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Chess Pieces by Official Staunton Chess UK

High quality chess boards and pieces From The Official Staunton Chess Company. Is not it about time you purchased the finest set and board from the finest UK chess store ?

We are the most widely Recognized Staunton Chess Business an expert chess store who furnishes an assortment of carefully chosen chess products through the World Wide Web.

We're a small company who would go to great lengths to bring to you the best possible selection of chess accessories, chess boards, chess pieces and chess sets.

The full range is covered by our huge variety of chess sets from modest low priced units up to units of wood luxury chess panels that are solid and wonderful high-end Staunton chess pieces.

We've an extremely strict policy about the goods we sell and just add products to our range that are of design and excellent quality.

You may thus be sure of satisfaction which ever place you select to purchase from us".
Welcome to the Official Staunton Website
The leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction

Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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