1849 Staunton Chessmen Mahogany Board & Box

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The box is fitted with a solid brass plaque and each set is numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Please note without the certificate and plaque the set will not be an authentic set by Staunton Chessmen.us. Beware of Copies! 

Avid chess collector and tournament player, Corky Stanton, has been producing chess products for over 30 years, with 100% customer satisfaction on eBay since 1998. He said, "I want to produce the perfect set that I myself would want to own. I want it to look like a new, original -Cooke 1849 Staunton chess set, but with added durability and protection, in a case with felt compartments for each piece, plus two extra queens for pawn promotion. 

When this set was still in production, photos were shared with many top collectors and they all agree it is the most accurate 1849 Cooke set ever produced and the best they have ever seen. No one else has this design and quality. It's the best Staunton Cooke design set ever made. It knocks spots of ANY other Staunton set to date, period!

In 1849 Nathanial Cooke registered the design and asked chess champion Howard Staunton to use his name for the design and sign the first 500 sets.

The king is branded with "1849 Staunton" and the crown stamps to the knights and rooks. The set is natural top grade boxwood and untreated ebony wood like the original. 

Three years of planning has finally come into reality. Rest assured you have discovered the best Staunton chess set ever made. I kid you not! It takes at least 40 hours of labor to complete a single set of just the chessmen. Each piece is highly scrutinized before packaging, the quality is top notch. 

Staunton Chessmen were used in 1849 tournaments and Staunton patterned chessmen are still used today in virtually all chess tournaments all over the world. Any other design or modification of the original authentic Staunton Chessmen is frowned upon at tournaments. Staunton Chessmen are indicated by the king’s crown stamped on one of the knights and rooks as originally manufactured.

Our sets are handmade with precision and skill, always using the best quality woods. Although it has undergone a structural integrity makeover, it is still recognized and accepted throughout the world as the most authentic looking.

We strictly use premium, top of the line ebony and extra hard boxwood, to exude strength and beauty.  Unlike other companies, we do not "ebonize", stain, use dyes or try to give it an artificial “patina” look. We use natural, not "antiqued" boxwood. It actually looks like the real set you would have gotten when it was new in 1849 but more durable.  The king is 4.4" height, allowing it to fully meet both USCF and FIDE tournament rules. Also included, is a limited, numbered, Certificate of Authenticity signed by The President of Staunton Chessmen.US - Corky Stanton.

The set is supplied with a beautiful mahogany wood box which features the registration plaque affixed to inside lid ensuring the genuine product is supplied



New for  Spring 2018, we are very pleased to offer this reproduction of an antique styled chessboard. Already proving to be a favourite among chess collectors, this beautiful old style chess board is the perfect showpiece to highlight your favourite chess set. 

The Italian maestros have certainly created a unique and aesthetically pleasing battlefield 

This board is the perfect platform for most of our reproduction chess pieces,  Made in Italy by maestros of inlaid works. A must have chess board for the collector

A full-size tournament set of pieces with a 4.4 Inch King, weighted and felted bases. The matching board is the perfect compliment to these fine chess pieces. Measuring 56cm with 63mm square size


We offer a 3 year standard guarantee that covers any natural defects such as, splitting, cracking, warping of the woods used in our entire range

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