess set to play with, but it is to his advantage. It is a psychological advantage that he seems to be playing over his adversary. The sheen, style, aesthetics, quality and craftsmanship can often give a player a feeling of heightened sportsmanship and can be used as a motivating factor. For some players, they use various boards and styles to ensure they aren’t affected by such a tactic and use their mental strength and skill to win through.

    Why Type of Chess Set is Important for Players?

    There are various reasons why the right chess set will help you improve your skill and understanding of the game. It is essential that for practice, more durable sets are important, and for high-end tournaments, the chess sets can be of higher quality and customised to one likes. The aesthetics play a large role when playing like the player would not want to ignore the practicality of the chess pieces. The last thing players want is to question their opponent about what each piece resonates. To be able to have distinguishable pieces is essential; therefore, themed sets should only be used for personal use and not for tournaments or clubs. Even though it plays a home-field advantage, it is questionable in terms of fair play.

    It is essential that players have determined what their chess set is for and know the regulations of using it at a tournament. For instance, a standard Staunton tournament chess set is important to have for games at home and abroad, for its global recognition and extensive following. Casual chess can be played on these too and are excellent for practice. The size of the chessboard is hardly an issue if it does not have the right chess pieces to match the aesthetics. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that a chess player with either a good wooden chessboard or a collection of chess pieces understands the concept of assembly, colour coordination, size, and dimensions. The chess pieces must be weighted to avoid any accidents during the game, as pieces tipping over usually cause unnecessary delays and distractions.

    Plastic chess sets can be durable, though wooden pieces are usually more susceptible to scratches and chips that are visible as opposed to plastic ones. Wooden pieces can be very expensive and are dependent on the player’s choice and budget. Though, there are various economy wooden chess sets out there that players can afford and use, as they have fewer fine edges but more durability. These are often attainable at the Official Staunton Chess Company, where there is a variety of fine handcrafted and carved chess pieces and chess boards, made in all kinds of wood including Acacia wood, Sheesham wood, Ebony, and rare Rosewood. The wooden chess sets range in various styles and prices and can be affordable for beginners and professionals.


    Chess Sets for Beginners

    Beginner Chess sets are often of varying quality but the level of skill isn’t highly important unless the individual playing is a beginner. To start on an antique set at home and move on to vinyl at tournaments can be quite displeasing, but it serves the purpose and is important for practice. High-quality vintage wooden chess sets aren’t the best choice for practice or consistent play, as they can wear down and damage the overall appeal. For beginners, it is best to use good quality plastic chess sets or magnetic wooden chess sets, with algebraic notations on each side to show ranks and files, such as an analysis chess set or a regulation tournament chess set. The chess pieces should be plastic but durable and weighted. It doesn’t have to be a chess set that is very cheap, but it doesn’t have to be one that is overly expensive too.

    For early beginners, it is best to use themed chess sets such as a Harry Potter chess set, Batman chess set, Pirates of the Caribbean chess set to allow them to develop understanding and create interest in the game. Beginners who have a better understanding of the game can invest in themed chess sets such as Greek-Roman Mythology Sets, Renaissance Knight Sets, and Lord of the Rings or Gladiator Sets.

    Chess Sets for Professionals

    Mid-level to experienced players often beckon the need for the perfect professional chess sets for their tournaments and exclusive events at clubs. These are often of good or high quality and are valuable in terms of cost. A Staunton chess set is often a consideration when looking at quality and investment, in terms of durability and finesse. A ‘Tournament No. 5’ Staunton chess set can be used at either home or in tournaments abroad and is relatively affordable. However, there are certain players who prefer the height of the chessboard to be higher and can buy chess sets to their unique requirements. However, many players do not take that to their advantage and find it distracting.

    One of the bestselling Staunton chess set which is an excellent keep for professionals is the Staunton Grandmaster handcrafted wooden chess pieces, which look luxurious but is not expensive at all. The British Staunton Chess set is glorious, with eccentric appeal and a chessboard that shines like a diamond. The chess pieces are immaculately handcrafted and polished and match remarkably well between the golden and dark colours.

    Finally, yet importantly, there is a various range of beginner to professional chess sets available for everyone without having to compromise on quality or budget. These can be found at the Official Staunton Chess Company, where excellence is maintained in every chess set, and quality is supremely high. So, if you’re looking for the right investment, you know where to go.