What wood is used to make Chess Pieces?

A wide range of sorts of wood are utilized for chess sets, from uncommon hard-woods through to modest pine. Throughout the years certain woods have turn out to be less and less basic as de forestation and biological issues have abbreviated supply. One excellent sample of this is Brazilian Rosewood, now unlawful to reap and seen as to a great degree significant.

Wood for chess pieces


We start with boxwood on the grounds that this is without uncertainty the most widely recognized wood used to make chessmen. It's an extremely thick wood with a clean grain and not all that much variety in the shading. It is sufficiently thick to be cut into monstrous point of interest. Boxwood is not an excessively lavish wood anyway its still of a sufficiently high review to be utilized as a part of the most costly of chessmen. It originates from a tree apropos named 'The Boxwood Tree'.


Black is an extremely dull, substantial and thick wood. At the point when cleaned it can get to be ebony. This wood was utilized on the first Jacques chessmen in the mid 1800s. From that point forward it has turn into one of the fundamental woods utilized as a part of chessmen. Nowadays its for the most part utilized as a part of Luxury chess sets because of its increasing cost and worth. Less expensive chess sets will regularly mirror coal black by a procedure called ebonising which is basically colored boxwood. Since its a color and not a paint it permits the wood to be finished as though it were regular.


Rosewood is a rich cocoa shading with flawless ruddy grains and shades. It's not as hard as black but rather some would say a ton more appealing. Rosewood has a tendency to be slick and is in this way hard to finish, in any case it finishes up perfectly which makes it ideal for chessmen. Quickly turning into an uncommon jeopardized wood, the value and worth keeps on rising impressively. Rosewood is utilized a considerable measure as a part of the assembling of musical instruments. It is said to have rich tonal properties.


Sheesham, frequently alluded to as Golden Rosewood is a thick hardwood that is accessible in plenitude in India. It's grains can be greatly appealing and its utilized to make chess sheets and also pieces. Because of its mass accessibility mass created chess sets are produced using this wood.

Red Sandalwood

Red sandalwood passes by a couple of distinctive names. One explanation behind this is that formally its fare is limited from certain nations so individuals will trade it under an alternate name. Regular names incorporate bud rosewood, blood rosewood and redwood. Red sandalwood is a profound grained wood with shocking figuring and rich ruddy tones. It's hard and thick and makes excellent chess pieces. Without a doubt numerous super extravagance chessmen are produced using this wood.

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