Where to Buy Wood Chess Pieces?

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We went the globe looking for new additions and, over the way, found both the eccentric and the wonderful.  With so many options we chose to narrow the search, agreeing that just pieces which really have a 'special personality' would find their way to our group.We left it up into the organizers of India, Spain, Italy and Poland to simply take away our breath; to design pieces which combine design with exuberance, playability with cosmetic value, and longevity using instant individuality.  The  effect has been astounding.Some of the Ornate Chess Pieces in the Official staunton collection have layouts which pre-date Staunton, while some are unique interpretations of the conventional shape. 

Our Art Deco sets, as an example, are a geometric and linear take over the Staunton design, offering a minimalist chessmen contour that feels good in the hand and seems to be amazing on the plank.  The more complex Series are evident for their astonishing hand-carved bodies, such as the Lotus Flower, Mogul Fretwork and Tower Chess Men.Professional organizers Many of them are worked on by professional painters in Europe and Asia, using substances as rare and amazing as the layouts themselves. Buy a fine set of chess pieces uk 


Two sets are even made from Camel bone, hand forged to develop the Barley Corn and Kings Cross Series Chess Pieces.  The fine detail etched in to the bone consists of an superb quality and adds to the worth of these rare pieces.  Both of these Series are manufactured using only ethically sourced bone from animals that have died from natural causes. Only a Small Amount Available The very natural thing about the Ornate Collection, however, could be the way every one of the sets catch the attention.  These are infrequent cases of craftsmanship that is outstanding which are unlikely to be seen again.  Many of the bits have been designed specifically for this group and we're inclined to sell just a small number.The idea behind the Ornate Collection was going to curate an array that reflects nicely the worldwide increase and appeal of Chess since the match began.  And, using some pieces inspired definitely Eastern motifs, some made from Camel Bone, plus several minimalised futuristically, we believe we've done precisely that.

We've an extremely strict policy about the goods we sell and just add products to our range that are of design and excellent quality.

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